tModLoader DragonLens - Modern, Customizable cheatsheet/HEROs mod replacement

You're likely used to hearing that 1.4.3's version still has a major bug, and that it's way too early to stop supporting that version (Which is true), so let me note an issue with the 1.4.4 version.
The Item Editor currently does not allow you to modify any of the Int32 values. The only functional ones are Boolean and Color. Trying to modify the numbers simply just has them automatically revert back to their previous value.
I would say, far as priorities are concerned, you should really fix the 1.4.3 version's problem first, as currently there appears to be no major mods supported on the 1.4.4 previews, and hence there is immensely less demand for bug fixes on the previews.
I found a bug: when you filter in the item spawner and in the npc spawner against mods, you can choose 2 mods (i. e. filter: (item/mob) is in mod A AND mod B). Normally this is useless and should be prevented from doing this as there is no item that is in 2 mods at once.
hi, i have a problem: every time i load into a world my caracter get converted to journey mode

pls fix 1.4 tmod
When I try using anything in the mod it either doesn't even let me interact or weirdly bugs all the UI. Anyone know any fixes? Sometimes I can open up the menu like item editor or mob spawner but I can never put anything in the editor or spawn mobs. I also can only rarely even exit out of those windows once I open them so I have to restart my instance.
Question, how do i give myself admin in my tml server

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View attachment 400390 Full feature list:
So what do you actually get with this darn thing? Well you get:

Spawner tools:
Item spawner - spawn any item in the game!
Projectile spawner - spawn any projectile in the game, pick its velocity and ai values!
NPC spawner - spawn any NPC in the game!
Buff spawner - Apply buffs to other NPCs or yourself!
Tile spawner - Place tiles without items!
Dust spawner - Spawn any dust in the game, with options to customize size, color, etc!

Gameplay tools:
Difficulty switcher - change between normal, expert, and master at the click of a button!
Fast forward - make the game run 2x, 3x, or 4x faster!
Godmode - good ol immortality! Has a config option to default to on!
Omnipotent building - infinite reach and placement speed!
Noclip mode - Move with WASD without any colission or knockback!
Enemy spawn rate editor - change how many enemies spawn, or disable spawns! Comes with a config for a default value.
Time editor - Change or pause the time and set the moon phase!
Weather editor - Change the wind, rain, and sands to your whim!

Visualization tools:
Mass illumination - See everything in full-bright lighting!
Free camera - Move the camera freely with WASD!
Lock camera - Stop the camera from moving from where it currently is!
Hitbox viewer - See the hitboxes of entities, with options to customize style and color!

Clear tools:
Item clear - despawn all dropped items!
Projectile clear - despawn all projectiles!
NPC clear + butcher - despawn or deal insane damage to all NPCs!
Buff clear - clear yourself of all buffs and debuffs!
Dust clear - Remove all dust in the world!
Gore clear - Remove all gore in the world!

Map tools:
Reveal map - See the whole map!
Hide map - Reset the map as if you remade the world!
Map teleport toggle - Toggle if you can teleport on the map by right clicking, on by default.

Other tools:
Customize tool - Change the layout of your toolbars!

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View attachment 400387 Planned Features:

Features I plan to add soon in content updates.
Development tools:
Shell tool
Texture viewer/reloader
Shader viewer/compiler (with SM 3.0 support!)
Sound viewer/reloader

Visualization tools:

Velocity tracers
inspect tool
Gameplay tools:
item editor
player editor
system/world editor
'quick reload' (reloads mods, re-enters same palyer/world automatically)
And more to come!

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View attachment 400389 Download and Credits:
Download can be found on the mod browser, here, or compiled from source here.

Special thanks to:
Tomat For work to give the mod a usable API for expansions to be made with things like custom tools!
HeartPlusUp For help with UI design and accessibility!

You've reached the end. Go download the mod now!
Hi, is there any way to use this mod to place a tree ? Like a regular tree, on a dirt block with grass, except I would like for it to grow underground at cavern layer, which you can't do in vanilla terraria.
There is a "Trees" tile in the tile spawner tool but it doesnt put anything whether on grass or anywhere, even at surface level where a tree can grow.

How do I save my layout so that I can reload that later with "Load Layout"?
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