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Official Dig Deeper!

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Pixel Pirate
THIS IS AWSOME No but srsly it is hey and CENX this is a BUG please DONT fix it its when you fill a hole full of water you know if you destroy it the water comes back but if you fill the hole and then go out of the map and go in again and then destroy it theres no water


Official Terrarian
This song gets stuck in my head way to easily! lol :joy: <-- This dude should be at the end of every post btw (Just playin', please don't spam!). :p
Hah! No take-backs now, I'm afraid! :joy:

Next contest: community members perform this on video and send it in. :p
Consider me in on this...! wait 'til you see some of my #sikrappin C:<


"You can dig deep, but you can always dig deeper"
unless you dig a hole to the other side of the world, you would end up drowning. BUT WAIT! You drown with water, you heal with water. Wtf RNG?
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