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tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria


I'm new and loving the mod so far but as a new guy to this I'm very confused, as there's barely any help anywhere so and an item that's description helps you or a link to it that is hinted in game would help, and very confusing at the start still trying to fly and it's hard even with 1000 ki


so, I've noticed a bug, when using this mod with the 64 bit tmodloader, this mod, and possibly another mod (unless I'm just not doing something right) make me unable to move, use items, or pretty much anything when loading up the world


Can't install mod anymore without an error. Seems the mod is outdated and I can no longer move on the world that used that mod.


I know you guys probably get this question a lot, but at the rate you guys are going now when do you expect to finish the new update?


you'd be right and the fact every single one of us has a full time job
aight have a nice day :3
although, one more question, what hairs does the ssj function support, all of them, half of them, or only a select few? (and by which hairs support ssj, i mean which hairs stick up when in ssj?)
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