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DNA extractor!

Good idea?

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Hello, this something small that I posted onto a thread, and I've decided to expand on it. This really could go either way for support but I'm going to try it out anyway. The basic idea is that you craft a syringe and extract essence, or DNA and put it into a DNA extractor which gives you the items needed to craft a cell of the creature you extracted essence from.

Tooltip : ouch! That could hurt someone!
Crafting: 10 glass, 1 blood cell (1/1000 drop from any hardmode enemy) .
Use: You can use this on an enemy to get their DNA inside the syringe. This can them be put in an extractor with a test tube to get a drinkable item.

Test tube:
Tooltip: science!
Crafting: 20 glass, 2 iron/lead bars

DNA extractor:
Crafting: 50 wire,3 test tubes, 20 iron/lead bars and 15 ectoplasm.
There are two slots inside the DNA extractor; one for a filled syringe and another for a test tube. Once both the items are in it will make a wirring sound and give off smoke particles. Once it is done it will give an empty syringe and and a filled test tube.

Test tube (filled)
Tooltip: (the tooltip will be the enemies name of the DNA put in the syringe)
This is a drinkable item which will give you the traits of the enemy you used to take DNA from.
Examples of this are the lava slime (immunity to lava and being able to float in lava) wraith (ability to fly through blocks) and the demon (ability to fly as high as bee wings)

Of course this would be massively op so you would be limited to one trait at a time and the effect would only last one in-game day. You can remove traits by putting the syringe in one of your accessory slots! Ok, thanks for reading! Bye!

Update: Added sprites! And made dna extractor harder to obtain.
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I like the concept of the idea, after all, I can have Pinky DNA and then get shot back when someone hits me with a paladins
hammer ;) ....JUST IMAGINE THE BEAUTY IF I HAD THE BUNDLE OF BALLOONS AND WINGS!!!.... Ahem, Getting sidetracked Sorry

why hallowed bars for the DNA Extractor, It's already post mech with ectoplasm in it,But I do get drowned in bars after I move onto Chlorophyte
If i were to change it I might choose a hardmode ore and split the crafting recipe in half Or if you like pre-hardmode ores you can use 25 silver/tungsten bars

Except one thing, Say i get Demon DNA i can fly as high as bee wings, Now i have an extra accessory slot. That makes me about 15% more op as now i have another emblem equipped :indifferent: There has to be some punishments


The concept is very interesting, that's pretty much undeniable, and honestly I'd enjoy seeing this in the game if it were to ever be implemented. This idea is developed to a good standard, an acceptable one, and elaboration of each item is great. One problem I see is with the Syringe recipe, it seems to, well, unrealistic. Yes, yes, this is a video game you stupid Pixel... Well, I'm not sure that amount of bars should be necessary for it. Just pointing that out. All in all; I really like this. And that's me being very honest.


Skeletron Prime
Will I Like the General Idea,It would be too Hard to Code it into the Game.....


I like the idea, I hope this becomes a mod if not implemented. However, the test tube should only be 1 glass, just like how a glass bowl is only 1 glass. Not saying it should be realistic but it could be consuming if the filled test tube would not return an empty test tube.
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