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Destroy the Godmodder: Acolyte! [JUST MOVED IN]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Ninjatwist_, Jul 29, 2017.


Should I change the amount of time you guys have to post?

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  1. Give us 1 extra day, giving us 2 days to post! I want my posts to be worth more!

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  2. Keep it with 1 day for us to post? I want to get in as many posts as possible!

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  1. ender 2

    ender 2 Terrarian

    I trigger the Fragtrap repeatedly by tossing fruit in its general direction
    Healing Potion: 3/10
    Regeneration Potion: 3/5
    +1 to realicraft
  2. realicraft

    realicraft Skeletron

    Base [10.5/15] +1 via charging, +1 from 'ender 2'
    HP 20/20
    I throw clocks at the godmodder.
    The temmie gives the following people tem flakes:
  3. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    2/15 Saplings.
    4/10 Minor improvements.
    I turn to goldhero.
    "Would you like to go back to the Tar pit now or do you want to do something here first?"
    f goldhero wants to go back then I do, else I stay. regardless, I check whether the mineshaft we're making has run into any iron yet, and, if so, use a stone pickaxe from the chest to mine it.
  4. GoldHero101

    GoldHero101 Terrarian


    I agree to return to the tar.
  5. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Update comes out tomorrow!

    Sorry for the delay, especially at such a climax. Homework has been quite hellish. Use this time to make your posts worth more and spice up some actions!
  6. sunnyau

    sunnyau Terrarian

    -Mine Actions--
    I run the 2 charges: DPS Master & AoE Master.

    Dealing enough damage to overkill test monster, the handicrafted Box of Unknown Codes is made of the power from all the frustration that programmers get from unfixed classes and such, with the sometimes artisan codes yet dumped here by a typo error that has led the programmer furiously deleting his work. It will alter the reality of Minecraft - Without easy way to wipe out, since it is their last show.

    Box of Unknown Codes [AA] damage: 8, with 50% crit chance against all unintellegent monsters.  health points:75 (4HP defense)
    Code-based: Attacks are likely to miss unless it is backed by a ethereal force, not a blunt force.
    Vortex of Codes: Disturb and Confuse a Monster.
    Running another charge,

    By telepathy, a mind image appears onto the field. Somebody appears, with a ball-shaped thing:
    "The weak shall overcome the strong. Not by force."
    The image materialize into a glob of putty. It then suddenly disappears.
    "Why...... What's the problem?"
    A gel-like arm suddenly trips me.
    I know......... I understand now.

    The Present [AA] damage: 3 on 2, with confused     health points:125  
    Merged to the ground: Normal attacks weaken by 75%.
    Omnipresence: Scare a Monster.

    --Entity Actions--
    The entities arrive on the field.

    7/10 Transiting Power +1 from ender +5 from the Acolyte
    5/5 Quick Fix +1 from ender +5 from the Acolyte . HOLDING
    and +1 to ender
  7. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    (you do know doing 2 charges in the same round reduces the second one's power , right?)
  8. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Ninjatwist_ takes 1 damage from the lynching! It's hard to hurt him much with that much Plot Armor on him!

    The Acolyte is terribly disoriented by the various fabric items! The next attack that targets him will automatically hit!

    I'm sorry, I can't let you do that. It'd really upset the game if you could have a single weapon that powerful- it's the main reason I barely permit item modification with charges. It'd be frustrating to let the charge go to waste, so I'll let you use it on something else.

    Temmie will do as you say, although only one person can receive healing- I'll make it so that you take the Tem Flakes.

    There is no Godmodder in sight! There is merely the Acolyte.

    Fragtrap takes 6 damage, because fruit is a comical subject!

    Your entities can only act once per turn! As such, Temmie's healing has already been distributed. You will remain at 19 HP by the turn's end.

    However, your clock attack is a success! Your attack deals 1 damage to the Acolyte!

    Iron has not been obtained thus far. Your entities have been in stasis while you were at the Tar Pit.

    You vote to return to the Tar Pit.

    Tar Pit loaded!

    You and JOE head up to the Tar Pit, leaving your other entities in stasis while you're away.

    Both of these charges are worth 25 points, so I'll tweak them accordingly.

    The Box of Unknown Codes appears onto the battlefield lacking crit chance, which wouldn't come into play anyways, but a static chance for all attacks to miss.

    The Present appears onto the battlefield with 80% of its original HP value and a weaker damage reduction.

    ========[End-of-Turn Events]========

    Ninjatwist_ patches himself up manually for 1 HP!

    Temmie heals up Realicraft for 2 HP and becomes an actual entity!
    The Boss Killer 9000 shoots a laser at Fragtrap for 5 damage!

    Fragtrap retaliates against the Boss Killer 9000 for 4 damage!

    The Acolyte is staring down the players who are trying to hurt him.

    Blinky's Ring of Regeneration heals him to full health! The Ring of Regeneration stops glowing, having done its job.

    Sunnyau's entities arrive on the battlefield.

    ========[JOE and GoldHero's Sidequest]========

    You guys make your way back to the Tar Pit. In your absence, something may have showed up, although you guys can't tell if anything has currently.

    ====[The Battlefield]====
    A shoreline reaching down the coast. A lot of grueling fighting has taken place here, and a lot more will in the near future.

    Player Characters:

    ender 2 [AA] HP: 20/20. Overload: 5/15.
    Pricey12345 [AA] HP: 11/20.
    auyuengyat/sunnyau [AA] HP: 20/20. Overload: 10/15.
    Emerald_Mann [AA] HP: 20/20.
    Cyanogynist [AA] HP: 20/20.
    TrickleJest [AA] HP: 17/20.
    Everyone Except You (EEU) [AA] HP: 20/20. Overload: 1/15.
    Realicraft [AA] HP: 19/20. Overload: 2/15.

    ender 2
    Headless Horsemann Harmer's Howitzer §¶ (13/16 Souls) (Shotgun, Base Damage: +1, Earns 1 Soul per kill, Souls can be unleashed into an entity that can be drawn back into the gun if above Orange Health (40%), Deals +1 base damage for every 6 Souls kept in the gun)
    Drunken Fist (+1 base damage, 20% crit chance, and can attack twice when not using an item, automatically disappears upon death or Episode end)
    Talisman of Evasion [Dodges: IIIII] (20% dodge chance, upon achieving 5 dodges with this equipped, the entire Anti-Acolyte faction will receive Haste (20% dodge chance, +1 Speed Value) for 1 turn)
    Ring of Regeneration (+1 HP healed per turn, destroys itself when wearer gets to full health)

    Helm of the Juggernaut §¶ [Cooldown: IIIIII] (+1 Speed Value and 30% damage reduction when equipped on an enemy, using this item boosts this value to 60% and the wearer's attacks always hit twice for 2 turns)

    Wicked Ring §¶
    (Dealing lowering an enemy into a health threshold adds +1 charge point to all charges)
    Seashell (Crafting ingredient)
    Inferno Stick (Base Damage: +4)
    Staff of Ice (Can strike up to 3 entities at once)

    Scrambling Eggs (x2) (Deals 4 damage 6 times to an enemy or group of enemies when used)
    Shield Module §¶ [Cooldown: III] (Grants Shielded (75% damage mitigation) for one turn on any unit of entities once used)

    Riflescope (Sniper Rifle, Base Damage: 4)

    Wood Log (x2) (Crafting/building ingredient)
    Wooden Pickaxe (Base Damage: +1)
    Wooden Sword (Base Damage: +1)

    MrMirrorMan [PA] HP: 20/20. Overload: 5/15.
    plague126 [PA] HP: 20/20. Overload: 0/15.
    bognog04 [PA] HP: 20/20.

    Forgotten Fang (Blade, Base Damage: +2, 50% crit chance instead of 25%)
    Remembered Revolver (Sniper Rifle, Base Damage: +2, 15% chance to apply Stasis on hit for 1 turn)

    DathVader [N?] HP: 3/20.
    The Just Writer/Roslyn [N] HP: 20/20.
    RR [N] HP: 20/20.

    SteelSt0rmMaster/Xalya [???] HP: 20/20.

    Itinerary Objectives:

    Deal as much damage to the Acolyte as you can!

    Heal/Protect Ninjatwist_! His offensive power could prove critical against the Act Boss, but he's only on 10 HP right now!
    Get ready to face the Act Boss!

    Get ready for the Act Boss to appear!


    Ninjatwist_ [AA] HP: 10/50. Plot Armor: 80% Reduction.
    Base Damage: 4
    Speed Value: 4

    This entity can perform unique actions like a Player Character can, such as performing special actions.

    Shortsaber §¶ (Base Damage: +2, can attack twice)
    Beretta 93R Pistol §¶ (Base Damage: 4, Burst Fire (Fire a single shot with the damage of 3 shots each burst))

    Plot Armor:

    This entity has a default 50% dodge chance against ranged and melee attacks from entities.
    The maximum amount of damage this entity can take is 50% of its maximum health.
    This entity gains a damage reduction as its health decreases, up to 80% when at RED HEALTH.
    Can target and damage the Acolyte.
    Can enter Plot Meditation to recover 10% of their max HP per turn. During Plot Meditation, the entity's Plot Armor is reduced to 0 and any incoming attacks will interrupt this state.

    When down to 0 HP, activates Plot Regeneration. During Plot Regeneration, Plot Armor activates to 100%, this entity recovers 20% of their Max HP per turn, and this entity will not act, all for 5 turns.

    Boss Killer 9000 [AA] HP: 46/50. Base Damage: 5. Speed Value: 3. Deals +2 damage to bosses.

    Temmie [AA] HP: 40/40. Base Damage: 3. Speed Value: 3. Can heal friendly allies for 2 HP.

    Box of Unknown Codes [AA] HP: 60/60. Vortex of Codes: III.
    Base Damage: 8
    Speed Value: 3
    All attacks against this have a 20% miss chance after any modifiers.
    Vortex of Codes: Induces Scared (80% miss chance, Speed Value lowered to 1) on one enemy entity for their next action.

    The Present [AA] HP: 100/100. Omnipresence: IIII.
    Base Damage: 3
    Speed Value: 3
    This entity can attack two entities in the same turn.
    All attacks against this have a 20% damage recduction.
    Omnipresence: Induces Scared (80% miss chance, Speed Value lowered to 1) on one enemy entity entity for their next action.

    Fragtrap [PA] HP: 29/40. Base Damage: 4. Speed Value: 3. Buffs some teammates every other turn.

    The Acolyte [AC] HP: 67/100. Dark Magic Meter: 85%. Kills: 28.

    ====[The Savannah]====
    A flat savannah full of trees and not much else. Houses JOE and GoldHero's sidequest.

    Current Area: The Savannah.
    Borders: The Hills.

    Current Zone: The Tar Pit.
    Next To: The Pond, The Encampment (Page 32), The Hill Borders.

    JOEbob [N] HP: 20/20. Shield: 10/10. Overload: 0/15.
    GoldHero101 [N] HP: 24/20. Inside Small Camp. Overload: 0/15.

    Flint Pickaxe (Hammer, Base Damage: +2, 50% Bleed chance when used as a weapon)
    Linear Growth Perceptual Amulet (Generates Shield when out of combat, Shield gives a dodge chance depending on the interval depending on the attack (Dodge chance = Shield x 10), dodging a hit will remove shield equal to the damage of the attack that blocked it, guaranteed recovery once after death)
    Crabshell Armor (30/30 HP) (30% damage reduction)
    Heavy Stone Sword (Blade, Base Damage: +4, user cannot dodge while in use)
    Small Backpack (Gives the user 3 more inventory slots)
    Flint (Crafting Ingredient)
    Dirt (Crafting/building ingredient)


    Splattershot (Assault Rifle, 25% chance to inflict Inked (30% miss chance))
    Splat Roller (Sword, 50% chance to inflict Inked (30% miss chance))
    Mini-Splatling Deco (Automatic, Can fire 100% more shots, 50% chance to inflict Inked (30% miss chance))
    Swim Matrix (Allows user to when out of combat, healing for 2 HP per turn, while in combat, grants a 20% dodge chance)
    Backpack (HP: 20/20) (Gives the user 5 more inventory slots, resists 50% of damage taken while worn)
    Cobblestone (x4) (Crafting/building ingredient)
    Gravel (x10) (Crafting/building ingredient)
    Tar (x3) (Crafting ingredient)

    Items of Interest:
    Tar (Can be dug up, dangerous to swim in!)
    Fossil (A possible find, can be extracted from the tar- some safety required)

    The last trace of the Encampment's entities are on Page 30! They're locked in a sort of stasis while you're at the Tar Pit.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  9. plague126

    plague126 Terrarian

    11/25. Spear of Gungnir
    11/25. Despair
    I kill The Present, take its ded body to a forest, film it, then upload it to youtube
  10. GoldHero101

    GoldHero101 Terrarian

    I throw a stone into the tar, readying my Heavy Splatling Deco just in case.
  11. sunnyau

    sunnyau Terrarian

    --Mine Action--
    I run the Quick Fix Charge.
    By preparing suitable herbs, battle-related injuries can be easily healed. I invite Ninjatwist_ over for a tea, and while he is enjoying the tea I patch up the battle wounds that the fierce action has caused him, making him instantly regenerate some of his health while regenerating health in successive turns.

    --Entity Actions--
    Box of Unknown Codes attack the Fragtrap electronically, trying to disable it's core functions.
    The Present try to absorb Fragtrap into itself as it is laying on the ground, and also pin, stick and abuse plague126 every once in a while, making his killing plan fail as well as frustrated with such a gelateneous creature.

    7/10 Transiting Power +1 from ender +5 from the Acolyte
    and +1 to ender
  12. ender 2

    ender 2 Terrarian

    I smash plague with the FULL WRATH OF THE INTERNET!
    Healing Potion: 5/10
    Regeneration Potion: 5/5 (This is a splash potion; so it smashes on the ground and heals every AA player (including ninjatwist 1HP/round for 5 rounds)
    +1 to realicraft and +1 from sunnyau
  13. realicraft

    realicraft Skeletron

    Base [10.5/15] +1 via charging, 1 from 'ender 2'
    Temmie Upgrades [1/5] +1 via charging
    HP 19/20
    I look for some materials for my base.
    Temmie gives Ninjatwist_ a temmie flake.
  14. MrMirrorMan

    MrMirrorMan Terrarian

    [PA] 20/20 HP Charge Overload 0/15: I shoot at the Boss Killer 9000 with Remembered Revolver, hitting them with a sweet 360 no-scope.
  15. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    3/15 Saplings.
    5/10 Minor improvements.
    I hold my hand over the tar to figure out how hot it is.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  16. ender 2

    ender 2 Terrarian

    I generically attack the Acolyte with a generic weapon
    Healing Potion: 6/10
    +1 sunnyau
  17. bognog04

    bognog04 Terrarian

    1/10 on atack
    I shoot a Orbital Strike cannon at The BOSSKILLER 9000
    +1 to mirror and plague
  18. MrMirrorMan

    MrMirrorMan Terrarian

    [PA] 20/20 HP Charge Overload 0/15: I insult Boss Killer 9000, reminding them that they have a stupid name. Really, having '9000' in your name? What are you, a cliche Saturday Cartoon Villain's latest 'Invention to kill the hero'?
  19. sunnyau

    sunnyau Terrarian

    --Mine Action--
    I attempt to break open a sand cube. Since it is in Minecraft, block cannot be broken, ad it sends out an exception to the Console. I break it, and break it again until the Console is full of exception and the exception stack overflowed. It the let me break open the sand block, which I then see to it's core, full of nothingness yet full of things. I further insert a bugged program to kill any player inside the block using cactus. I then, as the Acolyte is generic swording, proceed to put the Acolyte in the break open sand block like a sandwich. The Acolyte can get out- but without significant block-modding and/or injuries.

    --Entity Actions--
    In the 1st post.

    9/10 Transiting Power +1 from ender
    and +1 to ender
  20. Ninjatwist_

    Ninjatwist_ Terrarian

    Post is going up tomorrow!

    I'm giving you guys another day to post because I need to finish up the art for the latest Act Boss. Make sure your posts are as good as you can make them!