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Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

What do you think?

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if you haven't started my request yet, would you be able to do it of this pic?

sorry if its small, just say if you need a bigger one
I changed the design of the character...

If not its ok :)
Hello all...

It may be a while before I get any more requests done...I've lost all motivation to make sprites.
Hoping this is temporary...but I'm not sure. I may be done for a quite a while, I may be back within a day or two...


Skeletron Prime
Bummer, I really wanted to request an armor set, I wanted to make it my dev armor in the Calamity Mod, Oh well, they will be open eventually. And, I'm a spriter, so i can also make it. But anyways, Derpo, your sprites are crazy good.
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