Design The Dungeon

idk who those are, but uhh... *activates bullet hell*

Floor 721 is every Super Meat Boy and Cuphead stage crammed into a very small space so that there's only about a 5x5x2 area that's safe. And even then, most of Cuphead seems to be projectiles.
I use hax

Floor 722 contains a singular banana, but it’s not what it seems, for if you eat it, you instantly die
Just ignore it.

Floor 723 is filled entirely with salt water, as well as the most dangerous ocean creatures out there.
Crissaegrim. Kill it in a matter of seconds.

Floor 725 is a wormhole maze that can send you to the first room if you step even a millimeter in the wrong direction.
I memorize the layout and pass through after several attempts.

Floor 726 is every character and entity from everything ever. And they're all going to fight you, with no cheats, hacks, or passive-fire allowed.
I have no idea what this place contains. I skip the floor.

Floor 730 contains the person who'd most want to kill you, fully aware they'll get away with that.
I simply avoid it's attacks and head down to the next floor.

Floor 732 is the entirety of Wikipedia. You must read it all without breaks to proceed.
Just have a vampire eat them.

Floor 734 is filled to the brim with a substance that inflicts every form of pain at once if touched.
I conjure a barrier and casually walk through unaffected.

Floor 736 is teeming with Creepers that have exceptionally short fuses.
Pause the game, close stuff via task manager, then kill the angry person with overkill more easily because of the smoother framerate.

Floor 739 is a maze made out of a 100% indestrucable material. To make things worse, there's no exit. To make things even worse, the maze silently rearranges itself every time you reach a dead end.
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