Design The Dungeon


They say the dungeon is an ever expanding maze of traps and monsters, but at its deepest point, lies the largest treasure horde in history. Enter if you dare...

The idea of this game is to design your own floor of the dungeon. The next poster then says how they would get through it and makes their own. For example...
Poster 1: The first floor of the dungeon has spikes coming out of the walls and floor.
Poster 2: I will ride my dragon over the spikes. The second floor of the dungeon has poisonous darts shooting out of the walls.
Poster 3: I make an antidote then casually walk through. The third floor of the dungeon has...

I'll begin.
The first floor of the dungeon is filled with venomous spiders.
I stick a duct tape to his mouth so he cannot say 'i like trains' and a train doesn't arrive.
The fifth floor has no floor.
G.I. JOE dies from a spontaneous heart attack because he's really old.
The 9th floor contains a homicidal lemon
I can't explain in words how I got past that floor
Floor 16 is a particle accelerator about to break a higgs boson
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