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tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria


Hi, I hope the update is going as well as everyone in the project, I'm pretty sure the time we are waiting for the new release will be worth it. I've also noticed that I can only see "Rules and info" on the discord server from a long time, yet I do not remember not even writing on it in any of the topics, so I'm assuming I was banned. My user name is Yisus#0794. Sorry for the incovenience and thank you for reading the post. Keep the hardwork!.


Hello, I can only see "Rules and Info" on the discord server. I'm pretty sure I was banned. My username is Vaelias#8328. Thank you and keep up the hard work!!


hey guys, i have just joined the Discord and it is working normally, i think after you confirm you account they'll let you in and i think you also need to react to the ''rules and info'' post and it will be done


спустя 5 лет, мы продолжаем ждать, словно STALKER 2 жду
After 5 years, we continue to wait, as if STALKER 2 was waiting
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