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Do you guys think that Terraria is Anime?

Discussion in 'The Crossroads: General Cross-Platform Talk' started by M.unchie, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. M.unchie

    M.unchie Terrarian

    Personally... not a big fan of Anime. So im just wondering if you guys think that its anime. i mean, the massive swords, the oversised weapons... it just seems a bit ridiculous in anime. So when i started to notice this in Terraria... I thought it was a little bit, but not alot. but, to solve this I NEED YOUR OPINIONS!!

  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    It doesn't even remotely fit, "big weapons" has nothing to do with anime and has been a concept in media since ancient times. Just look at Goliath.
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  3. M.unchie

    M.unchie Terrarian

    yeah well... i havnt seen any other big weapons anywhere else... but that could be because i live under a rock.
  4. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

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  5. M.unchie

    M.unchie Terrarian

    but the thing is, i just saw a connection. Terraria & anime. And the reason I saw that connection is because, like i said, i haven't seen any other "big weapons" anywhere else. And these traits are pretty big to me since i love drawing and designing weapons so much, so that is why I made the connection.
  6. M.unchie

    M.unchie Terrarian

    Oh by the way... I would say that the gun that the heavy is carrying is roughly the size of the terra blade. and if you haven't noticed, your averagely muscled character swings the terra blade around like its made out of feathers. And you see the heavy? big man. holds the gun with difficulty. and if you look in anime...
    this is what im saying. holding a massive sword with zero difficulty.
  7. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    Funny, but we all know guns are an exception. Giant guns exist universally. You'd be hard pressed to find cases of oversized MELEE weapons outside of "anime".

    As a real answer to the OP's question though, no. I don't think Terraria is anime. Anime is simply an art style, not a collection of specific tropes. And I imagine the decision to make the melee weapons so large was simply to make combat a little more accessible.

    I mean, if you think about it, our characters are little boxes. The oversized weapons give us a reasonable way to attack a nearby enemy without having to put ourselves too close to danger.
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  8. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer


    And yes I know that show was in an anime style but the hammer itself is from the games which were not.
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  9. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    As DJFlare84 said, the main reason why weapons are so oversized is to make fighting better. Imagine that a tiny guy holds even tinier sword. Impossible to hit. No fun at all.
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  10. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    ... you realize that game's sprites were based on the anime-style character artworks, yes? But it's a good try at reinforcing my main point, which was that oversized weapons are primarily put into video games to make melee combat less painful for the player.
  11. SoporificGamer

    SoporificGamer Steampunker

    Terraria is the best anime I've ever seen
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  12. The original player model was based on a Final Fantasy sprite. Final Fantasy is anime. I think we can pretty solidly assume that Terraria has actually secretly been an anime game this whole time.
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  13. SkeletalDestroyr

    SkeletalDestroyr Skeletron

    We need a full-blown Terraria Anime.
  14. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I agree, i mean, Kirby did it, why not Terraria?
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  15. Celestial Creator

    Celestial Creator Skeletron

    Alright, so if you look up “greatsword” you get this
    See,another giant sword held like it’s nothing in gaming outside terraria. See, weapons look big to give them a sense of being overpowered. It’s gaming logic, and it appears in many places. Not just terraria and anime. Though I do see your point.
  16. Mooncune

    Mooncune Steampunker

    Only in our hearts.
  17. Guzzlord

    Guzzlord Eater of Worlds

    I mean if Terraria is truly an anime, then it doesn't have enough jojo references.
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  18. Stoovan

    Stoovan Skeletron Prime

    So since it has weapons that are somewhat large means it's anime related?
  19. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Yes. Welcome to the bull:red: logic ep. 666.
  20. KeylessConstruct

    KeylessConstruct Steampunker

    Terraria doesn't seem Anime to me.
    And, big swords don't seem like they are an Anime thing, either.