Design The Dungeon

Floor 800 is filled with a million death traps. You can't avoid them in any way other than enduring it all (If that even happens).
I walk through with zombie repellent just in case.

Floor 802 is the same as floor 799 but you can't just pretend it doesn't exist. (Why'd you ignore it the first time anyway :()
*floods the room with water from another floor* “Simple.”

Floor 803 described in a nutshell: “Do you know the definition of Insanity? Insanity is — doing the same effing thing over and over and over and over again, expecting crap to change.”
Screenshot-2019-7-4 Insanity definition - Google Search.png


Floor 804 is the most brightest place ever.
I put on some shades and move past.

Floor 805 is filled with poison gas. If you inhale it, you'll die instantly.
I hold my breath for an inhuman amount of time and proceed.

Floor 806 warps you back to 805 the moment you enter it and cannot be skipped!
Doesn't work.
I am legally obligated to skip 808 to the post number the same as the floor number.
Floor 809 has reversed gravity and the ceiling is covered with gas that kills you when you touch it.
I just call the floor celling and celling the floor and walk straight to the door because i'm not hitting the celling.

Floor 810 contains Defure's farts
Yeah, they're really not that bad. Also couldn't you come up with something with any amount of quality greater than none?

Floor 811 makes you want to suicide and provides you with the means to do it exactly how you choose without making anyone sad because of it, unless you want them to be.
I use the antidepressant starter pack and i don't want to suicide anymore!

Floor 812 contains all the things every floor on page 40 had.
/tp Idelac @e[type=dtd:f813]
The command teleports me to Floor 813.

Floor 813 looks completely normal, but if you enter it, you will take 999999999 damage.
*enters the room, putting me into a cutscene which nullifies the damage* “What happened to the insta-kill mechanic?”

Floor 814 has an Ender Anchor that’s modified to send anything attempting to teleport in the area to the entrance. You also cannot enter the room due to stupid invisible walls. Also, the later floors are technically a different area, meaning you’ll fall forever if you try to clip OoB. Also, anti-fly mechanisms are in full effect here.
I turn on noclip and simply walk through, no one said anything about clipping in bounds...

Floor 815 has a singing potato which requests payment in blood and afflicts you with an incurable curse which permanently inflicts 999999999999 damage per tick if you circumvent him in any way. This cannot be reflected back to him, nullified, or blocked, and still infects you if you kill him or sneak past without him knowing of your existence.
I prick my finger. You never said how much blood.

Floor 816 makes you fight 50 very angry space marines and cannot be skipped in any way.
I have a nice chat to cheer you up and then go on my way

Floor 818 has Young May (an RP character of mine) about to stab herself.
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