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    52,000+ downloads and counting! Thank you for all the support!

    DNI Equipment Upgrade
    Download: In the Mod Browser

    This mod will allow you to upgrade your equipment using Upgrade Jewels.

    All enemies have a small chance to drop this little baby: [​IMG]
    What is this you ask? It's a Jewel of Magnification, silly!
    This is the thing that allows you to upgrade your weapons!
    However, you can't use it like this all by itself. What you need to do is melt them down with ores (and bars later on) so that they become usable!

    Once you have usable upgrade jewels, you'll need a [​IMG] Reliquary Ritus to start upgrading your weapons. Once opened, the upgrade interface will look something like this:

    Once you insert a weapon, the interface will tell you the minimum jewel required to be able to upgrade:

    Once you insert a valid jewel, it should show you something like this:

    If you put in an invalid jewel, it will show you otherwise:

    On higher levels, you will encounter lowered success rates:

    But worry not, as you can craft Catalysts. These babies will improve your upgrading life in their own special ways!

    [​IMG] Jewel of Magnification: Can be crafted into upgrade jewels.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Upgrade Jewels: Allows you to upgrade your weapons (duh).
    Catalysts: Improves your upgrade process in their own unique way. See Catalysts section.
    [​IMG] Reliquary Ritus: Opens the upgrade interface.
    [​IMG] Energy Runes: Pushes further the capacity of your weapons! See Energizing section.

    Upgrade scales are different in Normal and Expert worlds. Refer to the table below to see what items gain at max upgrade level.

    Success Rate defaults to 100%.
    When your equipment starts attempting to upgrade to +4 and higher, the success rate gets lower by 10% each time. So getting to +4 gives you a 90% chance, +5 at 80% chance, and so on.
    Obviously, when you fail, your items get downgraded by 1 rank. However, when your weapon is +7 to +9, it will get downgraded by 2 ranks.

    To increase the success rates, you can do the following:
    1.) Use a gem as a catalysts. Gems provide a 5-10% increase. Randomly.
    2.) Use higher tiered upgrade jewels. For every rank higher, you get a 5% increase.
    3.) Use catalysts.

    Upgrade catalysts are special items that change the way your upgrade process works.
    They can either increase or decrease your success rate, with matching tradeoffs, which are pretty useful.
    The best part is there is a small chance that the catalysts are not consumed after being used!

    Here are the effects of each catalyst:
    Do note that the italicized text is not part of the in-game description!

    Ease Catalyst: Allows usage of upgrade jewel one tier lower than the original
    Refuse Catalyst: Gives a chance to prevent jewel consumption
    Rise Catalyst: Increases success rate by (a solid) 10%
    Buffer Catalyst: Prevents downgrades upon upgrade failure
    Phantom Catalyst: Decreases success rate by 15% but does not consume a jewel
    Chance Catalyst: Randomizes success rate (30-85%, useful if you're willing to risk for the max upgrade)
    Force Catalyst: Gives a chance to upgrade twice instead of once (no, the upgrade still won't go past +10)
    Precision Catalyst: Increases success rate by 15% but lowers max success rate (65%)

    Any Gem: Any gem can be used as an upgrade catalyst. These give 5-10% increase in success rate. Of course, the increase is determined once you've started upgrading. These are ALWAYS consumed upon use, unlike the other catalysts.

    Energy Runes will allow you to further push the upgrades of your equipment which are already at max upgrade level, or to put it simply, energize the item.
    Once an item is Energized, it's percentage bonus will gain a bonus ratio:
    Normal Mode will grant a 50% bonus while Expert will grant a 75% bonus.
    For you math freaks out there:
    Energizing can cost just 1 Energy Rune, but can be used up to 50, and the following can happen (and consume the runes):
    0.2%-20% chance of energizing the item
    0.2%-20% chance of breaking the item
    If neither of these happen the Rune does not get consumed.
    Do note that catalysts do not work when energizing items!

    All hostile mobs currently drop the Jewel of Magnification at a chance of 1 in 75.
    However, chances are increased with the following conditions:
    Map is in Expert Mode: -5
    Map is in Hard Mode: -5
    Killed entity is a boss: -15
    So, if you're in hardmode and expert, your chances of getting a Jewel would be 1 in 50.

    Energy Runes work differently. You can only obtain them when you hit a mob with a +10 weapon, with a chance of 1 in 150.

    Lastly, if you're looking for recipes, you can see the Guide or your favorite recipe-browsing mod. I feel kinda lazy to keep on updating the whole thing :p
    Upcoming features:
    • Catalysts (replaces the Omen Nullifier) DONE
    • Rarity based Upgrades DONE
    • Speed Upgrades DONE
    • Armor Upgrades DONE

    Known issues:
    • Weapons with custom damage formula not working with the Upgrade System (Battle Rods mod, etc.)
      • Still trying to find ways around this, as sometimes this mod takes its calculations first before the others'

    • v1.3.2.1
      • Fixed another interface bug
    • v1.3.2
      • Fixed success mechanic
      • Fixed interface bug
      • Toned down jewel amount requirement & adjusted drop rate for jewel
      • Fixed custom/higher tier weapons (Calamity, etc.) requiring Wooden Upgrade Jewel (forgot to list this in the mod description)
    • v1.3.1
      • Adjusted energizing-related mechanics
      • Fixed Energy Rune description
    • v1.3.0.2
      • Changed Lumite Upgrade Jewel ingredient from Luminite Bar to Luminite Ore
    • v1.3.0.1
      • Reliquary Ritus now compatible with Power Attacks
    • v1.3
      • Added Energy Runes, which can upgrade equipment one more time after +10!
      • Catalysts can only break upon non-successful upgrades
      • Adjusted recipe for catalysts
      • Adjusted drop rates for jewels
      • Changed 'Reliquary Crux' to 'Reliquary Ritus'
    • v1.2.4
      • Now uses multiple jewels
    • v1.2.3.2
      • Fixed Buffer Catalyst bug (again)
    • v1.2.3.1
      • Fixed weapon scaling
    • v1.2.3
      • Added additional flat damage
      • Added expert scaling
      • Fixed incorrect recipe for High Metal Upgrade Jewel
    • v1.2.2
      • Improved item detection (should work with Reforge Armors by Dark-Assassin)
      • Added additional defense (+0.5 per upgrade level)
    • v1.2.1
      • Fixed bug where Buffer Catalyst does not work
    • v1.2.0 - Catalysts and armors
      • Replaced Omen Nullifier with catalysts
      • Armors are now upgradeable, giving up to 40% more defense
    • v1.1.2 - Oops, that was embarrassing
      • Removed debug texts
    • v1.1.1
      • Fixed crashes with Rarity 11 weapons (and higher), for now these will be treated as Rarity 10 weapons
      • Fixed bug where the calculation uses the weapon's rarity after being modified
    • v1.1.0 - Major overhaul
      • Upgrade jewels are now tiered
      • Upgrade success rate mechanic changed
      • Max upgrade weapons now deal 35% more damage instead of 100%
      • Max upgrade weapons are now 15% more faster to use
    • v1.0.1
      • Fixed multiplayer crash issue
    • v1.0
      • Initial Release
    Special thanks to:
    • Dem people in tModLoader Discord server
    • SirUmnei for the rarity based upgrade and catalyst ideas
    • NKSHV for the speed upgrade idea
    • Joe Dolca for the expert scaling idea
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    This mod is open to suggestions!
  3. DarkWolfx3

    DarkWolfx3 Terrarian

    so basicly the weapon upgrade system from black desert online, yeah no thanks bro :red:
  4. DaiNekoIchi

    DaiNekoIchi Spazmatism

    I don't even know Black Desert online lol
  5. SirUmnei

    SirUmnei Terrarian

    Haven't played Terraria in a while, but this is a good opportunity for me to put a good opinion on an upgrade system. It only depends on how much effort you're willing to put into the mod, but here you go:

    When I think about an upgrade system, I think about a tiered system that grows with time so you need to constantly acquire new items. The most interesting approach would be that you need to craft the item rather than kill mobs to get the upgrade stone. Drops get annoying really quickly and can be abused if you have patience. If you need to craft the item, it sits on a "You gotta go pick these items and work for it," kinda deal.

    So I'd suggest that that the player should craft the crafting materials in a tiered manner, starting with common everyday materials, like wood. So say you use 20 wood and 5 silk to create a "White-Tier Upgrade Slate" or something to that effect, which allows you to upgrade items which ORIGINAL rarity are White.

    Then, to get to the next tier you'd put in some Copper/Tin and Iron/Lead to increase the Slate's rarity to Blue, to upgrade blue items. Then some Silver/Tungsten and Gold/Platinum to upgrade to the next tier, being Green, and so on. Of course, these are just coarse examples, you can use other more interesting items to make the upgrade item; I just used easy examples.

    Of course, so it isn't a hassle, you'd be able to craft each slate individually using a slightly more expensive recipe instead of upgrading your slate, so you're not harvesting wood right before the Moon Lord to make some high tier slates.

    When you get to around a third of the way (say +3/+4 or so if the cap is +10), the item has a small chance to decrease its upgrade grade. When you get around two-thirds of the way (maybe around +7/+8 or so), it has a chance to downgrade twice in a row. You can think of some other drawbacks the higher you upgrade, these are just examples.

    Next, when it comes to the upgrading process itself, the slate that matches the item's rarity would have an initial 100% chance to upgrade the item, decreasing over a steadily rate the more you upgrade it, depending on how many upgrades you want to set as the ceiling. If you use the next tier, however, the chances are higher. For example, if you use a Blue-Tier Slate to upgrade a White-Tier item, the chance would be naturally higher.

    A small problem shows up when you talk about Rainbow Rarity, as it's hard to balance out an item to upgrade any Rainbow-Rarity item. I'd probably do something where Rainbow-Rarities can use any Slate with a small chance of success, that increases periodically as the Slates get better, so to get a +10 Rainbow-Rarity you'd need to progress naturally through the game since they're basically equal in how useful they are.

    Catalysts would be the last thing to talk about. Probably use Gems as Catalysts with different effects:

    Ruby: Small chance to not consume an upgrade Slate.
    Sapphire: Prevents upgrade grade decrease.
    Emerald: Increase the chance of the upgrade working.
    Amethyst: Small chance to upgrade the item twice in a row (half the chance to upgrade once).
    Topaz: Allows a lower tier slate (one tier) to be used instead of an on tier one.
    Diamond: Decreases the change of the upgrade working, but you don't use slates (upgrade can still fail or get degrade).
    Amber: Increases the chance of the upgrade working by a lot (never to 100%), but if it fails the item resets back to +0.

    Again these are just examples. You can probably figure out better ways of doing these too.

    Also, I think that doubling the damage is way too much. Perhaps 25% tops would be best, with some small upgrades, up to like 5%-ish to all the other stats. Armor could probably get up to 33% more defense and +10%-ish its other stats (when applicable). Accessories would be hard, probably either some small defense amount, some enhanced effect or increasing their prefix bonus by 50%-ish percent when +10.

    Lastly, mod support is a big thing. Some mods introduce new grades after Purple, so it'd be nice for a slate that works with those or something. The more compatible and interactable this is with other mods, the better it'll be since it seems the majority of the player-base uses all the big mods out there (myself included when I used to play frequently).

    Hopefully, I've given you some ideas. It really only depends on how much effort you want to put on this mod. Would be extremely nice to have at least 1 good upgrade mod out there that isn't super exploitable. Thanks for the work you've already put in, btw.

    Best of luck!
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  6. Sumenora

    Sumenora Plantera

    this mod is not Multiplayer Compatible.
  7. Joe Dolca

    Joe Dolca Golem

    Does this work with any weapon, regardless of mod or source? If it works with Bard weapons from Thorium it'll be valuable to me.

    Also: It'd be pretty easy to stock up on items and just upgrade big weapons. How about making higher tier and higher damage weapons cost more jewels to upgrade? Also, though this might take tons of coding experience: How about programming in affixes of some sort? It could split the chances on each upgrade to either be a straight damage up or an utility affix like extra attack speed, extra knockback, more projectiles and so on.
  8. NKSHV

    NKSHV Terrarian

    Can you make that item's speed is also slightly upgraded? This is in theory the most interesting part because it changes how weapon works not just it damage and still (I am sure) easy to implement
  9. DaiNekoIchi

    DaiNekoIchi Spazmatism

    That's actually quite a lot to think about. This is actually my first mod, so I'll see what I can take in with these. I love the rarity-based idea though, thanks for the suggestions!

    Yeaaaaaaaah I actually made this specific mod for my LAN friends, but sadly I haven't tested it out in multiplayer. I'll do what I can to fix this as soon as I'm available.

    For now I wanted a simple upgrade system, so I don't think I'll be able to tackle on the extra effects as of now. I'll consider the higher costs for each jewel though. Thanks for the suggestions!
    EDIT: Yes this does include ALL weapons regardless of mod/source. Even vanilla items!

    I'll see what I can do~!
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  10. HallowKingJerrold

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    I have some ideas for some special "tweaks".

    Gold/Platinum Jewels
    Made with 10 Gold/Platinum Ore and 5 Gel at a Furance
    Weapons give off light, the higher ranking increasing radius of light

    Starbond Jewels
    Made with 10 Tungsten Ore and 5 Meteorite Ore at a Hellforge
    Weapons inflict Posion at Rank 5, with On Fire being added at Rank 10

    Umbra Jewels
    Made with 20 Evil Ore and 5 Hellstone at a Hellforge
    Weapons fire shadows at Rank 5, and strikes twice at Rank 10

    Luman Jewels
    Made with 10 Cobalt Ore and 5 Pixie Dust at a Hellforge
    Weapons shield you with a ring of light that increases in power with each rank

    (Thorium) Aquamarine Jewels
    Made with 10 Pearls and 5 Hellstone at a Hellforge
    Weapons fire a projectile that bounces from surface to surface, increasing in more bounces with higher ranks

    (Tremor) Philosopher's Jewels (Life, Ignition, Frostbite)
    Made with 10 Gel Blocks and 50 Flasks (Lesser Healing, Burning, or Frost Liquid) at an Alchemy Table
    Weapons are given Life Steal, On Fire, or Frost Projectiles upon impact. Capabilities increase with each rank

    (Spirit) Tsung Jewels
    Made with 10 Spirit Ore and 5 Primordial Magic at an Altar of Creation
    Weapons fire homing spirits that robs enemy life, increasing the amount of spirits with each rank

    Good luck, I can't wait to see how this can evolve!
  11. beardinlair

    beardinlair Terrarian

    I like it, I'll test it out tonight. I want to see how it works with my weaponmastery. I like the idea of being able to keep the same weapon. My idea for you would be the abiity to break down weapons you find into components that could be used to upgrade. For example StarFury could be broken into a StarGem, when combined with your weapon gives your weapon the falling star power.
  12. DaiNekoIchi

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    v1.0.1.0 is released!
    • Fixed multiplayer crash issue

    These could go under Catalysts like SirUnmei mentioned. Once I get to the advanced stuff, we'll see how it goes!

    Same comment as above, so let's see if I can manage to do something like this! But as far as I know, it's pre-coded in Vanilla Terraria so I'm not sure if I can just pull that out.
  13. BunnyRabbit

    BunnyRabbit Terrarian

    I have a question, When i upgraded my weapons they had Infinity KB is that a bug?

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  14. DaiNekoIchi

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    I don't think that's a bug on my end since the only modification I made so far with weapons is that they only have increased damage.
  15. DaiNekoIchi

    DaiNekoIchi Spazmatism

    Version 1.1.0 has been released!

    v1.1.0 - Major overhaul
    • Upgrade jewels are now tiered
    • Upgrade success rate mechanic changed
    • Max upgrade weapons now deal 35% more damage instead of 100%
    • Max upgrade weapons are now 15% more faster to use
  16. Sumenora

    Sumenora Plantera

    It seems Their are a still a few Weapons that crashes in multiplayer when i try to put it in the slot..." The errors look like this
    noticed the errors happening with some Thorium weapons.
  17. Fortun3Rod1on

    Fortun3Rod1on Terrarian

    Game crashed with this error when I try upgrade Monsoon (Calamity mod) with Demonic or Godly modification (purple color)

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  18. DaiNekoIchi

    DaiNekoIchi Spazmatism

    Apologies as purple items aren't upgradable, I completely forgot about them (whoopsies), also a code bug that makes item check it's modified rarity. I'll check on it and fix it asap.
  19. Sumenora

    Sumenora Plantera

    the following weapons based on what i tested were the weapons that triggered the error in multiplayer the last time i used it.

    One is a Blue Rarity and the Other was Rainbow just to give you more infomation.

    UPDATE : I think i know what is triggering this Error...It seems to have to do with what Prefixes the Item has. For example...

    Say i have a weapon like this.

    in multiplayer i placed it in the slot....nothing happened and it has no modifiers on them so i decided to place a prefix on it such as "Unhappy" it CRASHED right away.

    So the Reason the items are crashing in multiplayer seem to be pointing towards weapons that have a Negative Prefix on them such as Unhappy, Terrible, Broken, Sluggish or Annoying

    it dont Seem to be the weapons themselves that caused the error...but the Modifier they have.
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  20. ThePixelPuppy

    ThePixelPuppy Terrarian

    Jesus :red:ing christ. Here I am releasing my first mod all like "It has like 80 items I'm proud of myself." And then you come in with this new UI, weapon modifying mechanics, 3 new items. Welp I'll just be here in the corner crying myself to sleep.