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  1. jopojelly

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    As you might know, currently Mac and Linux versions of tModLoader (v0.8) aren't able to access the Mod Browser.

    I have encouraged many modders to include a direct link to their .tmod file in their forum posts in addition to publishing on the Mod Browser, but I've noticed that often updating the link after a quick update to your mod is often a forgotten step.

    Having some users download an outdated mod just because you forgot to update the original forum post is troublesome for troubleshooting because it fragments your user base, leading to confusion when diagnosing problems.

    For your convenience, here is the Mod Browser's web-facing site that lists the current mods. If you are a modder, you can copy the download link and update your forum post with this link and it will always stay current as you publish new versions to the Mod Browser, so you only need to update the link once.

    Convenient, huh?

    (The link should be something like http://
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  2. Jofairden

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    Helpful :)
    "Just fix for mac/linux already" comments inbound..

    MR_DOUBLESHOT Steampunker

    Thanks a bunch! This really helps.
  4. SkylahRose

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    Thank you so much!
  5. jopojelly

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    Btw, I still see a lot of posts in threads asking the mod developer to provide a link to the current tmod file for those who can't access the mod browser in game.

    If you see this, you can @ mention the dev here and hopefully they'll update their post with the always up-to-date permalink.
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  6. Lukas04

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    These is realy Helpfull!
    I hate it to again Upload everything on Mediafire after an Update

    But i have a Qustion

    Is it Possible to make an Auto-Instalation like in tAPI times?
    I mean i you Download the .tmod file you can click on "Open With Tmodloader" and the .tmod File is automaticle set n the Mods Folder

    I hope i sayed it Understandly (im not very good in English C: )
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    Added a permalink for the Mac users, I'm almost back, had a massive amount of work, papers, and college finals are in a week for me.
    Now that 8.1 is out and there are custom net messages I have a lot I can continue with that was holding me up before. Thanks for staying classy and patient.
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    Not to necro (although I've heard this isn't totally hated around here :D) but I'm mentioning a few mod creators to update their mods with the link.
    @MountainDrew (Calamity Mod)
    @DivermanSam (Thorium Mod)