Design The Dungeon

i pick up the fork from out of the road and continue, taking the fork with me
floor 1031 has industructable pie blocking all the ways out, including the way you came in
I realize that the floor has 500 of kirby's *insert possession* instead of 500 kirbys so I just continue onward.
Floor 1033 has sideways gravity and an open window that is literally just a missing wall that you'll fall through.
the gravity goes the opposite way to the window
floor 1033 is full of mimics and the only way to get out is to find the real chest with a key in it
he crashed and opens a door for me
floor1036 turns u into a donut and a big homer is comin it eat u up
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i am confused since i dont know what that is but I beat all the levels.
floor 1056 has a grilled cheese sandwich that you must parkour to get to to go to the next floor
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