Console Does the console version get the shaft over the other versions.

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by MugoUrth, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. MugoUrth

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    It just feels like the Console version has so little exclusive content compared to the other versions, and it sometimes get items that one of the other versions doesn't get, but the other versions seem to get more content that only they get.
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    The game is being developed solely on PC by Re-Logic. The console version is ported over by Engine, and mobile by CodeGlue. 505Games publishes the console and mobile version.

    Now, in terms of content, PC will always be ahead of the game, as that's the only version the developers are working on. However, they are not exclusives. Simply updates that PC has first because the game is developed for PC. The ports will take time, but you will have what PC has eventually. And as for mobile exclusives(which you probably won't get), do you really want to fight a butt ugly rabbit and a turkey of similar disposition? And console is far more stable compared to mobile.
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    Unholyness explained it all rather succinctly. PC has no exclusives. Mobile has exclusives because they suffer from platform limitations that prevent content like golden watches and depth meters, also likely dyes. PC won't be getting any of those exclusives because it doesn't fit Re-Logic's vision for the game.

    For once mobile got content before consoles but some of the popular content doesn't even work the same.
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    Yeah, but I still don't get why the console version tends to have the least amount of content. Sure, Lepus and Turkor may not SOUND all that cool (Plus, Lepus is basically a resprite of the King Slime with better stats), but it's still two more bosses that the console version has. Does the console get any bosses that the mobile version doesn't get? No. It does get Occram, which is not available in the PC version, but it's still in the Mobile version. There are other things too, but I'd have to go through a list.
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    Once again as Leon has been kind enough to explain, the reasons that MOBILE has 2 exclusive bosses is that they will NOT be getting some of the features CONSOLE has. You don't get those bosses but you DO get more content in the future, MOBILE will probably NEVER see 1.3, but us CONSOLE players WILL.
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    Okay, that makes sense.