Console Dual Threat: Terraria is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

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505 Games and Re-Logic are proud to be able to finally - and officially - confirm that Terraria will indeed be coming to the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS platforms! This represents a massive opportunity to bring Terraria to a whole new set of gamers whom may have never seen Terraria before - as well as a chance to explore what might be possible in the game with dual screen functionality. We hope you share in our excitement around the potential here!

Of course, we are well aware that there have been a number of rumors and leaked information around this from various sources - so, the way we figure it, we owe you a bit more to help make this announcement even more newsworthy! Also please note that any "release dates" given out were not official.

Let's start with some never before seen pictures of the packaging - and we will hope to bring you some screenshots that show off some of the new functionality in the weeks to come:


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To close out our announcement, let's give you what you are all wondering - an estimate on release timing! Of course, you will have all seen various published dates based upon the earlier rumors/leaks. For the most part, these are guesses or estimates. We are sharing here today that the expected launch for Terraria on Wii U and 3DS will take place in early 2016!

We have a few more surprises in store for this coming Holiday season, but we will save those for another time. Join us in celebrating this move that will finally bring Terraria to all of the major gaming platforms!
I thought Terraria wouldn't come on 3DS
I'm going to get both versions when they come out, can't wait to play a mobile Terraria that doesn't have really bad controls. Miiverse will also be cool to see what the mature people can draw. I also hope the Plumber's Clothes and Hero's Clothes have their original colors since it's on Nintendo systems.
I soo want Amiibo support ;-;.
[DOUBLEPOST=1438293032,1438292932][/DOUBLEPOST]soo is it recommended to play the new Terraria 3DS on the new 3DS or the regular?
Ikr. Honestly, if they pull a Mario Kart 8 and release them in updates I wouldn't mind. Also, I would never ever get rid of my Mr. Saturn.

I believe he said you'd get extra control options with New, but still playable with normal.
One last thing from me for today:

Lot of people asking about plumber suit being the 'right' colour, and of course stuff like this was our first thought too.

We need Nintendo to approve anything that is overly 'theirs' appearing in these versions. Of course we've asked and we will continue to pursue it.

It might be that we need these versions to sell well enough to really capture their imagination. Our plan is to update the games post launch, so there's more than one opportunity to crack that nut.

I would also like to thank you for such an enthusiastic response to this announcement. We were expecting to grow the Terraria fanbase outside of hardcore players like yourselves and open it up to complete newbies. To have your support too is very humbling and testament to the great community around this classic game.
505Games, you disappointed me with Terraria mobile. Because of that, I'm not excited for this one.
You should at least give them a chance, even if you aren't buying them...
Besides, they're being made by different teams and it was stated that (at least the WiiU version) will be along the lines of the other console versions.
A Dream come true
[DOUBLEPOST=1438296273,1438296219][/DOUBLEPOST]Wait a sec. By 3DS do you mean The "New" 3DS or The Original 3DS and 3DS XL
A Dream come true
[DOUBLEPOST=1438296273,1438296219][/DOUBLEPOST]Wait a sec. By 3DS do you mean The "New" 3DS or The Original 3DS and 3DS XL
This info should probably be moved to a more visible place, but yes it can be played on the old 3ds models.
Hello folks.

I'm working on Nintendo Terraria so wanted to answer a few of your questions. Forgive my barebones profile: I'm on holiday and struggling with a single bar of phone signal to get any messages out.

Anyway, enough of my problems!

Terraria 3DS is for New 3DS and the regular 3DS. There will be a few additional control options on New 3DS to take advantage of the extra buttons, but nothing that would prevent cross play between the consoles. We want everyone to be able to play!

Content-wise, we're seeing what we can shoehorn in. 3DS is less powerful than even a basic smartphone, and the lower screen resolution presents a challenge. Of course the two screens are also a massive opportunity, and one we will exploit to the full.

We've got everything up to 1.2 in so far, and we're still working. We won't get all the 1.3 content in for launch, we know that. But please look forward to further updates on how we're doing there.

A few people have mentioned 3D, but that's not currently a focus for us. The way 3DS works, it's a big overhead to render in 3D. It's more important that we get it working in 2D. Don't be fooled by the graphical style: the massive world of Terraria is a stiff challenge for 3DS.

I think you're going to enjoy touching to build and dig, but we don't make it compulsory. In fact, some of the controls stuff we've got working in 3DS works so nicely we are looking at rolling bits into the other console versions.

Wii U will take its cues from the existing console versions, but obviously takes full advantage of touch and the second screen.

Bear with me a moment while I re-read the thread to see if there's anything else I can share...0
Oh hey, now I can have terraria on a platform other then PC. I have a 3DS :p

And no, I refuse to touch any of the Playstation or Xbox platforms, as for Wii-U, I will pass.
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