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Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by Yaster Goodman, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    I don't see banners as rewards. To me, they're just annoying. The reward system seems very much like something designed entirely for multiplayer, and it doesn't make much sense to have in singleplayer. This suggestion is simple: add an option to turn the reward system on/off in singleplayer. That is all.
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  2. Warpshard

    Warpshard Retinazer

    They may be annoying, bu they do provide a boost against that particular monster. If you really don't like the banners, then just sell them back at your base for a couple of Silver Coins.
  3. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    If I can kill 50 of anything, I doubt any bonuses provided would be helpful. Unless I want to be able to kill cave bats faster than instantly. The silver coins aren't worth the inventory space used by these things. Besides, is this even something that needs to be argued about? If I personally don't like the system, why can't I have the option to disable it? You can leave it on if you want. They already gave the terrorists the option to censor the game's violence...
  4. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Same. I hate both the messages and the fact that banners are just shoved into your inventory.
    Call me crazy, but I prefer the old RNG system. At least then I wouldn't be tossing away banners all the time while in a Bloodmoon/Eclipse/Slime Rain etc.

    And how many zombie banners does one need anyway?

    Edit: A better solution in my opinion is to remove the messages, have the banners drop from the monsters and have a higher kill count required for monsters that simply just appear too often. Zombies, slimes, dungeon skeletons etc.
  5. Pseudoname

    Pseudoname Terrarian

    it was nice the first time maybe, but after that rng should be fine right?...
    (i actually like rng better overall for this anyway. i feel like some complaints about boss farming got implemented for banners instead?)

    at least make the number higher than 50?
  6. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Skeletron Prime

    How about banners get more common the more enemies you kill. And after you get a banner, that type's drop chance is rest to the original and doesnt change.
  7. Fredbear

    Fredbear Official Terrarian

    This should be a completely differen't suggestion, and I have a suggestion for your suggestion.
    The banners suck other than hanging up your wall. It's super true, we doubt that the enemy resistance thing will work (man I wish it was the same with boss Trophies).
    But instead, we could have a rewarding system, The first achievement should give you the banner, after that the banners will become completely RNG based. Next achievement should be something cool, like 'zombie arm' or 'black lens' or just coins.
    The rewards could be either a rare drop of the mob, or just coins. The coins are more likely in lesser situations, while the higher prizes will be a rare drop.

    Actually this reply could become a thread by itself.
    Anyways, the idea is good for people who don't like a clogged inventory while doing events. Like me.
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  8. Tulula

    Tulula Skeletron

    This is something I have suggested myself but more about changing the milestones rather than just stopping them after 50. There may be times where you would want more that one banner for multiple area's in your world. My suggestion was to increase the milestone number each time you got awarded one. 50/100/250/750/1500. You could if the devs wanted to implement guilded banners which could either be cosmetic or provide a bigger buff to make them more useful.

    However though, no matter which suggestion it is I do think they need to look at it to find some middle ground in regards to banners.
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  9. Pirtz

    Pirtz Terrarian

    Actually, they can help you: You go farm your banners in normal mode and place them in expert for a fight just as easy as normal mode but more loot and money. This is especially noticeable in Lunar Events.
    Though I agree some monsters are just too common to require 50 kills and some are way too bull:red: rare (Nymph banner) useless and ugly.
  10. Akrasia

    Akrasia Spazmatism

    Agreed. When it says "___ has killed the 950th blue slime!" it gets quite annoying.
  11. New_Guy

    New_Guy Terrarian

    Please. I need this.

    It's too annoying to be mining Lihzahrd brick and then getting a banner shoved into your inventory, your item falling straight to the abyss and then uggggggggh more inventory management.

    At least an option for the game to stop giving banners every 50 kills, an escalating number of kills needed to drop a banner 50/150/250/400/600/850/1150/etc, or a return to the RNG-based system (with much higher drop rates than the previous one) after the 50th or so kill.
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