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"Deposit All" Confirmation requirement.


Duke Fishron
If anyone here hasn't accidentally hit the "Deposit All" and lost the precious placement of their personal possessions, then I should likely declare them to be a liar. :p

Simple and straightforward: Clicking on the "Deposit All" button next to chests (which also should be red or some other non-white color, like how poisonous or venomous animals are different bright colors.) should open up a confirm dialogue.

Hitting absolutely anything other than clicking "yes" or pressing enter or spacebar would dispel the confirmation as if nothing happened, and you can go on with your day.

Infinity Mage

This, and it should only work on certain items. I mean, pet/summon/potions/hook would have to stay in your inventory.


While this particular misfortune hasn't happened to me yet, I definitely see the value in a system that prompts people for confirmation before they do something stupid.


Duke Fishron
There are a few good points in the replies so far. Thanks for those. Maybe I can expand on them a bit for the greater purpose. ... of .. stuff. No idea how to end that sentence properly. Okay.

  • The Deposit All button should at least stack all stackables and then match them slot for slot where they used to be, only a few inches down on your monitor, not left or right, if possible. For example: Because the non-top-row of the player's inventory and the chest slots are the same dimensions, 10x4, there is a one-to-one relationship for space. Any items that have a matching free slot in the chest should move to that matching slot in the grid. Anything that doesn't will just have tough cookies I guess.
  • (OR,) It should be replaced with a Ctrl-Click ability to transfer it instantly and auto-stack where necessary. It's a lot easier to very rapidly Ctrl-Click a bunch of things.

Kyouko Tsukino

I always have a couple slots free in my tool bar, so the Deposit All function hasn't bothered me that much - what I am intending to use is always in my tool bar, and thus is free from miss-clicking it into a chest or into a lava pit. However, that particular button has no use to me: I used to use it before I started organizing my stuff per type - something which renders the Deposit All button all but useless.

Still, inventory management could help greatly lessen any gripes you have with that button - I don't see a need to modify or remove it due to player-sided carelessness/lack of organization.


how about an undo button? press any button and then the undo button becomes active for the purposes of moving items around in boxes.
I don't actually feel the need for a confirmation option for the "deposit all" feature. I do, however, think it would be nice if we had the option to only deposit stuff of a certain category, like "deposit all banners/potions/etc." I don't know how feasible something like that would be, though, given that there are a lot of possible item categories.

The Deposit All button should at least stack all stackables and then match them slot for slot where they used to be, only a few inches down on your monitor, not left or right, if possible.
This, on the other hand, I can definitely get behind. I think that it should work both ways, not only from inventory to chest, but from chest to inventory as well. I've always been a little annoyed about all my neatly organized chests getting completey messed up when I have to move stuff from one chest to another.

Frain Breeze

I agree with pretty much any suggestion to prevent the Deposit All button from being such a jerk. Every time I've clicked on it was immediately followed by something along the lines of "GOD. FREAKING. DAMMIT." The first 3 or so columns of the inventory are things I always want to keep on-hand.
If you play on PC you can hold the left alt button and click an item to favourite it (meaning it won't be deposited in a deposit all situation)
I use this all the time where I favourite all the things I need in my inventory then the deposit all button is incredibly helpful to shove all the loot from an expedition in a chest quickly so I can get back down to the mines. It's also super helpful to put every excess thing in my inventory in a safe in a single second.
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