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tModLoader DiscordRP - Rich Presence for Terraria


@OwenBowen222 @JRMC @uber @Grinjombo
I might just found the cause
some of them:
- you are opening Discord with administrator privilege
- you are using BetterDiscord

So to make DiscordRP showed the status, you should use original Discord and without administrator privilege

I'm still try to find other possible causes though
Neither one was the cause but it's working now, at least for me. Takes a little while to show the information, but otherwise it works flawlessly.


Hello, there is a problem with your mod. When I go to the menu-everything is fine, the discord shows that I am in the menu. But when I enter the world, the Discord shows that I am in the winter biome, and after a split second disappears. Is there a way to solve this?


thanks to @JurassicAss
we managed to found that playing in fullscreen might cause this mod to stop working properly
you can play in borderless to fix this
I tried opening the game in windowed mode but I still get the bug where rich presence works in main menu but when I enter a world I goes off and sometimes comes on for a few seconds before going off again
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