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tModLoader Double Player Drones Mod

On which mod should I focus?

  • This one

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • My main mod right now, the Enderite Mod

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

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This mod is like an expansion of the Double-Player Example Mod made by Solo-Ion. It focuses on adding more Drones with different tiers which you can obtain throughout game. So this mod is aiming for adding a new game-mechanic, if I can call it that.
It's a Work-in-Progress mod. The mod will be available for download in the Mod Browser and on this thread once I have a presentable Version of it.
You will need to have 2 Controllers for this Mod to work correctly.
How should I call this mod? I'm not really staisfied with its current name. Please comment for any ideas.
AND this time the Sprites are gonna be better than in my other mod. (Atleast I'll try my hardest.)
Since I'm focusing on the Enderite Mod right now, this mod won't be released after the release of Enderite Mods 1.0.

Solo-Ion: For the code with controlling the Drone with a Controller and making the Double-Player Example Mod.
Alon37: For his modding tutorials and with that getting me into modding.
Re-Logic: For making Terraria.
bluemagic123: For making tModLoader.
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I would definitely include "2 players" in the title somewhere so that people who don't know about "double player example" can find the local multiplayer experience they are looking for easier. Maybe something like "2 player Drone expansion". I am glad to see someone is picking up and expanding on this mod, as I love it!
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