Derpling Armor

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Eye of Cthulhu
They the annoying blue things that jump like frogs in the jungle, and they currently have no unique drops, which I dislike.
Derpling Scales: 10% chance to drop 5-7 from a derpling
Tooltip: Hard, but imbued with the power of bounce.
Used to craft derpling armor, Recipe is: (might need reworking) 10 for helmet, 25 for chestplate, and 15 for boots.
Not sure about the stats for defense so plz help with that.
Set bonus: Let’s you jump higher.
Lets you jump 8 blocks high (or around night of derpling) with half fall damage, and the fall required to give damage is doubled.
Felt like derplings needed some use, so I made this.
Please help with defense, and thanks for reading the suggestion.
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Maybe the Derpling set could be a class-neutral set (there aren't many in Hardmode and there aren't any Hardmode Throwing Weapons anyways). However, perhaps this class could focus on movement. The set bonus could be changed perhaps to increase the effectiveness of wings.
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