Dumbest reason you have been kicked/banned from a server for

*ahem* back when I was 8 years old and an immature :red:, I got on a minecraft server and went on the greatest griefing spree of all time, I then proceeded to blame someone else for it but I was caught and only got a 5 hour temp ban
it wasnt a dumb reason BY FAR, but the ban amount was laughable, though I did proceed to be angry for the next hour for "unfair ban"
if you want a dumb reason I was kicked off a minecraft server for fly cheats, I dont think standing still afk is flying anticheat
Once i was playing Minecraft with a squeaker on a server and I had chainmail armor, and he said in the brattiest voice ever he said give me your armor or i will ban you. So I challenged him to a pvp Match to 10 kills with the armor and weapons that you have at this point, and i beat him with redstone traps and he said I was cheating and got my Minecraft account suspended for 3 weeks.
I was on the Pedguin server on the Survival game and didn’t understand about boss scaling so I had everyone in the chat being angry but some of them got banned because they were using slurs, until after not being able to sleep for a week a moderator came into the game and at first was nice then tried to perm ban me but another moderator kicked me before he could do that and then I was accused of boss scaling greifing and I was randomly accused of destroying hoiks when I was some where else and then some guy came on and started a chant of “F—k him” “Ban him now” and I tried to report him but he had a Russian name but spoke English so I couldn’t report him then I got perm banned. I also don’t have a Discord account so I can’t appeal the ban.
I haven't ever been banned from a game server, but I have sent myself to Azkaban (a temporary ban) on a Harry Potter website when I was a staff member, because I had a load of stuff to do in RL that wasn't getting done.
Banned from Dark gaming server because someone said I was hacking, I started cursing them out and there.
I'm back in now tho so it doesn't matter anymore
Not quite a server, but I had my account locked on Pokémon Showdown for about an hour since apparently someone with a similar name to mine in a chatroom I was in had been hacking/trolling people, so they banned me by mistake. I was able to appeal the ban and since they found the guy who was actually doing something wrong pretty quickly it wasn’t that much of an inconvenience. The admin who’d locked me apologized and I honestly wasn’t too bothered by the whole thing.
I was in destiny 2 lfg trying to VOG but litteraly everyone who I joined had no mic so I was trying to communicate and everything and halfway through the confluxes I got kicked. I then sent a message asking why and they said I wasn't communicating
I got banned from a Minecraft RP + SMP server for "being too edgy".
Which basically meant I didn't have my base extremely close to the others, but instead it was in a forest that was god-knows-how-many-blocks away from the others, and basically because I didn't wear the usual OP armor but instead a cloak from a Mod. (Yes, it was in a modded SMP).
Maybe it also was because when someone started a fire in the forest I lived in I said that I was going to get revenge along with an XD.
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