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Draw my thing

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Keigora, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    @ppowersteef idk....


    NP draw ajidot getting attacked by 20 Ice Queens
  2. Plaguerion

    Plaguerion Spazmatism

    @Milt69466 Not trying at all seems to amuse me. Thumbnail because massive image

    NP draw my avatar like it´s a character in a horror game

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    • derp.png
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  3. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

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  4. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    Oh, it's nice to see this coming along even though I DON'T GET ANY ALERTS ABOUT IT gdi..

    here, have dat one guy doing that thing :V
    forum game - 17.png
    I donno abou tthe gun
    oh well

    Next person, draw @EpicCriddle dancing while a horde of pancakes is worshipping him and his dance techniques
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  5. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Lunatic Cultist

    draw me Scarlet attempting to sunbathe
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  6. Dire Sigma

    Dire Sigma Skeletron Prime


    NP Draw Malcolm using a bow incorrectly.
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  7. Supeh Mario

    Supeh Mario Terrarian

    Aw dammit I was too slow
    Oh well, here it is anyway:
    I don't think I can suggest anything since this has already been drawn.
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  8. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    "This is totally working"


    NP draw Helena playing Rock paper scissors
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  9. RainbowDrago

    RainbowDrago Plantera

    Ya'know, that could somehow stil work.
  10. Supeh Mario

    Supeh Mario Terrarian

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  11. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

    Paper beat hammer, or is it?
    New canvas.jpg

    yes, totally too slow so I got ninja'd
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
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  12. Plaguerion

    Plaguerion Spazmatism

    Nice. @ajidot @Pixel
    NP draw me Someone's shadow trying to eat a pizza
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  13. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    Shadow Pizza.png

    NP draw me Craftamus fighting a Pixie (Craftamus is the 1st to the left of my sig)
  14. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    does slicing in half counts as fighting
    i think so
    even though slicing a being made out of magic dust might look a little different from this
    also i ripped this off a screenshot of the scene in dragonball z where trunks sliced freezer in half


    NP draw some TCF members being hyped for the results of Suweeka's current raffle
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  15. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

    Next person draw Wywern destroy player's sky castle.
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
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  16. Supeh Mario

    Supeh Mario Terrarian

    it got stuck
    NP draw me a clueless Terraria player fishing a Duke Fishron.
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  17. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

    Np draw Dungeon guardian with baby skeleton spinning around him.
  18. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    no expierence.png


    NP draw a cat with human ears
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  19. zeskorion

    zeskorion Skeletron

    shitty shit shit.png
    looks like a dog now

    draw a hollow glass pencil full of spiders that are ON FIRE
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  20. Supeh Mario

    Supeh Mario Terrarian

    i don't know what a hollow glass pencil really is so here's a transparent mechanical pencil instead
    NP draw me a ninja fighting a pirate on a helicopter
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