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PC Does the Guide even help anymore after Hardmode?


Does he even give you hints on what to do next? Like Plantera, or the Mech Bosses, the Hardmode NPCs, Chlorophyte etc? I checked and he only tells you about the Altars and Wizard.


Hardmode is like a different game developed after Terraria became an unexpected smash hit. The game might as well have a link to the official wiki on the UI once hardmode activates, because it seems to be assumed that you're using it, and the Guide's only line should be, "You're using the wiki right? You're playing Terraria hardmode now. It might as well be Terraria 2 for how much it resembles pre-hardmode."


It's hard mode. Hand holding is over. But the guide still tells you what hardmode materials will work for recipes.

The guide is also a good source of money in hardmode. Throw his effigy in the lava and collect cash moneys from the fleshy abomination.
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