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    /!\ This game has migrated from another platform. If you want to brush up on previous posts, go here! This thread is for everything on Act 1 Episode 6 onwards.

    Here's the link to the previous thread:


    Acolyte435 joined the game

    <Acolyte435> I have been taunted for so long.
    <Acolyte435> People are so cruel.
    <Acolyte435> I just want to be someone recognized... respected, even.
    <Acolyte435> I've been browsing the servers... Godcraft looks interesting.
    <Acolyte435> Great and powerful. Like I want to be.
    <Acolyte435> Although I wonder why everything is so worn down and scarred with battle...
    <Acolyte435> Hmm... I wonder what this is?

    *A "pop!" sound effect plays as an item is placed into the player's inventory.*

    <Acolyte435> DTG2 recap log? What's this for?
    <Acolyte435> Well, may as well read it. This server must be empty for now. There's nothing else to do.
    <Acolyte435> Hmm... Interesting...
    <Acolyte435> This Godmodder guy seems like an interesting fellow. I'll learn more...

    *1 week later...*

    It is a peaceful weekend morning. Everyone is logging on to Minecraft to play on their favorite servers. There is an optimistic feeling in the air. As everyone logs on to their preferred world, the first sign something begins to go wrong is an ominous message in dark purple.

    Redirect override
    Logging into server
    Loading world

    Everyone has joined an unfamiliar world! All is surrounded by dark spikes and grim landscaping, moreover, a hooded teenager looms above you!

    <Acolyte435> Hello, everyone! Welcome to Adeptcraft. I'll be your host this evening. Or should I say forever! I'm the Acolyte. If you try to log out or quit, you will see that my special... techniques shall prevent your attempts. I gained control over a 20-million strong community for a reason! Such a reason is the art of Godmodding, which, though being not of my design, are quite... useful. If you want to get off, you'll have to deal with me first.

    This is where you act.


    Welcome to a spinoff to the sequel of Destroy the Godmodder! I'm the GM this time around. Your goal is to gain your liberation from the drably-attired fiend known as the Acolyte! (I'll get into that later, it's all part of the story.)

    The Acolyte is a newer opponent, emerging from nobody, seemingly. However, he seems like he's acting like the boss, and he may as well be holding up his end of the bargain! You should defeat this threat, and open up a multitude of additional plot lines as the story unfolds.

    I'll explain rules and tips here.

    ========[1) ACOLYTE/META TIPS]========

    a) In order to defeat the Acolyte, you must use attacks he cannot counter. He'll try his best, so give it your best shot! Use creative, in-depth attacks to get the upper hand. Using these types of creative, in-depth attacks against normal entities will also deal more damage than what they'd usually do!

    b) If an attack damages the Acolyte, then he will become smarter and learn to counter it.

    c) You can counter the Acolyte's counters, but don't let this drag on for too long, or you will leave yourself open to attack.

    d) Feel free to take a sidequest occasionally to provide an alternate experience or quest, but they must come back to the original game somehow.

    e) If you feel like you're alone, you may summon characters, whether original or not, to help you throughout the fight! These are also known as entities. Beware that the Acolyte can summon plenty of his own!

    f) Feel free to charge attacks or entities in order to make them more powerful! The maximum charge time is 25 as of now and will be increased by 5 when an Act changes. These will have their own rules below.

    g) You can also scavenge for items using charges! These will also have their own rules.

    h) The Acolyte has a Dark Magic Meter of sorts. This is generally story-related, but as a rule of thumb, the lower his mana meter, the more weak he is. However, as said before, this will often affect the storyline solely.

    i) While the Acolyte's Dark Magic Meter can be increased or decreased by your actions, he cannot be healed once he has taken damage.

    j) To join in at first, just state an action of you joining in to spawn a Player Character (PC) for you! PCs can be attacked, and will upgrade as the story progresses. If your sides, just describe it respawning and you can act again!

    All PCs are currently at Level 2. These levels can only be increased by advancing through Acts. If you join late, your PC will automatically gain levels to correspond to the current act.
    Level 1 Bonuses: None.
    Level 2 Bonuses: +2 Inventory Space, +5 Charge Cap, +5 Charge Overload, +4 Max HP.

    k) This is not a roleplay thread, but you can create your own character if you wish. However, it isn't necessary to play the thread.

    l) The Acolyte is less likely to be hurt by an attack if a charge or an item was used in the attack, regardless of the charge time or qualities of the item.

    ========[2) POSTING/ACTION RULES]========

    a) Players can only post a certain amount of times a trn. Any extra posts will be rendered null. As of now, it is 2, but this may increase or decrease.

    b) Please do not double post! The extra post will be rendered null. Please wait for another person to get their action in. However, if you accidentally left your post in 2 pieces, they will be counted as a single post.

    c) If not acting, use any permutation of "nullpost" so I know not to act upon it in game.

    d) You can use multiple actions in a post, or act upon multiple things, but the more you do, the less powerful each will be. Such is referred to as multitasking.

    e) After an update, I will wait until posting again for at least one day to allow the posts to rack up and make sure each update has a lot of content in it. Sometimes outside influence makes me unable to post, in which case I should notify you one way or another.

    e.a) As an addendum to the above, I will usually not update if the amount of posts is below 6 or 5.

    f) Any posts that are limited to "placeholders" at the time of their posting will be rendered null.

    ========[3) ENTITY/CHARGING RULES]========

    At any given time,
    you can charge 2 entities/attacks and +Assist one player's charges. You can charge both charges of one friendly player, but not 2 charges from separate friendly players.

    For reference:
    A charged entity's base HP
    is equal to (Charge Amount * 2.8 + 10). Base Damage is equal to (Charge Amount / 5 + 3). Base Speed Value is 3. This can be switched around by the players during the summon, sacrificing a decrease in some values for an increase in others (e.g. decreasing Speed Value to increase Base Damage).

    A charged attack's base damage is equal to (Charge Amount * 4 + 10). This can be lowered to add status effects, and damage will automatically spill over to other entities unless specified not to. Charged heals heal half the health that a charged attack would deal.

    The Charge Overload Meter (COM) is an important meter that goes up to 15 units, and any completed charges will contribute to the meter (Formula: Charge Amount/5, rounded up). When this reaches the maximum, no more charges can go through until it is emptied. However, a player's COM will decrease by 3 as long as they have no charges in progress.

    Important Values for Entities:
    Base HP:
    How durable the enemy is and how much damage it can take before dying.
    Base Damage: When an entity makes a regular attack, it will do this much damage.
    Speed Value: How fast the entity is. Entities with a higher Speed Value will act before entities with a lower one. This is usually from 1 to 5.

    Entities also have their own nifty keywords that will let you keep track of them! The following is a list of keywords and what they mean. More may be added later on!

    List of Entity Type Keywords:

    Fortification: This entity acts as a wall or building. Mitigates a certain percent of damage dealt to it from all but Charged Attacks, Hammers, and Explosives, and acts like regular armor otherwise. The default armor effectiveness is 50%, but this can be different, and will be indicated in the keyword (e.g. "Fortification (60%)" for an Fortification that has 60% armor effectiveness.

    Healer: This entity heals other entities with its basic attack instead of healing them, the healing amount of which is a certain percent of the entity's base damage. The default healing effectiveness is 100%, but this can be different, and will be indicated in the keyword (e.g. "Healer (50%)" for a Healer that heals for 50% of its base damage).

    Combat Healer: As Healer, but can use damaging basic attacks while keeping the ability to heal others.

    List of Entity Passive Keywords:
    Melee Training x: Increases melee damage by (x*25%).

    Ballistic Training x: Allows the entity to reroll missed attacks with firearms. Reroll chance is (x*15)%.

    Sniper: This entity's damage will pierce any form of armor or damage resistance and force targets to reroll dodge or block chances. This will also deal damage to its target regardless of any other entities that would take the hit.
    20% chance to crit, which can be rerolled with Ballistics Training.

    Sturdy: If this entity is at full health, any attack or series of attacks from an entity that would kill it would cause it to survive with 1 HP remaining. Passively grants +1 HP to entities with a Base HP of 1.

    a) Entities/Actions that are charged above the maximum will be less powerful than if they were charged to the maximum.

    b) Entities that are killed cannot be brought back. However, if justified (e.g. a ghost form, no alternate universe duplicates), this can happen somewhat. Also, anything reasonably generic, like a Sentry Gun or Medical Droid, can have multiple summons.

    b.a) As an addendum to the above, as a rule of thumb, anything referred to by anything that isn't a name or a title can be re-summoned unless it is from other media. For example, a Sentry Gun can be resummoned, but a Space Marine cannot (however, you can summon distinct types of Space Marines- A Warhammer 40K Space Marine will be considered different from a Starship Troopers Space Marine).

    c) You should only charge 1 point per charge for the charge to take full effect. If you charge by 2 points for a 20-point charge, it will register as a 10-point charge.

    d) You can boost other players' charges if they are on your faction. You can +Assist 1 player at a time, adding 1 charge point to all of their charges.

    e) You cannot take away charge points from a charge (even to spend, those points stay in the charge). This applies to everyone's charges, so you can't "steal" charge points from other players.

    h) Your charge must be justified by an action. A charge cannot be charged simply to stay there and act as a placeholder. This is to prevent players from spamming charges too much and only to unleash them with sufficient inspiration.

    i) Any charges that are released in the same turn will be less powerful than if one patiently waited another turn to release their charges.

    j) Attacks made on a random enemy entity will be weaker than usual or refuse to work at all. Specifying the entity (or using a filter, like "the enemy entity on lowest health") will work better.

    k) Entities made of multiple charges (hereby referred to as meta-charges) will be considered AA-Bosses if they are the first in their Episode. However, these may will drop Spoils of War for the Acolyte to use for a time, and will also be Dormant (unable to take or deal damage) until the Anti-Acolyte team is at a significant disadvantage. In addition, any meta-charges made after the AA-Boss's summoning will be worth less than the sum of their parts.

    k.a) As an addendum to the above, meta-charges cannot be completed by a single player and require multiple players to complete. There is no limit to how many players may contribute to these charges, however, these will take up a charge for the player who intends to unleash the charge.

    ========[4) ITEMS AND ITEM RULES]========

    The item system has been more refined in DTGS than the canon games (so far). Picking up an item will add the item to your faction's inventory for the sake of visuals, but these items are still yours to keep and use and not anyone else's.

    Items can be consumables which are limited-use, weapons which can increase your damage or apply status effects, or trinkets which provide a passive effect. Trinkets that protect the user from damage or otherwise increase their survivability are put into a subclass called Armor. Crafting or Building Ingredients are side-quest exclusive items and aren't valuable on their own.

    When you have multiple Armor items, you should nominate one Armor item to reduce the damage for you, or else it will be at my whim which armor takes the hits. On a plus side, you can equip your (or friendly) entities with Armor items from your section of the faction inventory.

    In addition, players can trade their items with other players, or give freely to anyone who needs it. Items can also be dropped voluntarily to save inventory space.

    Items can be obtained in the following ways:
    Sidequests will often reward items upon their completion.
    You can use actions to scavenge for items that might be present in your current location.
    Charges can be used to try to create an, such as a weapon. I will grant the output to you, although it may be generalized or nerfed if it is too complex.

    General Item Guidelines

    Charge Time to Item Effectiveness tapers off. A 25-post item will have less of an advantage over a 20-post item than a 15-post item would have over a 10-post item. The advantage will still be there, however, so charge to your heart's content.

    Base Damage Increases start quite small. This is to encourage creative use of items and not just using them to substitute for creative bonuses. This can be buffed by increasing the item's Generation, however.

    Any item that lets you attack multiple times tends to have a damage penalty. This is a compensation measure to prevent cheesing the already good amount of damage basic hits can do. Again, this can be nullified by increasing the item's generation.

    Some Rules for Using and Creating Items

    a) Charges cannot modify an item or combine multiple items and items can only be modified or combined where crafting services are present, such as at a Crafting Table.

    b) PCs have a certain amount of inventory space. They start out being able to carry 5 stacks of items, but this can be increased when PCs level up. This does NOT include Spoils of War, but they have their own inventory space of 1 to start out with. They can also carry 1 extra Weapon and 1 extra Armor. Any item that is added to a full inventory is automatically dropped.

    c) To use an item, one has to recognize that they use it in their attack (and make a small description of its use if possible). However, a specific item can only be used once per turn (a player can use two items in the same turn, but not the same item twice in the same turn). Item damage and effects also stack with creative bonuses or other bonuses, so make use of it!

    A new addition to the item system is the Generation system! When you craft 2 items into another item, they will gain +1 Generation and get a general boost in power/utility, inheriting traits from both items used to craft it. However, this can only be used at certain points in the game when allowed by the story which allow items to be crafted to a maximum generation, so use this opportunity to make some powerful items!

    An example of a Generation # Item is as such, where # is the number of Generations above a basic item:
    Sample Item {G+#} (Item stats)

    ======[4.1) Spoils of War]======

    Spoils of War are returning from DTG2:O! These spoils can be won by dealing damage to a boss or meeting certain criteria, as the chance of whoever gets the Spoil increases with damage. However, if one deals the killing blow to a boss, then they will have a high chance to get that particular Spoil! This encourages people to go for the objective boss.

    Spoils of War get a special §¶ designation.

    Spoils of War:
    Haunted Metal Scrap §¶: Ingredient claimed by Blinky1001 after slaying the Horseless Headless Horseman. This was crafted into the Headless Horsemann's Harmer's Howitzer §¶. The weapon acts like a Shotgun, but will store kills. This weapon can spend these kills at any time to send Souls out to attack as entities. These Souls can also be returned to the weapon if they are above the Orange Health (40%) threshold.

    Shield Module §¶ [Cooldown: III]: Tool claimed by Emerald Mann after winning the Mook Body Count competition and contributing to the destruction of the Hunter Helicopter squadron. This will grant Shielded (50% damage mitigation) To a single entity (or group of entities) for the rest of the turn.

    ========[5) ARMORY]========

    This is a list of all the weapon types in the game. Only those that are found so far are listed.

    If a weapon misses or deals splash otherwise (such as stray bullets from an assault rifle or cutting through two enemies with a sword) they will have a 50% chance to hit a nearby enemy instead, doing much more potential damage.

    Melee-Based: These weapons are reliable in close-range direct combat, and there are numerous abilities unique to melee types, which work well for those who can use them effectively. If there is a grouped entity, then the melee weapon can attack them both, but it cannot stack on the same entity.

    Blade: This weapon has static crit chance of 25%. Crits deal a flat double damage.

    Spear: Lets an attacking entity attack as if its Speed Value was upgraded by 1.

    Axe: Melee armor's effect is mitigated to only 50% when against this weapon's strikes.

    Hammer: Deals normal damage to Fortifications.

    Club/Mace: This weapon has a static stun chance of 20%. Stuns will make the target lose their turn.

    Firearm-Based: Guns can deal a chosen and controllable amount of damage, making them reliable weapons. However, these types of weapons can only shoot a maximum number of shots, and while the number of shots may increase, accuracy with each shot after that shot will decrease (although the minimum accuracy is 10%).

    Such statistics (except base damage multiplier) may be modified by special weapons (e.g. those used by upcoming bosses) and some weapon types alter such mechanics entirely for a different playstyle.

    Pistol: Deals 0.75x base damage. Shoots 1 to 2 shots. Base accuracy starts at 70% and decreases with each shot after the first by another 5%, thus the minimum accuracy for this weapon is 65%.

    This weapon is designed to work well if spammed, generating little recoil, and is effective agianst heavier targets.

    Automatic: Deals 0.5x base damage. Shoots 1 to 3 shots. Base accuracy starts at 80% and decreases with each shot after the first by another 10%, thus shooting all 3 shots for this type of weapon leads to 60% minimum accuracy.

    Designed as a versatile, multipurpose weapon.

    Shotgun: Deals 1x base damage. Shoots 1 to 2 shots. Base accuracy starts at 75% and decreases with each shot after the first by 15%, thus shooting both shots for this type of weapon leads to 60% minumum accuracy. This will distribute damage to groups if it can, halving its damage to double its shot output. Each shot will hit a different entity. If targeting using this method, its accuracy reduction per shot will decrease to 5%.

    This weapon works well in terms of crowd control, while also doing heavy damage to single targets.

    Rifle: Deals 1x base damage. Shoots a single shot. Base accuracy is at 90%.

    This type of weapon works best when facing off against a single, tanky enemy.

    Explosive Launcher: Deals 1.5x base damage. Shoots a single shot. Always has a percent chance of missing equal to the target's Speed Value multiplied by 10. Can deal splash damage if it misses or there are multiple targets. Splash damage deals 0.5x base damage. This weapon also deals full damage to Fortifications.

    This weapon is built for taking on larger targets, whether structures or large groups.

    Miscellaneous-Based: These weapons don't fit into the above category.

    Streamthrower: Deals 1x base damage. Can target nearby enemies, with the number depending on your base damage. Tends to cause status effects, which have a duration equal to half of its base damage and a light effect (this can be changed with the item).

    For example, a flamethrower with a base damage of 4 would inflict 1-damage Burning for 2 turns.

    Shield: This doesn't deal additional damage as a weapon by default, but this can be changed to suit the user. Shields have a set amount of HP to which they can block attacks with. The default block rates are 80% when using the weapon for both turns, 20% when idle, and 10% when using it alongside another action, however, this can be given other attributes, and these percentages can be changed depending on the user.

    If on an entity, this tool will not lose health but only provide a 50% block chance when used.

    Magic Items: These sort of weapons are powerful in the hand of wizard-type players, and their rarity make them unseen in the hands of a faceless army and are unique to player entities. These sorts of weapons tend to negate armor or do other exotic things.

    ========[6) BADDIE-PEDIA]========

    This is a list of all the enemy entities that the GM spawned during the duration of the game (Player-summoned entities will have their stats listed under them in-game) Note that anything with a BOSS label will take 50% reduced damage from charged attacks due to Contractual Boss Immunity.

    Mooks [PA]: A rather primitive and basic enemy type, these seem to form the backbone of the Acolyte's attack force. They are trained (albeit poorly) to use a variety of different weapons to suit the needs of their army. Come in large numbers.

    Maximum HP: 12
    Base Damage: 2
    Speed Value: 3

    Lightly Armored Mooks [PA]: These are similar to their brethren, however, possess some amount of armor to add some form of durability to their otherwise easily broken frames.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Has a 50% chance per hit to take 40% damage from both melee attacks and ranged weapons.

    Well-Armored Mooks [PA]: Similarly Lightly Armored Mooks, they have a chance to reduce incoming damage, but their armor is significantly more durable than the former.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Has a 70% chance per hit to take 60% damage from both melee attacks and ranged weapons.

    Heavily Armored Mooks [PA]: Similarly Lightly Armored Mooks, they have a chance to reduce incoming damage, but their armor is significantly more durable than the former.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Has a 70% chance per hit to take 60% damage from both melee attacks and ranged weapons.

    Mook Leaders [PA]: While these are on the field, these will encourage Mooks to use more aggressive tactics and to fight for the sake of victory.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Maximum HP: 18
    Base Damage: 3

    Mooks in its group will behave more aggressively and disobey Mook Chivalry, allowing them to gang up on one target.
    Mooks in its group also have Melee Training II/Ballistic Training II.

    Mook Lieutenants [PA]: These seem to be where the rest of the Mooks get their orders from without a Mook Leader around. Whatever benefit they give has yet to be seen, but they do seem like prime targets.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Maximum HP: 16
    Base Damage: 3

    Can boost fellow Mooks in its group. These boosts will correspond to appropriate flavor text within the action.
    Fire At Will: Mooks are guaranteed to fire the maximum amount of shots their weapons can allow them for the turn. For melee or single-shot weapons, grants a 20% chance to attack or fire an additional time.
    Stick To Cover: Mooks have a 25% chance to dodge attacks until the Lieutenant can move again.
    Focus Fire: Mooks can ignore Mook Chivalry and gang up on a target this turn.

    Powered Mooks [PA]: These Mooks boast advanced technology that boosts their damage output to twice that of their unaugmented comrades.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Base Damage: 4

    Elite Mooks [PA]: While unspectacular compared to humans, these Mooks have been promoted after some time of service. Having learned quickly, they wield their weaponry more effectively than their newer comrades.

    Values from "Mooks"
    Ballistics Training II: 30% chance to reroll misses for ranged attacks.
    Melee Training II: Deal 50% more damage with melee attacks.

    Mook Sniper [PA]: Some Mooks have gone through sniper training to improve how they use their firepower. Any kind of combat-oriented Mook can become a sniper, but most often Elite or Powered Mooks will graduate from these training programs.

    Values from "Mooks", "Powered Mooks", "Elite Mooks", or "Armored Mooks"
    Sniper: Damage from this weapon will pierce any form of armor or damage resistance and force targets to reroll dodge or block chances. This will also deal damage to its target regardless of any other entities that would take the hit.
    20% chance to crit, which can be rerolled with Ballistics Training.
    Can only use ranged weapons.

    Smash Mook [PA]: Immense Mooks that have a significant height advantage and extreme muscle advantage over their smaller brothers. In battle, they can take and deal four times as much damage as regular Mooks, and are even more dangerous. Thankfully, they come in small groups and are slow to wind up their punches.

    Maximum HP: 48
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 2
    Giant Blows: Melee armor is only 50% as effective.

    Mook Heavy Weapons Emplacement [PA]: A duo of Mooks in charge of a devastating mounted gun, usually in an entrenched position. They work as a spotter/gunner team to lay down highly damaging and accurate firepower, so kill one or both Mooks quickly to reduce their effectiveness.

    Maximum HP: 24
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 3
    Spotter: Gains Ballistic Training II when above 50% HP.

    Autocannon Emplacements use Pistols.
    Heavy Machine Gun Emplacements use Automatics.
    Flak Cannon Emplacements use Shotguns.
    Anti-Tank Cannon Emplacements use Rifles.
    Mortar Emplacements use Explosives.

    Mook Tank [PA-BOSS]: A vehicle of destruction built in a bid to challenge the Anti-Acolyte bulwark at the Player Fort. This comes with the Backup Portal to take out smaller targets in a blitzkrieg offensive. Hopefully one of the heavy ones.

    Maximum HP: 250
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 2

    Special Moves
    Artillery Shot: Takes 2 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. This will deal 12 damage to the enemy target, but will also use up its turn.

    Backup Portal [PA]: Acted as support to the Mook Tank.

    Maximum HP: N/A
    Base Damage: N/A

    Special Moves

    Summon Power: Takes 5 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. This will interrupt the cycle of Mook-summoning and summon a Rocket Launcher Mook in its place. This will automatically be activated once used, and such is more like a meter than a special move.


    Summons either a Sword Mook or an Assault Rifle Mook (alternating) every turn. There is a maximum amount of Mooks that can be summoned based on the enemy's max health.

    Mook Infantry Fighting Vehicle [PA-boss]: Durable enough to function as a mini-boss, this carries a squadron of up to twelve Mooks into combat. This does not imply that it is defenseless: it supplements its durability with an automatic machine gun attached to it.

    Maximum HP: 100
    Base Damage: 4
    Speed Value: 2

    Can summon up to 8 Mooks of any type and variation once.
    Can attack twice.

    Mook Armored Personnel Carrier [PA-boss]: While lacking in power compared to the Infantry Fighting Vehicle, this vehicle makes up for it in speed and numbers, capable of forming squadrons of up to 4. It also carries a greater number of Mooks into the fray.

    Maximum HP: 80
    Base Damage: 4
    Speed Value: 3

    Can summon up to 12 Mooks of any type and variation once.

    Mook Hunter Helicopter [PA-BOSS]: Part of an air attack squadron intended to bring down the bulwark at the Player Fort a second time. Bristling with guns, this can put a serious hurt in anything it faces.

    Maximum HP: 80
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 4

    Attacks are Submachine Gun-based.

    Special Moves

    Rocket Pod: Takes 2 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. Uses a 4 Base Damage Rocket Launcher-based attack, which Stuns on a direct hit for 1 turn. Uses up the turn.

    Mook Shielder Drone [PA-boss]: Part of an air attack squadron intended to bring down the bulwark at the Player Fort a second time. Bulky and armed with anti-bunker weaponry, this forms a massive body shield for the commander.

    Maximum HP: 120
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 4

    Special Moves
    Solidify: Takes 4 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. Grants Shielded to the user, reducing the damage of all attacks by 75% for a single turn. Uses up the turn.

    Mook Gunner Drone [PA-boss]: Part of an air attack squadron intended to bring down the bulwark at the Player Fort a second time. While fragile, these drones hunt in packs and are capable of applying devastating fire to heavy targets.

    Maximum HP: 40
    Base Damage: 4
    Speed Value: 5

    Attacks are Sniper Rifle-based.

    Horseless Headless Horsemann [EVENT-BOSS]: A towering hulk forged out of a restless spirit. Carrying a large axe and sporting a spooky howl, crossing his path on Halloween night brings more than bad luck...

    Maximum HP: 200
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: N/A (Arrived pre-Speed Values)

    Special Moves
    Scare Taunt: Takes 3 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. Using this will cause all of its entity attackers (and 50% chance if a player attacks it) to be Scared and cannot attack for the next turn. This will not take up the action, which means that the HHH can attack and use this at the same time.

    This entity cannot suffer any negative effects that decrease its Base Damage.
    Any negative effects inflicted on this entity that give it a chance to fail, that chance is halved.

    Ancient Hermit [BONUS-BOSS]: A primal beast dwelling beneath the waves. While a monstrosity to defeat between its spawn and its tentacles, this achievement yields rich loot.

    Maximum HP: 250
    Base Damage: 6
    Speed Value: 2

    Special Moves
    Land Sweep: No charge. Deals 6 damage to three enemies.
    Towering Pillar: Takes 2 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. Deals 16 damage to a single enemy.
    Deep Sea Drag: Takes 4 turns to charge. Spawns with it empty. Deals lethal damage instantly to the targeted entity. It also instantly destroys Buildings.

    Armored Shell: Takes normal damage from critical attacks.
    Colossus: Immune to stunning effects which cause it to miss attacks.
    Crippling Rage: All attacks have a 50% chance to Paralyze. Basic attacks always paralyze.

    The Acolyte [AC]: The Big Bad of this spinoff. It's up to the AAs to bring him down, which is crucial to winning the game!

    Maximum HP: 100

    {Special} Dark Magic Meter: Shows relative power; very often story related. Maximum is 100%. Regenerates by 2% every turn, but this may vary.

    Base Damage: 7 per Dark Magic Meter spent

    Speed Value: 0 (Only attacks at the end of the turn, 0 cannot be occupied by any other entity (except sufficiently powerful or unique ones))

    Can only be targeted and damaged by players and entities with Plot Armor.

    ======[6.1) Ally-Pedia]======

    As the fight against the Acolyte continues, many NPCs join in the player's battles! This is a list of all the friendly entities that the GM Spawned during the duration of the game (Player-summoned entities will have their stats listed under them in-game).

    Red Shirt [AA]: Mooks who defected from their armies to fight against the Acolyte. They wear red markings on their bodies to differentiate themselves from their loyalist kin.

    Maximum HP: 12
    Base Damage: 2
    Speed Value: 3

    Argynth Spear Carrier [AA]: The most common unit within the Argynths' armies. They may be slow to react, but their bulk more than makes up for it. Come in smaller numbers.

    Maximum HP: 30
    Base Damage: 6
    Speed Value: 2
    Attacks are Spear-based.
    Reinforced Armor: 20% damage reduction.

    Argynth Arbalest [AA]: The Argynths' ranged and skirmishing unit. They carry a repeating crossbow capable of firing dozens of bolts within minutes.

    Values from "Argynth Spear Carrier"
    Attacks are Pistol-based.

    Argynth Scout [AA]: The Argynths' scouting and reconnaisance unit. Armed with the same crossbow as their frontline counterparts, they wear lighter but considerably frailer armor.

    Values from "Argynth Arbalest"
    Speed Value: 3
    Scout Armor: 10% damage reduction.

    ========[7) PLAYERS]========

    Since Page 18's second post, Players have returned from Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!! They will spawn with a green-tinted version of their alignment, which varies from Anti-Acolyte insurgents, Pro-Acolyte loyalists, Neutral survivors, or Hostilesavages and conquerors. Players have 20 HP and 4 base damage, and have a default Speed Value of 3, but unlike other entities, they will have the ability to respawn a finite number of times (which can be none)! However, after this, they will be gone for good! They will also have a special action which is unique to the player, but can only be used once and requires a certain percent of the posting vote on their alignment to work, or certain conditions to be fulfilled, thus coordination is key to unleash the most out of the players.

    iliketurtles88 [AA-P]
    Respawns: One
    Special: Throws turtles at a group of enemies for medium damage, stunning them for the following turn.

    Ross8815 [AA-P]
    Respawns: None
    Special: Assembles a high-powered assault rifle on the spot. This assault rifle lasts for three turns' worth of shooting.
    Iron Armor compensates for 60% of damage taken, compensating for lack of respawns.

    bmxer2001 [AA-P]
    Respawns: None
    Special: Becomes a Lightning Bruiser and gains multiple offensive and speed-based buffs for 4 turns.
    Iron Armor compensates for 60% of damage taken, compensating for lack of respawns.

    75fires [AA-P]
    Respawns: None
    Special: Engulfs his foes in fire, dealing heavy damage to them and causing them to suffer severe burning for 2 turns.
    Iron Armor compensates for 60% of damage taken, compensating for lack of respawns.

    teenaegisalt_87 [N-P]
    Respawns: None
    Special: Gives the player a special item.

    aKnight47 [AA-P]
    Respawns: One
    Special: Buffs allies, giving them +50% damage and 2 health/turn for 2 turns.

    ========[8) THE STORY]========

    The story in this game plays a more crucial part to this thread than in the main franchise (at least to me). As such, I'm keeping a compendium in this section. The story will be divided into 6 Acts, each of which will be divided into 6 Episodes. This will develop further as the thread goes on.

    Act I: The Rising Powers

    At first, on a weekend morning, there was the Acolyte. A newfound villain who had taken a community of 20 million people and more hostage, even with his humble beginnings. Many players began to rise up and defy the hooded tyrant, however, he did gain some allies, and some players refused to participate entirely.

    As more players joined and became increasingly more of a threat, the Acolyte proceeded to summon his pawns, the Mooks. As standard enemies, Mooks carried a large variety of weapons. His allies constructed a castle for the Acolyte, thus giving him a breather in the war with the players, although, as the castle continued to be pummeled, the Acolyte felt uneasy and summoned more Mooks.

    After all of his entities were felled through powerful player barrages, he had something in mind, however, due to the spirit of Halloween, an event that was nigh, he summoned the Horseless Headless Horsemann from the Team Fortress 2 universe. The players faced it with ferocity, and it once again fell to Crusher48, who killed it previously in DTG2. As it fell back into its world, Blinky1001 claimed the Haunted Metal Scrap, and the Acolyte fled the scene.
    While the Acolyte and his companions ran to the fields, a friendly allied player spread news of a resisting fortress. While they headed out to the location, the Acolyte proceeded to communicate with an unknown party on Pesterchum, crucifixionTerminated [CT]. This revealed the Acolyte's chumhandle as godlyAdept [GA], and he requested backup from whoever was on the other side of the line.

    The Players soon arrived at the fort, but did not have time to get themselves settled, even with its supplies and simple crafting, as the Acolyte soon led an attack on the fortress with his armies of Mooks. However, these soon fell, and with the Acolyte's firepower on his side shrinking, the Acolyte was supported by a large squad of Mooks, introducing armor for the first time in their ranks. The Anti-Acolytes, with much of an inventory at their disposal, were ready to meet this challenge, and shortly thereafter crushed his array of Mooks and set up a strong defense to the Player Fort.

    In this time, Nullitor, an active Pro-Acolyte veteran of DTG, revealed his plan, which resulted in the creation of the Tower of the Futility, a tower that would gauge players based on how much they attacked entities and not the Acolyte. Players with significant Futility were irritated at this threat and, spurred on by Pricey12345, began to assail the Tower with a large amount of entities brought in by the Player Fort. However, as the Tower summoned backup entities, attack became less feasible and the attackers retreated, thus fading the tower into inactivity.

    However, as they were making progress, the Acolyte went on the attack once more and summoned a battalion of Mooks to lay siege to the Player Fort, however, these were overrun by the defenders and their sheer numbers. As the Acolyte fell under more fire, a large wave of backup arrived from [CT]. This wave of backup included the Mook Tank and the Backup Portal, which combined the crowd power of Mooks and the offensive and defensive might of a boss into a blitzkrieg charge during which the Anti-Acolyte side suffered heavy losses. In addition, a hostile Gaster Shard awoke from dormancy, thus adding to the chaos and destruction. Even as the battle continued, the Mook Tank took a lot of damage, so the Acolyte casted an Entity-Based Shield on his creation before fleeing the scene into nearby woods. The battle continued to wage, and while the Mooks did punch a large hole in the enemy lines, the Mook Tank's assault was unsuccessful, and it was eventually destroyed via a crushing anvil blow.

    Read the Full Version here:

    As the Tank fell into a critical state, the Gaster Shard, a hostile entity the Acolyte placed into stasis previously with a well-timed Hide Spoiler spell, broke out of stasis and attacked the largest entity it could find: the Mook Tank. Unfortunately, This removed any chance of the Mook Tank not exploding, unleashing an earth-shaking blast which launched the Gaster Shard skyward. The Gaster Shard, damaged from the explosion, shattered into energy, opening up a powerful interdimensional rift in the sky. The sky within the rift was black and star-filled, as if it was in outer space. As the rift closed, a few shadowlike creatures emerged from the portal. The rift closed before anyone could ask any questions.

    After the confusion, any Mooks left on the battlefield surrendered to the inhabitants of the player fort, in the meantime, the mean time the Anti-Acolyte players chased after the Acolyte.
    Undersea, close to the shoreline, Persecles, an Argynth military commander, who was praying at the time, noticed the shadowy figures emerging to the land. Interpreting the silhouettes as signs of demons, went back to the city of Spearhead to organize a search. Along the way, he encountered Thucedotus, his second-in-command. Thucedotus challenged Persecles to a shooting contest, and the latter accepted. There was no clear victory in the contest, however, this was when Persecles revealed his plans to Thucedotus concerning his demons, and thus they organized a meeting.

    In the forest, the Acolyte had a brief chat with crucifixionTerminated [CT] before being confronted by the players. However, this time around the Acolyte held a defensive advantage, and began summoning increasingly large numbers of Mooks. The players utilized large amounts of summons and crowd-control tactics, but it was to no avail. The huge amounts of Mooks overwhelmed the Anti-Acolyte team and they retreated with whatever they had.

    Read the Full Version here:
    Back under the ocean, Persecles strode out for his town meeting clad in armor. In a short yet popular speech among the city folk, he announced his intentions to perform a search with the backing of his army for his assumed demons. Thus, he and his army mobilized for the journey and they set off for landfall.

    Business at the player fort had been prosperous, as it grew both in membership and in structural progression. The players were happy to find a spot to retreat to, especially as they had captured an enemy Mook Leader and sent him there. On the way in, they met a few new faces: Ninjatwist_, a new party member eager to join in on the Anti-Acolyte mission, and the Red Shirts, Mooks who betrayed the Acolyte's orders to join the Anti-Acolyte forces. Thankful for the respite, the Anti-Acolyte players took the few turns before the Acolyte's army arrived to prepare for battle.

    The Acolyte's forces enjoyed the benefit of a more armored force, as not only did Mook infantry come equipped with heavier armor on some units, but they enjoyed the protection of the Mook Infantry Fighting Vehicle, an armed transport. In spite of these boons, the Anti-Acolyte entities, with Ninjatwist_ among them, were enough to destroy the Mooks even with these benefits. Even the might of an airborne wing headed by a Mook gunship was too little to wipe out the entrenched positions of the Anti-Acolyte rebels. The loss of the Mook forces throwing themselves against the walls of the reinforced Player Fort left the Acolyte vulnerable- an opportunity the players took to inflict critical damage, forcing the Acolyte to flee once again.

    At the end of the monumental battle, Ninjatwist_ was so impressed by the players' prowess that he joined the party, vowing to make himself useful.

    Read the Full Version here:
    As the party of Players, with Ninjatwist_ in tow, gave chase to the Acolyte, the party of Argynths, with Persecles in front, gave chase to the mystery of the shadowed figures. The Major marched inland, ever closer to finding out what landed from the rift, and ever more eager to battle the interlopers.

    The Acolyte gave up his chase at a beach close to the forest. The players and Ninjatwist_ would inflict serious damage to the Acolyte there, despite summoning Mooks to his disposal. However, the Acolyte would not suffer his most notable defeat at the players' hands- a primal abomination surfaced from under the water, grasping the Acolyte with a tentacle and delivering a horrible beatdown. The Acolyte managed to escape, but not before losing his health and dignity.

    The Ancient Hermit would not let the players leave, however- it encircled the players with its spawn and appendages, forcing them to fight. After the players subdued these obstacles, the Hermit itself faced them directly, using its bulk and spray of ink to crush the Anti-Acolyte side. However, the players persevered and bested the monstrosity, forcing it beneath the waves once more. With it dealt with, the players could progress further along the beach to chase the Acolyte once again.
    The full version is right below this post!

    Persecles had come far in his quest to rid the world of the demons. However, he would not find them- at least intact. Instead, his army came across the site of what was once an epic battle- or an epic defeat. Scars and lightning marred the landscape, tearing into the earth. As Persecles's soldiers advanced cautiously, the figure responsible for the damage appeared in a flash of lightning, prompting a defensive response from the Argynths. Thankfully, the being acted benevolently, and explained its actions as the Operator, a guardian entity of sorts. Persecles had become deluded on his path, and blamed the players for the demons' incursion, despite the Operator's attempts to guide him otherwise. The Argynths continued on their crusade, and the Operator left them to suffer from their misdirection.

    The Players continued to pursue the Acolyte, unwilling to let him rest from his damage. As the Acolyte tried to breathe, he heard gunshots from behind him, as Ninjatwist_ had caught up and started the attack. The two fought viciously, and after a tense standoff, the Acolyte scored an opening and prepared to greviously injure his attacker. The players intervened and punished the Acolyte greatly, sparing Ninjatwist_ critical damage. A larger-scale battle ensued, with the Acolyte sending more of his Mooks to try to avoid damage. These Mooks were not enough protection, however, and the Acolyte lost a great amount of his health. Before the Players could damage the Acolyte further, Persecles and his troops broke onto the scene, engaging the players immediately. The Acolyte fled in the ensuing chaos.

    Persecles, intent to purify the world, sparred with the Players, and his soldiers followed suit, fighting against the entities the Players had summoned. A dozen soldiers came forth, battling until they were too injured to continue. As the Major sustained more and more damage, he called for his troops to defend him, which they did. In a desperate move on the brink of defeat, he called for elite cavalrymen to charge the enemy lines, but it was too late. An intrepid player used a charge attack to critically injure Persecles, spearing him through.

    The Major's demoralized force surrendered immediately, unwilling to take further losses. Ninjatwist_ walked up to Persecles with sword in hand, asking for an explanation. He received an apology for Persecles' mistake and wrongdoing, and a vow to devote his army to the players' cause. Trust was uneasy at first, but Persecles assured Ninjatwist_ that he was eager to deal with the Acolyte, as the Major blamed him for the demons' appearances. He wished to stay behind to receive backup and treatment for his wounds, wishing the players luck and wisdom on their quest.

    On the way to the next battle, the Pro-Acolyte players felt bonded to their Anti-Acolyte kin, as they fought together in the clash with Persecles. They agreed to work together from now on, for the sake of defeating the Acolyte. They only served as hinderances to Anti-Acolyte progress before, and they feared treachery from the Acolyte who may see his loyalists as expendable- or punishment for their treachery once the war was over.

    Read the Full Version Here:

    Act II: Battle and Tension

    ========[9) FACTION GUIDE]========

    Here is a faction guide so far.

    Anti-Acolyte [AA]. Opposes the Acolyte and acts as the "heroes" of the story. The faction for regular players.

    Anti-Acolyte Boss [AA-BOSS]. A powerful summon, generated in multiple chunks by the players. While powerful and (hopefully) unique, these will drop a Spoil of War for the enemies! Only one of these can spawn in per Episode and will only activate when the other side has an obvious upper hand.

    Pro-Acolyte [PA]. Acts as the Acolyte's flunkies and minions, ready to act on his whim.

    Pro-Acolyte Boss [PA-BOSS]. This is a large summon generated on the side of the Acolyte! While powerful entities, only a few appear per Episode and will drop Spoils of War to use against the Acolyte.

    Neutral [N]. Not really for either side, acts generally as foil for the other two sides. These players tend to be involved in a sidequest. Mostly extraneous entities motivated by their own morality.

    Hostile [H]. Unlike Neutral, actively malignant and intent on destruction. Always Chaotic Evil.

    Acolyte [AC]. The villain. The antagonist. The Big Bad. Basically, who you're supposed to destroy.

    ========[10) Interesting Links]========

    Destroy the Godmodder: The original thread that started it all. Finished.

    Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!: The sequel to Destroy the Godmodder. This game is a spinoff of 2:O!. Finished.

    Destroy the Godmodder 3: Reunion: The next (and likely final) canon game. Decommissioned.

    DTG Wiki: A wiki to catalogue everything DTG. Please help out and edit it if you can!

    DTG TV Tropes Page: The TV Tropes page for Destroy the Godmodder.

    Persecles Suplot Archive: An archive to house the Persecles Subplot for anyone to catch up on. Up to date.

    #DTG Discord Guild: The public DTG chat room, handy for chatting with fellow players or catching news of the latest update. Feel free to join in to the community, but please read the rules.


    So, that's it... well, are you ready to Destroy the Godmodder Acolyte?

    Acolyte [AC] HP: 100/100. Dark Magic Meter: 100%.

    8/22/2018: Updated information for Mook Leader and Mook Lieutenant, added Heavily Armored Mook, updated links to Persecles Subplot and Discord
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  2. JOEbob

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    1/25 perceptual crystal- exact mechanics to be decided, general idea is a defensive item that generates power over time. if it has [arbitraynumber] energy and i am struck by enough power to pierce that, it will instead protect my items for me at the cost of [arbitrarynumber] energy, regardless of whether or not i'd lose them (IE: lose power even if i win the 'keep item' roll.]
    1/50 linear growth crystal- no useful abilitys, but its strength grows linearly with time up to a cap, eventually will get abilitys via other charges. the only available ability is "semipermanence- you may keep this item on death once every 20 (-5 every for every [cooldownperiod] rounds this existed, until 10.) rounds"
    idk what do battlefield invisible. i'm [N] tho
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  3. GoldHero101

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    Yo! Let's do this thing. I spawn as [N] for now. Let's begin some charges.

    Splat Roller: 1/10
    Splattershot: 1/5
  4. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Everyone, I just need messages that you'll join in once the gameplay starts, because it hasn't started yet. I'm going to get gameplay going from the other thread once I complete pictures for the story post. In the mean time, just hang tight and let me know that you're coming over from the other medium or jumping in.
  5. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    [well i'm jumping in so ye]
  6. GoldHero101

    GoldHero101 Terrarian

    [Jumping in as well. Ready to be [N] and notified when ready.]
  7. MrMirrorMan

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    I am going to join as well, most likely PA.
  8. sunnyau

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    Hi. Relogging in. Take my PC.
  9. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    Of course I'm joining this, I've been waiting for the migration
  10. Pricey12345

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    Gotta join this, and I am still [AA] for this
  11. ender 2

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    Hello; joining. Not sure what my username is but I am Blinky.
    (confirmed myself by sending post on old game)
  12. Murphmario

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    I'll possibly join in on this.
  13. TrickleJest

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    [Affirmative. Note that I have the terrible of curse of sometimes losing interest in things (note - always losing interest in things) but hey, I'll try.]
    [AA, duh.]
  14. Cyanogynist

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    hello, hypixel?
    "hypixel broke"
    incomprehensible, have a terrible week
  15. Ninjatwist_

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    Wow, I'm glad that this game is getting some enthusiasm! I'm done with a majority of the artwork I need for the update, so the next storypost should be coming soon (ideally before next Wednesday rolls around) If you want to stay up to date, be sure to subscribe to this thread or follow me to watch out for for whenever I post.
  16. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Here's the story post, as promised on Wednesday.


    </EPISODE 5>

    <EPISODE 6>


    The Persecles Subplot Continues.

    // If you haven’t read up on the rest of the Persecles Subplot already, GO READ IT! It’s important. There’s a link in the OP.


    The demons’ haunting presence is close. I can smell it.

    My column follows close behind me, each soldier armed, collected, and prepared. I shall not stray from my course- these demons will be investigated and defeated is necessary.

    As I proceed to the clearing, something unnerves me, and I halt my troops.



    Nothing remains of the entities that landed in this clearing. The landscape has been marred with battle and otherworldly energies… some terrible carnage must have taken place here. I cautiously urge my soldiers forward prepared for the worst, weapons in hand.



    My troops jump back, reeling in surprise at the sudden appearance of this incandescent entity. I wasn’t expecting our work to be done for us- I demand answers from the glowing humanoid, presumably as shaken as my soldiers are.


    “I am Major Persecles of the Cerulean Empire, and in the name of the sanctity of this world, identify your motives!”

    Surprisingly, the humanoid responds.

    "Greetings. I am the Operator, and the protector of this world, but alas, I'm not as strong as I would like. To be truly effective, I require a corporeal host body. Without it, I am but a mere shade."

    “Some evil figures touched down here, but this hellscape emerged before I could respond. I assume you destroyed them?”

    "Yes. I destroyed them. Every last trace."

    “What kind of malevolent force would summon such foul entities?”

    "I have no doubt. These creatures were summoned by the Players."


    “Then I must confront and defeat these Players before they wreak more havoc upon this place.”

    "Wait! Before you confront them, please consider! The Players are a force for good! They're fighting against an even greater, more immediate evil that has to be dealt with as soon as possible!"

    “I am confident that I can deal with both.”

    "Suit yourself. Follow your foolish vision."

    With that, I turn and order my troops to march towards the shoreline, intent on completing our new mission. If it takes my company or all of the force that the Cerulean Empire may muster.

    // Many of the Operator’s lines are from TwinBuilder!

    The main plot continues.

    “Cool down. You’ve experienced worse losses. Just open your eyes.”

    The Acolyte slowly rises off the ground, clearly not having fully recovered from his thrashing at the Hermit’s tentacles.


    He feels a painful dizziness in his head- surely, his violent encounter has left him with some form of permanent damage. However, before the Acolyte can assess his injuries more thoroughly, he hears gunfire from behind. One of his pursuers has caught up with him.


    The Acolyte barely has enough time to lick his lips, spit out his blood and draw his sword.


    // Sorry, I was going to have more pictures to explain this better, but got short on time.

    The Acolyte and Ninjatwist_ exchange a series of tense sword strikes, yet neither combatant can score a hit, much less an advantage. The vigor thickens as each swordsman reads his opponent, searching for an opening. However, a simultaneous downward slash forces the two blades to collide, stunning both parties and creating a tense, well-timed pause.


    ACOLYTE: You know you can’t kill me.
    NINJATWIST_: I can sure as hell make you suffer.


    By the time the players arrive on the beach, the duel has taken a drastic turn.


    The Acolyte has managed to gain an advantage and use it to take Ninjatwist_ by surprise, overwhelming him. He will surely suffer if you guys don’t do anything about it!

    This is where you players come in.


    The first gameplay post should come in later, at worst by tomorrow evening. Just wait up for the gameplay post to come in and then we can play this! I look forward to GMing you all.
  17. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Gameplay post is up!

    Be sure to read the rules before you post. Also, if you have ??? as your faction, you have yet to confirm a faction you're aligned with!

    ========[End-of-Turn Events]========

    The Acolyte is about to inflict some serious pain on Ninjatwist_

    ====[The Battlefield]====
    A shoreline reaching down the coast.

    ender 2 [AA] HP: 20/20.
    Pricey12345 [AA] HP: 20/20.
    auyuengyat/sunnyau [AA] HP: 20/20.
    ConsumerOfAll [AA] HP: 20/20.
    Emerald_Mann [AA] HP: 20/20.
    Cyanogynist [AA] HP: 20/20.

    ender 2
    Headless Horsemann Harmer's Howitzer §¶ (13/16 Souls) (Shotgun, Base Damage: +2, Earns 1 Soul per kill, Souls can be unleashed into an entity that can be drawn back into the gun if above Orange Health (40%), Deals +1 base damage for every 6 Souls kept in the gun)

    Helm of the Juggernaut §¶ [Cooldown: IIIIII] (+1 Speed Value and 30% damage reduction when equipped on an enemy, using this item boosts this value to 60% and the wearer's attacks always hit twice for 2 turns)

    Wicked Ring §¶
    (Dealing lowering an enemy into a health threshold adds +1 charge point to all charges)

    Tank Artillery Tube §¶ [Cooldown: II] (Deals 12 damage to an enemy and 4 damage to its surroundings as splash)

    Scrambling Eggs (x3) (Deals 4 damage 6 times to an enemy or group of enemies when used)
    Shield Module §¶ [Cooldown: III] (Grants Shielded (50% damage mitigation) for one turn on any unit of entities once used)

    MrMirrorMan [PA] HP: 20/20.

    GoldHero101 [N] HP: 20/20.

    JOEbob [???] HP: 20/20.
    Murphmario [???] HP: 20/20.
    TrickleJest [???] HP: 20/20.

    Itinerary Objectives:

    Damage the Acolyte as much as you can! If you don't, Ninjatwist_ will be incapacitated for the battle!

    Deal as much damage to Ninjatwist_ as you can, since it's highly unlikely that the Acolyte will get through this attack!

    Dropped Items:
    Welcome to the Looting Gallery! Only one item can be looted from this at a time and are anyone's for the taking.
    No items have been dropped.

    Ninjatwist_ [AA] HP: 20/20. Plot Armor: 0% Reduction. IN PERIL!
    • Shortsaber §¶ (Base Damage: +2, can attack twice)
    • Beretta 93R Pistol §¶ (Base Damage: 4, Burst Fire (Fire up to 2 shots with the damage of 3 shots each burst))
    Base Damage: 4
    Speed Value: 3

    This entity can perform unique actions like a Player Character can, such as performing special actions.

    Plot Armor:

    This entity has a default 50% dodge chance against ranged and melee attacks.
    The maximum amount of damage this entity can take is 50% of its maximum health.
    This entity gains a damage reduction as its health decreases, up to 80% when at RED HEALTH.
    Can target and damage the Acolyte.

    The Acolyte [AC] HP: 84/100. Dark Magic Meter: 100%. Kills: 20.
  18. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    Hyper Hexagon: 1/50
    Joyrider's Jetpack: 1/20
    Salty that he was redirected onto some random server, Cyan kicks a huge crater's worth of sand into the Acolyte.
  19. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    1/25 A Weapon
    I assist Cyan

    I notice that Ninja needs some help, and use the Shield Module on him to protect him from the Acolyte temporarily.
  20. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    1/25 perceptual crystal- exact mechanics to be decided, general idea is a defensive item that generates power over time. if it has [arbitraynumber] energy and i am struck by enough power to pierce that, it will instead protect my items for me at the cost of [arbitrarynumber] energy, regardless of whether or not i'd lose them (IE: lose power even if i win the 'keep item' roll.]
    1/50 linear growth crystal- no useful abilitys, but its strength grows linearly with time up to a cap, eventually will get abilitys via other charges. the only available ability is "semipermanence- you may keep this item on death once every 20 (-5 every for every [cooldownperiod] rounds this existed, until 10.) rounds
    +1 to each of mirrors C's.
    quoting my post:
    "idk what do, battlefield invisible. i'm [N] tho"
    I look at the scene before me and notice two warring beings, before shrugging and grabbing the current winner with tendrils of thick, clotting blood, which wrap around their limbs, immobilising them, and I raise my hand, the air around them flashing purple, and toss them up into the sky with a powerful burst of telekinesis.
    "killing people is bad and ruins the game for them. this isn't a factions server, is it?"
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