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DOOM Adventure Map


Hello fellow Terrarians!

Here I am going to post information about the Doom Adventure Map/Mod I've been working on from some time.

The story is the same as Classic Doom's first Episode: Knee-Deep in the Dead

Group of Marines are tasked to go and investigate a distress signal from Phobos.
Doomguy is left to guard the landing dock, he then finds out his fellow Marines are dead or possessed.
Since he cannot operate the ship, Doomguy ventures into the UAC facilities seeking revenge for his fallen marines.
Industrial Sector's Landing Dock
Arrival on Phobos spawn.jpg
A Communication Tower in the Phobos Research Facility
Communication Tower.gif
Doomguy finds his pet rabbit Daisy
Refinery found in the Industrial Sector
(Player can go inside from the front gate)

The entrance of a cooling station located inside a cavern
After the the cooling section you can find this UAC Building

More information will be posted soon..
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Hey guys I haven't posted much recently, since I was busy with university exams. I managed to graduate and I'm back with working on the Map/Mod. I added a picture of a Refinery in the Industrial Zone I did these days. Many more to come soon!


are you going to mod in any guns or enemies?
It will include every gun except the SSG, Plasma Rifle and BFG9000, since they were not in the first episode of the series (I may reconsider).
The same for the Enemies, basically everything that shows up before Episode 2 on Deimos. You can see a Zombie Soldier on one of the screenshots I've posted so far.


Hey guys!
Was busy these couple of weeks, but I managed to add some stuff. I made some new sprites and finished two sectors of the map (added one of the new zones in the Spoilers section).
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