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Didn't make it

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by M44reK, Jul 12, 2019.


How many of u got in?

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  1. M44reK

    M44reK Terrarian

    Today was the lucky day of 200 people to get the beta for terraria on mobile and I didn't make it (on my birthday), it's kinda disappointing but hey I've still got a chance every day +5 people who could get the beta so I'm not that sad.
    Well that's life I guess , it's never really fair.
    Someday everyone will have the same version though.

    - M44reK
  2. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It can be unfortunate to not make it into the beta.

    This would be better off as a profile post however. Your profile is a better place to talk about events that pertain to yourself as this doesn't allow for a lot of discussion.

    This thread has been locked.
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