Design The Dungeon

Since there is no floor, I build an overly complicated machine to glide to the other side.

Floor 1439 has a bowl filled with a combination of M&Ms, Skittles, and Reece Pieces. You must eat the entire bowl to pass.
I eats them all over the span of 16 hours.

Floor 1440 have a 1 kilometers deep lake that contains waterliquids that you can breath in. There's a door somewhere within the lake.
I eat some of it to recover some health and move on.

Floor 1443 contains a door that can only be opened if you read the sign on it reminding you to make solutions for floors in this thread.
I already abide by this rule, so I agree to the EULA.

Floor 1444 contains a sacrificial altar to be used to activate an android to serve as a "replacement" body. The door can only be opened by transmitting a signal to a sensor, and will only let you pass if you can prove you still have a soul.
I prove I still have a soul and drag the lifeless Android with me through to the next floor

floor 1445 has a pressure plate that opens the door.
I just walk over it and go through the door, as you never said it was connected to any traps.

Floor 1446 has a strange book in it that drives anyone that reads it insane.
I'm already insane so there's no problems with the book.
Floor 1447 has a computer, and you must beat the original Frontier mod and Hunt Down the Freeman without cringing to pass.
I don't know what those are, and as they say, ignorance is bliss. So I do that and go to the next floor.

Floor 1448 has a dragon. It isn't hostile, but it is sleeping while holding a device required to get to the next floor, and it does not want to give it up.
The device opens the door remotely, so I simply ask the dragon to activate it and continue on my way.

Floor 1449 contains an exact copy of yourself. Only one of you may go to the next floor, and you must negotiate a result both of you are happy with.
I decide to lie to my clone and tell him to go to the next floor, and while he's walking away I shoot my clone in the back, then go to the next floor.

Floor 1450 has two paths to the next floor. One requires you to kill someone that's tied to a chair, while the other requires you to climb the walls to get past a large pit while there is a turret shooting at you.
HEHEHEHEHE... I kill the person on the chair while laughing insanely!

Floor 1451 has a surgical table and what appears to be a pink Earth Pony (Pinkamena) torturing a blue Pegasus (Rainbow Dash). You can either leave her to die and go to the next floor right away, or save her but have to battle the pink Pony who has a Chainsaw before you can go to the next floor, if you survive her that is.
I channel my inner Francis and... switch Francis's and RD's places, going upstairs while that stupid biker screams. Go to hell, vested greasemonkey.

Floor 1452 is incomplete, it is literally a skeleton of building with a lot of Chargers to deathcharge you.
I am a dragon, therefore, I fly over them while wishing I was one of the types of dragons that can actually breathe fire.

Floor 1453 contains an emergency exit, fire extinguisher, and a control panel for all of the fire alarms that should be in the dungeon according to fire codes, but probably aren't.
Obviously I trigger all the fire alarms plus infinity more before using the emergency exit. Why not?

Attention! Floor 1454 has a lot of hostile soldiers that block your way to the exit! What will you do, private?
Use a gun, and if that don't work, I'll use more gun.

Floor 1455 has the long lost person who asked! What do you do with this discovery?
Eliminate then as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one can know someone asked.

Floor 1456 has a sequence of numbers that must be pressed in the correct order in order to pass. Problem is, the sequence is infinitely long.
Luckily for me, someone was lazy and just used pi, so I enter that, and it unlocks the door.

Floor 1457 requires you to watch the entirety of MLP: FiM before you can pass.
As I already watched that series, I can pass easily.

Floor 1458 requires you to complete all four L4D's campaigns on Expert before going on the second part of the map: Pipistrello's Cave.
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