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PC Dr.Embryo's Builds


Hi everyone, Dr.Embryo here. i've been playing terraria for 500+ h, so i want to share some of my builds with you.
1) My treehouse base (using calamity texture pack, all items from vanilla except storage units)
Capture 2019-08-20 01_33_11.png
2) My watchtower base
Capture 2019-09-07 14_33_45.png
3) Some npc houses
Capture 2019-08-20 01_31_21.png
Capture 2019-09-07 14_35_14.png
Capture 2019-09-07 14_36_31.png
Capture 2019-09-07 14_36_53.png
Capture 2019-09-07 14_37_55.png
Capture 2019-09-07 14_44_39.png
4) Old One's Army arena
Capture 2019-09-07 14_39_46.png
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The house within is a bit too much of a box, it pokes out really awkwardly at the bottom. The tree's shape is really good though!
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