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Disable Achievements on Servers

Do you think achievements should be disabled on servers>

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On multiplayer, especially on SSC and free item servers, usually a lot of people are fighting bosses and events you haven't encountered yet (which still count towards their achievement even if you haven't dealt any damage) , or you could just grab a Terrarian for example and boom a free achievement. I think achievements on multiplayer should be disabled, as it's not exactly game breaking, but a bit annoying.


Eye of Cthulhu
This wouldn’t be good for a number of reasons:
A: Some people like it.
B: Some people do legit multiplayer play throughs.

If you wanna fix this, the simple answer is don’t go to those servers.
No one is forcing anyone to go there, plus u have to google the ip anyway.

Additionally, how is this annoying? Just do the same thing legit again.
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