Sprites Dreadwood - A Proper Pirate Furniture Collection

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  1. StargazerSammie

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    At the moment, Terraria is severely lacking when it comes to Pirates. Though the Pirates drop the Golden Furniture collection, it looks great for a treasure room. But not for the outfitting of an entire pirate ship. But the addition of the Flying Dutchman in 1.3 gave me some hope and has now spawned an idea on how to fix this and make a proper Pirate furniture collection possible.

    TDreadwoodIcon.png TDreadwoodIconLg.png
    "Wood from a cursed ship." or alternatively,"Almost guaranteed Curse Free!"

    Dreadwood would be a drop from the Flying Dutchman, much like Spooky Wood from Mourning Woods and Splinterlings during the Halloween event. It would drop 30 to 50 pieces on death which could then be crafted into the Pirate Dreadwood Furniture Collection.

    Dreadwood Bed - 15 Dreadwood + 5 Silk - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Chair - 4 Dreadwood - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Table - 8 Dreadwood - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Workbench - 10 Dreadwood - Crafted by Hand

    Dreadwood Sink - 6 Dreadwood + 1 Water Bucket - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Dresser - 16 Dreadwood - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Sofa - 5 Dreadwood + 2 Silk - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Bookcase - 20 Dreadwood + 10 Books - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Clock - 10 Dreadwood + 6 Glass + 3 Lead/Iron Bars - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Piano - 15 Dreadwood + 4 Bones + 1 Book - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Bathtub - 14 Dreadwood - Crafted at Sawmill

    Dreadwood Chest - 8 Dreadwood + 2 Lead/Iron Bars - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Door - 6 Dreadwood - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Chandelier - 4 Dreadwood + 4 Torch + 1 Chain - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Lantern - 6 Dreadwood + 1 Torch - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Lamp - 3 Dreadwood + 1 Torch - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Candle - 4 Dreadwood + 1 Torch - Crafted at Workbench

    Dreadwood Hammock - 15 Dreadwood + 5 Sail - Crafted at Sawmill

    Captain's Chest - 8 Dreadwood + 2 Gold Bars + 1 can of Black Paint - Crafted at Wordkbench*

    *Recipe likely to change as soon as I find a good black substitute. For now, it's a wooden chest painted black :dryadgrin:

    All the furniture here is made to look like it would fit in a pirate ship. A few little easter eggs also exist among the set. The Chest is based on the Pirate Invasion Music Box The chest looks like a crate containing stolen loot, the Bookcase features golden coins and a necklace hanging from it's shelf since pirates are not very neat and like treasure, the bathtub is shaped like a small boat and the clock has a face like a chest.

    The Dreadwood Hammock is functionally identical to the Bed except it takes 5 Sail in place of Silk and looks like a hammock.

    The Captain's Chest is the old chest sprite, based on the Pirate Invasion Music Box. I liked it and decided to keep it around by making it an alternative chest, like the hammock bed.

    In all, this is just my simple suggestion for a nice pirate based furniture set. The Pirate Invasion is one of my favorite events and I've always loved building ships as much as I have treehouses so to me, a furniture set based around something I love would be a great addition indeed.

    Update 4/13/16 - Edited Clock Sprite, updated full collection with Off Light versions
    Update 9/30/16 - Created new Chest Sprite, added Recipe for Old Chest, now called Captain's Chest
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  2. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    This would make building a pirate ship much easier. Support!

    Plus those are some pretty awesome furniture sprites.
  3. No mans sky

    No mans sky Retinazer

    This is one of the most lore friendly suggestions I have seen around the forum. It is pretty cool all in all though. Take my support sir/ma'am
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  4. Lumini

    Lumini Terrarian

    Blimey, those arrrrrrrrrrrrr good sprites! Redigit should hire you to do their spriting, I'll be one of your references XD.
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  5. PifcoGrizzly

    PifcoGrizzly Terrarian

    Cool suggestion! Also, awesome sprites. :)
  6. StargazerSammie

    StargazerSammie Terrarian

    Thank you both! I'm glad you like the sprites, I put a lot of hard work into them :dryadsmile:

    Thats actually not the first time I was told that but I doubt they'd take me XD They probably have enough spriters as it is.
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  7. E4ce

    E4ce Terrarian

    Nice indeed! But you missed a little spot with 2 grey dots on the underside of the 'chest clock', it looks kinda silly. But i support this!
  8. Skitterboxxed

    Skitterboxxed Terrarian

    I like the workbench. I can see many places not in a ship I could work that in :) The rest are great to.
  9. StargazerSammie

    StargazerSammie Terrarian

    I did? Well that's easily fixed! Thank you for letting me know! And thanks again for the support :dryadhappy:

    Yeah, I'm a fan of it's little box design too. It could easily pass for a small crate in some builds. My personal favorite parts are the lights, especially the lamp and candelabra and my friend wants the doors :dryadgrin:
  10. Skitterboxxed

    Skitterboxxed Terrarian

    That was my exact thought. I love the barrels but not being able to place anything on them irks me.
  11. StargazerSammie

    StargazerSammie Terrarian

    I actually considered a barrel furniture piece for the set but I thought against it in the end due to the existing one.
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  12. Skitterboxxed

    Skitterboxxed Terrarian

    I would like to be able to stack them on top of each other also.
  13. Lumini

    Lumini Terrarian

    I want to store stuff in the Dreadwood Chest..... Re-Logic, get OVAHH HERE NAO!!!
  14. ps3wolvrine14

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    You could add couple more things, for one, how about stuff beyond just wood? Some furniture sets have extra items, like how about cannonball piles, (maybe 2 by 2) could use iron or lead, maybe actual cannonballs could be placeable. As well why not some decoration "cannons" non functional and designed to face out like a proper cannon (it bugs me that we can't have a proper cannon decoration to face out, the ones we have don't really work because building a pirate ship you see through the side and cannon's would only face front or back, not out.
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    Also, more treasure in the sprites? We talking about pirates and you only got treasure in one sprite.
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  15. Tektotherriggen

    Tektotherriggen Terrarian

    My only criticism is that the chest doesn't match the rest of the set (I suppose it might otherwise look too much like a standard chest?). But I love everything else about this!
  16. StargazerSammie

    StargazerSammie Terrarian

    Yeah, it looked too much like the standard chest so I based it around the Pirate Music Box instead. Just think of it as a stolen chest instead :dryadhappy:
  17. Tektotherriggen

    Tektotherriggen Terrarian

    Fair enough! Still a bit of a shame though. Crazy idea - how about a more "matching" chest, but distinguish it from the standard one by having small piles of coins or other treasure in front of it? But they're your sprites, and your choice :) .
  18. ps3wolvrine14

    ps3wolvrine14 Dungeon Spirit

    I would have gone for a different look, the gold is the best touch, tho i would have gone for a chest withi visible side handles like actual pirate chests. Maybe a gold lock. As well it should be crafted with gold not iron.
  19. preadatordetector

    preadatordetector Terrarian

    What about driftwood?
  20. ps3wolvrine14

    ps3wolvrine14 Dungeon Spirit

    Doesn't really fit the style. He went with what he thinks they would use. Like some of the other stuff. Driftwood is off of shipwrecks, but thats something that floats up on shorelines