Design The Dungeon

I use my terraspark boots and bundle of balloons to fly over all the people.
Floor 1086 makes you beat terraria on 1hp hardcore master mode for the worthy with just a copper shortsword
Floor 1097 is a vast, desolate void, filled with toxic glowing nebulaic gas. Gravity doesn't seem to function very well here, and you feel your soul draining from your body. The only other thing in this void is a small red coin, heavier then a mountain, yet light as a feather when you pick it up with your non-writing hand. It shimmers brightly when you do, transporting you to the next room below this one. You keep the coin in your pocket for the rest of the journey, and it cannot be destroyed in any way. It floats beside you when not in your pocket, providing light.
I can't pick up the coin as I am ambidextrous. I continue to Floor #1098 as it floats ominously beside me.

Floor 1098 is Herobrine himself. Seems like Mojang forgot to remove him in this Minecraft update.
Walk past it (I dont even know what that is)
Floor 1102 has 1000 clones of the person that will let you proceed and if you guess wrong, you die.
I hold up this card, which glows brightly when activated.

All of the clones now suddenly guess the same wrong answer all at once in a monotone voice and immediately disintegrate after.

Floor 1103 has a T-shape of 3 soul sand and a command block in the middle, and two wither skeleton skulls on the top left and right. A third appears in your pocket.
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