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Digging Molecart incinsistency when using weapons, or just in general.


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
When using a weapon that changes your direction to where you are aiming, like Minishark for example, (that allows you to walk backwards) while using the Digging Molecart, some inconsitency happens.

While shooting, for example, left while moving right, you don't dig the wall, and the molecart turns around to match the player's position when it hits the wall
Shooting left, holding right, does not dig right, not expected

While right next to a wall, shooting towards the wall, and then moving backwards causes the mole to dig the blocks that were now behind it, since it doesn't seem to check if you're holding towards a wall, but if you're pressing the button to move in either direction, while the player is facing the direction of the wall, even if they're not moving towards the wall, and the mole isn't facing the wall either.
Not holding to move in either direction, not moving, shooting to the right, not digging, as expected
Holding Left, shooting and facing right, digs to the right when not intended

This also applies to holding the opposite direction to slow down the molecart(notice the sparks) if it happens to get near enough to blocks while slowing down, regardless of holding a weapon or not, since slowing down doesn't change which direction the player is facing, while you're still holding a direction to move in
Moving right, holding the button to left(slowing down), digs right when not intended

This doesn't happen if you are not holding down any buttons while you're moving towards a wall, however. (kind of difficult to convey on a still picture)
Moving right, not holding any buttons, not digging, (expected)

The screenshots have alt text telling which buttons I'm pressing, etc.
Thank you.
Edit: attachments seem to have my failed screenshot attempts, apologies


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