Dumbest reason you have been kicked/banned from a server for

In love how many of these are on insane TF2 servers

I once got banned from a discord channel with a :red: ton of hoops and random rules to jump through to be able to talk that I thought I had done mostly and as soon as I typed into one of the chats I got restricted form speaking in any channels for violating rules. I had simply said hello so I have no idea what I did wrong and to chat again I had to go through an equally complicated appeals process. Weird community. All I wanted to do was ask some questions about a game I was interested in being a part of the Beta and eventually Alpha tests but I later learned that they were doing it all on mac and I only have windows devices anyways.

weird interaction but I think im just going to skip out on the game entirely if they ever finish it going off of how weird the community is. It just put a sour taste in my mouth just trying to interact with them. Back when they were a lot smaller and less developed I always had a hard time getting involved with them.
i was banned from this text-based online RPG ages ago... i think it was called achaea?

what did i do?

i asked for help.

yes, i'm serious.
So there was a server that had this weird "quest" thing (there were a buncha signs that asked for items, and you'd waste an admins time by giving them these useless items to get something like a magic missile or whatever)
there was a quest for "20 unholy water's" and the reward was 5 gold crates, 12 iron crates, and 38 wooden crates.
there was a corruption desert in the world...
and so i used some ebonsand, crimseeds from the eye of cthulhu, and water bottles to make some, i was asking an admin to take the items and he banned me for "cheating items: unholy water is only obtainable in hardmode" o_O
not only is that guy wrong, hes stupid. hes a mod on that server and didnt even bother checking before banning you for an item that he didnt know was legit? idk why but stuff like this REALLY offends me. (i have middle child syndrome i think)
I was kicked for a-posing in TF2 before. this was a public server with completely new people. they thought I was hacking. the next server almost did the same thing, but then I taught everyone how to A-pose and the whole server stopped playing the objective, and they just ran around as A posing snipers, scouts, heavies, and pyros
my little bros friend got banned from a kids site called scratch (probably tied with roblox for worst moderation run by professionals) because he jokingly made like 10 alt accounts.
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