**REPORTED** Desert tiger staff missing flying targets


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Windows 10
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And dealing no damage, it happens with both large and small enemies
Its fine with grounded ones


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I'm not able to reproduce this issue, I've tried it against both of the enemies depicted in your screenshots, and he is targeting them correctly and dealing damage as he bounces on top of them.

Could you provide any additional detail?


Yes, of course. My tiger continues to miss any flying targets. It damages the twins ocasionally only when charging, but then it just floats above enemies with no damage.
(I'm quite sure it doesn't work as intended)
This behaviour is true for both small flying enemies (demon eyes, skeletron prime's arms) and large (the twins).
The tiger only spins on top of them and deals no damage whatsoever, it can be seen on animations attached. It tries to bounce, but very rarely, resulting in extremely poor DPS
Tested with all 3 forms
Absolutely fine with non-flying mobs


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Well, it seems that I'm using it wrong, if nobody has this issue😀
I compared it with the older version (1.4.0.x)
In this video "
(moment 5.36) – it does continious damage – mine just spins above enemies' hitboxes after the update

I'll try to provide more information a bit later


The changelog states: "Now "bounces on" its current target if that target is in the air, staying more firmly latched on and dealing damage"
It does exactly the same, latches on enemies perfectly but damages them only when charging.

So it's probably my mistake and I misquoted it as "deals damage when latched on" instead of "staying more firmly latched on and dealing damage (when charging only every ~3 seconds)". Therefore this item is working as intended, and I'm really sorry to disturb you with this.

But it still looks absolutely horrible against flying enemies, being less effective even than pre-HM summons, it looks more like a bug or at least as an oversight
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It kinda looks like something happens when you get far enough away from the ground that the Tiger starts to just fly to keep up with you – like it's in limbo between attacking its target and following you. It might also have something to do with you using the Cosmic Car Key in the first clips vs the Shrimpy Truffle in the most recent clips.

My next objective on my Journey Mode world is to beat the Martian Invasion. If I remember, I'll give this a test myself.


Hello, noobsqoou! Thanks for the suggestion regarding flying mounts, I've tested 4 of them (the witch's broom, fishron, cosmic car and black spot)
They seem to have no impact on the behaviour. In one world they all work, in another one they are all bugged))

For the developers/testers , I'll post the saves here;

In the world called "Bored Afterworld" it is bugged with any mount and wings. It is true for any newly-generated world in my case.
In the world called "Builders Workshop" it is OK

In normal playthroughs its okay too

P.S. the "bored afterworld" was generated in
Tested on the following, if needed
1)Windows 10, steam version, keyboard/mouse. CPU: lntel core i9-9900k, GPU: Geforce RTX 2080 Ti, 32gb ddr4, screen resolution – 2560*1440
2)Windows 8.1 (also bugs), CPU: AMD A10-4600m, GPU: ATI Radeon HD 7660G + 7670m, 6gb ddr3, steam version, keyboard/mouse, screen resolution –1366*768


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