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OOC Draconic adventures OOC

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
Far as laws go there's the obvious ones like murder and stealing etc. Far as magic goes it's generally accepted, although some might be against it, and there are some types that usually aren't accepted. (necromancy, blood magic.)) And I don't have a world made for this so if you wanted to you could for example make some kind of human settlement in the world.


Santa Claus
Al' Xulfest.png
Loosely based on Al' Xulfest, there were certain things that I couldn't do but this looks good enough.

Edit: Probably should have used a darker base red.
You can edit him for this if you want (unless there's something actually stopping you of course), but I'll let you try to make him work here, even if most of his abilities won't end up being relevant.
He just won't use powers, he doesn't really like using them.

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
Feel free to have him in anyway, sure his powers really don't have much use in this, but still, you can be part here.


Name: Aggron


One of the oldest of its species. It has been guarding a mountain named Mt. Silver for years to come. After a long period of time, it has let many other little ones grow to where it can protect the mountain as it finally leaves. It has little to no care about sparing enemies, usually letting it result in killing everyone of its foes. Upon leaving the mountain, no one has ever saw it since and all call it "Dragon of the Mountain". Now Mt. Silver is secretly protected by many of its kind. Before leaving, Aggron was gifted a round orb that was said to be passed down from many different creatures in Mt. Silver. The orb was set to turn Aggron into a state of pure power.

Personality: Aggron is mot notably loud and outrageous when something upsets him. Even though of his loud personality, he is quite wise for being the tough guy.

Its whole body is coated in iron plates allowing for maximum defense. It is to be most like a tank, able to take any physical hit as it it was a kid punching a brick wall. However, this hinders its movement to a low speed. Its said that its armor can't be penetrating unless an abundance of water gets into it. It gets to places by digging underground making long tunnels.
-It is able to shoot a powerful beam from its mouth that is well known as "Hyper Beam". It isn't as powerful as Aggron's melee attacks but still suits a threat. It has to however be charged up before using.
-From the tips of its horns, it is able to summon thunder from any passing by cloud. The higher up the target is in the air, the more powerful the thunder is.
-Its powerful horns and helmet allow it to use its head as a powerful melee attack when foes get to close to it. This is able to break down entire mountains.
-With a heavy stomp of its foot, Aggron can cause an earthquake to cause immense damage to any foes on land. The end product leaves a long crack across the ground.
-With its powerful claws, it is able to dig quickly through the ground to reach destinations. It sometimes surprises foes by digging under foes and bringing them down underground to easily beat them with powerful melee blows. It rarely works because the ground rumbles when Aggron digs.
-Aggron is able to whip up sandstorms, which is able to over ride the current weather. Sandstorms blind and damage foes that are not of the steel, ground, or rock elements.
-With raw strength, Aggron can pick up huge boulders or large chunks of the ground and throws it at the target. depending on how huge, the aftermath may require Aggron to rest.

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
Seems pretty powerful, for a ground fight, it does however balance out with the apparent inability to fly. (No wings, at least by appearance)
Also @Bubby Aurora did your alerts stop again?

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
It's easier for me to understand if it's just italics, color is up to you, but it's mostly the apostrophes that threw me off there.
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