Design The Dungeon

I walk through this room, taking some candy on my way.

Floor 881 has a screecher goosefoot, a younger goosefoot that wins fights by bursting eardrums.
I turn down my master volume to 0, then kill the goosefoot

Floor 882 lies a portal, there is no door past this floor, and it is a runthrough of floors 1 - 881, after the runthrough, you fight the supreme lord of darkness (Power level: Multi Galaxy)
After you defeat this darkness lord, you are teleported to floor 883, there's no going back now.
I use the stairs in the purgatory version of the floor.

Floor 884 has the exit to floor 885 locked and the only way to unlock it is in purgatory (to which only I can travel between purgatory and the living world), there's also the fresh corpse of the last person to fail the floor.
I pull out a clentaminator and purify the dungeon with green solution, then I go through it with ease.

floor 889 is Lava filled in the normal world, and going to the purgatory is instant death
I fight death and luckily win.

The ground on Floor 891 is filled with poison. Anything that touches it is instantly paralyzed.
Good thing there is a ventilation system that sucks the stuff out of the air and drainage system gets rid of the poison and purifies it to harmless water

892 is a mimic dungeon
We make friends like in Scott Pilgrim and then he leaves the dungeon to pursue a college career

the next floor is made of a mirror maze
I walk through the normal room.

Floor 896 contains every toxic undertale fan that exists. You have been framed for shouting that sans is your least favorite and now everyone is out for your blood.
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