PC Difficulty with Multiplayer [Joining & Hosting]


Been having some difficulties recently in regards to multiplayer with Terraria. It's a pickle to deal with atm. Anytime I join a friend, I get prompted to enter a password, then immediately lose connection even when the password is correct, which is highly unusual. But when I try to host a world, it lets me set it up, but gets stuck on the "Found Server" screen.
We're both on the same version of Terraria, reloading as well does not fix it. I've tried uninstalling + reinstalling the game as well, but nothing works. I've seen guides say to check the integrity of the files, I've checked it, said I had a file steam failed to validate and "will be reaquired", but does nothing whatsoever, but the person hosting has the same issues but has no issues with other people joining them. I've played Terraria with the same characters and world that are on this on a different device [the one I'm having issues with rn is a brand new pc] so it's also not an issue with that. Firewall should also be working with Terraria, since it's allowed on my private network, but at this point I have zero clue how it works and why it's not letting me join.
If there's a solution to fix this, I'd really appreciate any help for it. Many thanks.


This is happening to me too, every time i try to join a friend or a friend tries to join me, the game gets stuck on Connecting to 'name' or Found server. But my friends can join each other perfectly fine. Only i am the one who cant join any of them. I thought this was due to when i was younger and didnt have a way to make online purchases , so i downloaded crack terraria. (right now i own terraria on steam) If this puts any complication to the problem then i need help on that as well. Other than this, CloudsInMind sums up my problem almost entirely.
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