Do you think the Angry Birds are nice birds?

Are the Angry Birds are nice birds?

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The Destroyer
In my opinion: yes
The Angry Birds are very nice because they defend their children from the pigs and others that threaten them. Sure the pigs can be misunderstood because they gotta eat as well to stay alive, but the birds are not in the wrong for saving their children from the pigs.


Torch God
If you recall the Angry Birds game Bad Piggies, there is literally cake everywhere they go, the problem is that the king pig is taking all of the food. (a real King Dedede situation) So to solve the problem of the king pig starving the population. the pigs need to have a revolution.


The angry birds are very good.
Cause they kill the greedy pigs that keep stealing they're frucking kids and refuse to share food.
(Oh yeah and they constantly build illegally.)
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