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    First of all I would just like to say. Why is there only 2 types of toilets in Terraria? We can make tables, chairs, doors, beds, sinks, bathtubs and lots more out of all the crazy materials we have in the game. But we can only make an iron toilet and get a gold one from the pirate invasion. We need more types of toilets.

    Now on to the main point of my thread. I haven't done much playing around with the liquid sensors that were added in 1.3.1, so I thought I would try to make something using them. So far I have only seen people making rainstick engines with them and using them to set off traps to kill mobs. Kind of seems like an unnecessary use of them to me because traps have a cooldown time and you need to make some kind of draining system for the over flow of water. I would just use timers. Or if I really needed a trigger spamming device, I would use a spear trap engine. It's less of a mess because you don't need to worry about having too much water in the system.

    So I thought what could I use them for? What kind of device has water running through it that could use sensors...
    So,,, this is what came to mind. XD

    Normal View

    Capture 2016-07-10 23_19_42.png

    Wire View
    Capture 2016-07-10 23_19_50.png

    Yeah, it's a giant toilet made out of marble. XD

    You just jump on the big button at the top to flush it. Once you do the bottom of the bowl opens letting the water pour down the pipe. There is a water sensor at the bottom that will trigger a 3 sec timer to close the bottom of the bowl and open the bottom part of the tank to let water from the tank refill the bowl. At the bottom of the tank there is a sensor that will trigger the bottom part of the tank to close as well as turn on a spear trap engine to power 2 sets of in and out liquid pumps to refill the tank. Near the top of the tank there is a sensor that will shut off the spear trap engine when the tank gets full enough. So then the whole process is reset.
    I also added a small pipe in the back part of the bowl to let extra water flow out so the toilet doesn't get too full.
    One of the problems with liquid sensors I noticed when making this is that flowing water can sometimes trigger them 2 or 3 times in a row. So I had to build a flip sequence system using faulty lamps to make sure that each phase of the process could only be triggered once before it would allow the next phase to be triggered.

    So this was a fun use of water sensors. I would like to know about what other fun or practical uses people have found for these sensors. I'm thinking they could be useful in a type of liquid generator to make obsidian and honey blocks but so far I haven't seen anyone use something like that.

    (Note: And yes I am aware I left 1 faulty logic gate there that does nothing. XD It was just a left over one that I didn't remove after moving things around and placing a new one down.)
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    1.3.1 has created so many new possibilities :')
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    Yes it has...
    Like I said in my Duck Hunt thread, "While some may see it as only a small update, it is an absolute game changer."
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    Wow. Terraria has grown so much. I dreamed about Toilet simulator but this?.. Now I can enjoy my toilet simulator while enjoying my Terraria :naughty: WHAT NEXT? :D
    Anyway that's a funny, but still a creative idea :p
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    Not sure what's next. I mainly just made this to play around with the liquid sensors. I still have some more testing to do on my Duck Hunt game to get the right weapons and gear for each difficulty. And I need to finish the soccer stadium I started. Then maybe I will make another game, or try to make an adventure map. So not sure what's next, there are many options. XD
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    Thats a BIG toilet!

    From current lore, I believe MOON LORD is the only being with the fortitude to properly utilize a fixture of such MAGNITUDE!!!

    Why is he pooping outside?

    Why is he shirtless when he attacks?

    Is his home of the mobile variety?

    Sorry I just HAD to be the one to introduce the obligatory potty humor.

    Love this build!!
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    Yeah, I know. When I was making this I was thinking, would this toilet be the perfect size for the moon lord? XD I bet his poop would look really gross. DX
    I actually started with a toilet that was twice this big, but it took way too long for the water to drain so I made it smaller. For the bowl I started with a size of 40x40 blocks, and then made it 20x20 when I saw how long it took to drain.
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    This is incredible, just what my surface needs. . . a moon lord sized toilet xD

    I remember Happy talking about smaller secret bases being best, but this is an awesome use of the new 1.3.1 stuff. Its not only funny, its p creative.

    How long does it take to drain?
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    Yeah I thought it would be kind of funny to do something like this. But if you really want to see an awesome use of the 1.3.1 stuff, you should try out my Duck Hunt like minigame Duck Duck Dart.
    I think I might try and update it soon with a few small adjustments.