tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

We Are Going to be hosting a public server for this mod, the more people that pledge on my patreon, the bigger and better we can make the server! (You also get bonuses for donating.) Patreon link is on front page.


I'd keep the spell books for inventory unless you want to make sprites to replace based on how the beams and ki blasts looked in the show.
nvm i think i deleted the files and i have no way of getting them back unless i use a really old version. so this is it, ill probably be making another mod soon so stay tuned.

thx for everything gais.

If anyone wants to give this mod a try they can.
[doublepost=1487012438,1487012359][/doublepost]If anyone is gonna try to remake this, if you want any of my code or sprites or such just ask.
Getting more help with this mod, im really excited and we have started working on the raditz boss, we are also working on the wiki as well!
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