does anyone want to play terraria with me?


Guys you still looking to play ? i can host with port foward this means you don't need anything to join except the IP
Hey I'm definitely up to play with anyone really! If you dont mind just using the steam voice chat! If you do just add me!
Steam: Stretch15095
P.S. Anyone can add me if you wanna play!


hey there, i have been playing terraria alone now for some time, it was a while since i played with someone, i feel like doing it again!

i can host, but i cant use skype, because something makes so that when im in a skype call, sounds from other thinggs like terraria start to come from the computer, not my headphones.
i will contact the first person that says he/she wants to play.
steam name: PulseFox
hope someone wants to play:p!
do you wanna play still
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