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Story Dylan and Steve


Ice Queen
I've always loved reading and writing, so when i started playing Terraria, i thought it would be cool if there was a story about Terraria. I looked at some of the stories on the forums, and while there were several great ones, i noticed that none of them were accurate to the game's mechanics. While there is nothing wrong with this, i thought it would be cool to have one that was just about a normal terraria playthrough, so i decided to write one!
I started this waay back in 1.2.2, and this was before a lot of game features. Nevertheless, i have incorporated 1.3 and beyond into this story.
Also, keep in mind that most of this was written several years ago and only slightly edited for the forums. Therefore, it might start off a little shaky, but i promise it gets better!


Someone was lying on the ground. His head was against a rock. He could hear birds chirping. He got on his hands and knees and looked around. He was in a forest. He saw a squirrel look at him, then dart up into a tree. He got up and brushed himself off. He could hear some rustling not far off. He walked over, and saw someone. He said, "Hello?" the other guy turned and looked at him. He had orangeish-red hair. "Hello. who are you?" The guy with brown hair that was lying on the rock said, "I'm pretty sure my name's Dylan." "Ok, i'm Steve." "Where do you think we are?" Dylan asked.


"AUGH!!!!" Dylan and Steve yelled. They weren't expecting it.

"My name's Luke. I'm your guide." The new person said. He had medium-light blonde hair, and he seemed a lot more comfortable than they did. "You're our what?" "Your guide." Luke said. "You mean like a tour guide?" Dylan asked.
"No, more like your guide for the rest of your life, however long that may be."
They didn't like the sound of that.
"So if you're our guide, then where the heck are we?" Steve asked. "You are in a land known as Terraria." Luke answered. "To start off, you should probably build a shelter before nighttime. Monsters come out at night." "Build a shelter? What, you mean we should build a house right here and now? BEFORE night comes? How are we supposed to do that?" Dylan asked. "Well, here are some starter tools." Luke gave them each a small pickaxe, an axe, and a dagger. They looked like they were made of copper. "First, cut down some trees, and then, you can kill slimes with your swords." "did you say slimes?" Steve asked. "You mean as in sentient balls of goo that hop around?"

"Exactly!" Luke said, smiling at the fact that they had caught on so quickly.

"All right, well, we might as well do what he says, if there really are monsters that come out at night, we'll need some defense." Dylan said. Then he went to cut down a tree with his axe. After a few hits, the tree creaked and fell over, roots and all. When it hit the ground, it splintered into pieces, leaving a few acorns scattered around it. "Pick up the acorns, you can replant them to grow more trees." Luke said. Dylan picked up an acorn, then planted it at the spot the tree was in.
The acorn immediately sprouted into a small sapling, surprising Dylan. "Hey, wait a minute," He said. "How are we supposed to carry around all this stuff?" "Here, take these." Luke said, offering them backpacks. "They're magic, so you can fit lots in them, and it won't get heavy." "Cool!" Dylan said, then went to go cut down more trees.

Meanwhile, Steve was having problems. He was slashing at a slime with his sword, but it kept just bouncing off. He could swear the slime was laughing at him. "Die, darn it!" he said, swiping at it again. "That's a shortsword," Luke said. "It's made for stabbing. Only the end is sharp." Steve stabbed the slime with his sword, and it exploded into a small pile of goo. "If you stick the gel onto some wood and strike it against something, it'll turn into a torch." Luke said. "It'll burn forever, but it isn't very hot. Perfect for light sources." While Steve tried to shake the gel off of his hand to put it on some wood(it was kind of sticky), Dylan found a cave. "Score!" He shouted, Charging into it. "a box!" He ran over to the box, and tried to lift it. "That's a chest. It's too heavy to carry, but if you take the stuff out, you can bring it back." Dylan sorted through the contents. "Coins!" He kept looking. "Hey, what's this?" He held up a small yellow item. "Oh, that's an aglet." Luke said. "If you put it on your shoelace, it'll let you run faster." "Cool!" Dylan said. He brought out several star-shaped metal items. "What are these?" "Those are shurikens, you can throw them at enemies." Dylan looked sideways at Luke, as if considering something. "Don't even think about it." Luke said.

Meanwhile, the sun was going down. Luke, Dylan, and Steve carried the chest over to a clearing, and set it down. They went back and put the loot in their bags. Then, they started to use the wood to build a shelter. "Hey, a bunny!" Dylan said. He dropped his wood and ran over to it. "Dude, build yourself a shelter!" Luke said. "Stop chasing the bunny around! It's not important!" Dylan picked up the bunny and brought it back to the house. Steve had almost finished it. Dylan put the bunny on top of the chest. There were torches out, and they blocked off the doorway just as some dark shapes started to circle outside. "what are those things?" Steve asked. "Demon eyes," Luke answered. "They and zombies come out at night. Plus, slimes become hostile. They're made up mostly of gooey digestive juice, don't step on one, it really hurts."

"How do you know all these things?" Steve asked. "Well, i like to read a lot. You can learn a surprising amount about the world just by reading books."

"Alright," Dylan said, while the bunny chewed on his hair. "So what do we do now?" "Well," Luke said, "Now we wait through the night for daytime to come. Monsters don't like light, and they'll run away when day comes." Just then, a loud GRAH was heard from outside, and there was the sound of banging. "Is that a zombie?" Dylan asked. "Yep," Luke said. "Don't let him in, they're dangerous."
"Wasn't planning on it." Dylan said. "So, if you're the guide," Steve asked, "What's our goal here?" "Well, for now we just have to wait out the night. Later we can go mining. I suggest we get some sleep, we'll need our energy for tomorrow." Luke lay down and closed his eyes. Dylan and Steve looked at each other, while the bunny walked in a circle, then settled on Dylan's lap.

"Well, that was an interesting day." Dylan said. Steve nodded, and they closed their eyes until the sound of growling and banging faded away.

"Rise and shine, guys! It's time to hit the caves!"

Luke had woken up first. He was standing up, and wide awake. Dylan and steve slowly sat up, groggy. The bunny had been sitting on Dylan's lap, and it got up, stretched, and blinked. "Wit the hut now?" Steve asked, still half asleep. "The caves!" Luke said brightly. "That iron won't mine itself, you know. But first you'll need to make a door, a floor, a table, and a few chairs. A new weapon wouldn't hurt, either." Dylan got up, sliding the bunny off his lap. "How do we do that?" He asked. "Well, first you need to make a workbench." Luke said. He then showed them how to stack wood in the shape of a small bench, and use it to craft a door, 3 chairs, and a table. "Now we need a floor," He said. "We'll need to use our pickaxes to remove the dirt, or we can just build over it." "Why don't you have tools?" Dylan asked. "I'm pretty clumsy, and besides i only had enough for you two." Let's go!

After they had set the door up, arranged their furniture, and built a floor, they headed out to the cave they found the chest in the previous day. They paused before going in, uncertain. "Alright, first you'll need to get a few more trees, and remember to replant." The bunny followed Dylan around as he and steve cut down the trees. "you're not planning on bringing that bunny with us, are you?" Luke asked. "Of course!" Dylan answered. "If i leave him out here alone, he'll get killed by a monster." "Bunnies aren't very good in caves, there's monsters in them too." Luke said. "why didn't you tell us that before?!" Steve yelped, hurriedly stepping away from the cave. "I can't leave him behind, he'll just follow me." Dylan said, scooping up his bunny.

"Alright, let's go. Place torches on the right as you go, then we can just follow them on the left to get out." Luke said, as they went through. it wasn't long until they found another chest. "Mine!" steve said, charging forward and opening it. He pulled some coins out, and then some Glowsticks and a weird black claw. "Cool, what's this?" He asked. "You found some glowsticks and climbing claws. Glowsticks light things up underwater, and as for the climbing claws, you can put them on your hands for better grip." Luke answered. Suddenly, they heard a grah sound from the dark as steve put the claws on. "What was that?" He asked. Luke said, "That's a skeleton. They're found in dark caves. Which reminds me, i totally forgot to show you guys how to make a better weapon." "WHAT?!" Dylan cried. "You're the guide! It's your job to know these things!" "I did, i just forgot." Luke said. "You still have the shurikens, right?"

"Yeah, will those work?"

"Yep! Pass some to steve and throw them at the skeleton."

They threw the shurikens at the skeleton, which spluttered and coughed as it got hurt. Then, it fell over. "Alright, it's dead!" Luke said. "It should have dropped some coins, pick them up." As they picked up the coins(taking one away from the bunny, which was trying to eat it), Dylan noticed something. "Whoah, they changed color!" He said. "What happened?" "When you collect enough silver and copper coins, they combine to make a gold coin. Those are worth more. Maybe we'll get a merchant now." Luke said. "What's a merchant?" Steve asked. "It's an NPC like me that you can buy stuff from and sell stuff to." Luke said. "What's an NPC?" Dylan asked. "It's a person like me who helps you do stuff. It stands for non player character." "And what does that mean?" Steve asked. "Let's go, we need to find some ore." Luke said, walking off down the cave. Steve rolled his eyes.

As they walked, they found a few more skeletons and a couple of strange-colored rocks. Some were shiny, and others had green moss growing on them. "Huh, what a strange moss covered rock." Steve said. Dylan and Luke looked at him. Luke said, "I have a weird feeling someone just broke the fourth wall." "What does that mean?" Steve asked. "Well, we found some ore!" Luke said. "Let's mine it, it's iron!" "Iron? what's that?" Dylan asked. "It's an ore," Luke said. "The ores in order of weakest to strongest are: copper, iron, silver, gold." "Isn't that a little backwards?" Dylan asked. "Of course not." Luke rolled his eyes. "What are they teaching you people nowadays?" Dylan and steve exchanged looks. At that moment, they entered a large cavern partly filled with water. On one end was a golden chest, on the other was a strange, shiny, bright pink heart-shaped rock. Dylan and steve looked at each other, then Dylan charged towards the heart while steve took off for the chest. "Wait!" Luke called. "There's piranhas in the water!" Dylan and steve screeched to a halt. Or rather two halts, one for each of them.

"Piranhas?" Steve asked. "How do we get past them?" Luke said, "You need to kill them. Try throwing the shurikens at them." Steve and Dylan started throwing shurikens at the piranha, and eventually killed it. Then, they charged off to the now unguarded loot. "Hey!" Luke said. They ignored him. Fortunately, the water was not too deep, and Dylan brought the heart back to the shore(as well as his bunny, who had tried to follow him) while steve brought the chest and it's loot back. "Alright, let's see what we got!" Steve said, and took a look at the loot. Meanwhile, Dylan examined the heart.

Steve pulled out a length of rope, some throwing knives, a red wristband, and some winged green boots. "Jackpot!" He said. "What does it do?" "Well," Luke answered, the wristband is a band of regeneration, which increases how fast you heal injuries. The boots are called Hermes boots, and they allow you to run very fast. "Awesome!" He said, putting them on. "What's this?" Dylan was still examining his crystal.

"It's a life crystal." Luke said. "It increases your strength and endurance. You use it by holding it up in the air above your head." "Hey, why does he get that?" Steve complained. "Because you got all the stuff in the chest. And you also need to share those throwing knives." Steve handed Dylan a few knives, while Dylan held the crystal up in the air. It glowed bright green, and then disappeared in a flash. He felt stronger. "Alright, it's time to go back and mine the iron." They walked back to the iron vein(steve ran), and started mining. The vein was pretty big, and led into another cave. This cave had another lake in it, which they ignored as they couldn't see anything useful in the bottom. There was another chest, which Dylan opened. in it, he found coins, more glowsticks, a glowing blue boomerang, and a misty bottle. "What is this?" he asked Luke. "It's an enchanted boomerang. You throw it and it will always return to you, even if it hits something. It can be used as a weapon. And the jar is a cloud in a bottle, you can use it to double jump. It has a clip you can attach to your belt." "Cool!" Dylan said, putting the boomerang in his backpack and the cloud on his belt.

Just then, something hit steve on the head. "Ow!" He said. "What was that?" "That's a cave bat," Luke said, peering into the darkness trying to see it. "They're hostile." "Yeah, i got that. Why didn't you tell us about this before?!" Steve said angrily. "You didn't ask," said Luke. "Throw the boomerang and some shurikens at it, that should kill it." Dylan threw his boomerang, missing the first two times but then managing to hit the bat. Steve threw shurikens at it. After a few more hits, it died, dropping coins into the water. "We better not go after those, water can be pretty dangerous." They mined some more iron, but when they heard skeletons growling coming from the water, they left. The trip back to the surface was uneventful, until they ran into a small pink slime on the surface.

"Hey, that one's a different color than the others. What's up with that?" Steve asked. "It's called pinky. It's smaller, but much tougher and lighter." Luke said. Dylan threw a shuriken at it. It went flying on top of the house. Steve burst out laughing. "That's hilarious!" He said. "We should play tennis with it!" They threw more shurikens at it, knocking it backwards each time. After about a minute, they killed it, and steve went to pick up the loot. "Cool!" He said. "There's a gold coin in here!" He picked it up and put it into his backpack. They all went in to the house. Dylan brought his bunny. It started to get dark. Steve poked his head outside and looked around. "Hey," He said to Luke, pointing out the door. "What are those things?" Luke got up and looked. "Those are eaters of souls. They fly around in the corruption. We'll get to that later. Right now we need to smelt all this metal."

Luke showed them how to craft a furnace with stone and torches, smelt the iron in it, and make an anvil. Then he showed them how to make swords with it, and bows. "Hey, wait a minute," Dylan said. "Don't we need string?" At that moment a demon eye banged into the house, surprising them all. "No, the metal is strong enough we can use it for a string, and it'll bend but not break." They made the bows, and then Luke showed them how to make arrows by sharpening stone and placing it on the end of some wood. In the end, they each(except for Luke) had a bow, a sword, and roughly 20 arrows. A zombie outside growled. "Well, we should be getting some sleep." Luke said, laying back and closing his eyes. "Can we make beds?" Dylan asked. "Not right now, we need cobwebs. Good night." Luke answered, not opening his eyes. Dylan and steve looked at each other, then lay back and closed their eyes. Dylan's bunny curled up on his lap again.

In the morning, they all got up, stretched, and looked outside. In the distance, they saw a dark purple area, with the eaters of souls flying around. "Can we go there?" Dylan asked. "No, you should probably get over to the caves and mine some more ore." Luke said. "Ok." Dylan said. "C'mon, int!" "Huh?" Luke and steve said at the same time. "That's what i call my bunny." "It's a bad idea to bring a bunny into a cave." Luke said. "There's lava, monsters, traps, and all sorts of other things down there." "Well i can't just leave him here, he might get hurt." Dylan said. Luke thought for a moment. "Well, i can stay behind and keep an eye on him." He said. "But we need you to come with us! What if we need help with something?" Steve asked. "Don't worry, you should be fine. Just be careful." Luke said.

Dylan and steve looked at each other. Then they left for the cave. Dylan said goodbye to his bunny, int. They walked into the cave and started looking for more ores and unexplored areas. After mining a few bits of iron ore they had forgotten, they found the cave they were in last time. "This looks like a good place to start," Steve said. Dylan nodded and walked towards the water's edge. He crouched down and looked through it. He saw something glowing bright green, and some dark tendrils that looked like weeds. Meanwhile steve was lighting up places. "C'mon, Dylan!" he said. "We need to explore more." Dylan got up and followed steve. They found two more passageways that led off into the darkness. They looked at each other. "I suppose splitting up is out of the question." Steve said. "We go down the right one, then the left one." Dylan said. They walked towards the opening. Two bats flew out of the opening, screeching, and a skeleton walked out of the darkness at them. They leapt back and drew their swords.

The bats flew at steve while the skeleton charged dylan. Dylan swung his sword at it, knocking a chip out of it's skull. Steve swung at the bats, narrowly missing hitting dylan's head. "Hey, watch it!" Dylan yelled. "Sorry!" Steve yelled back, dodging away from the bats. The bats flew around him in opposite directions, orbiting his head like planets around a star. He swung at one and hit it, and it shrieked and flew away a short distance.

Meanwhile the skeleton lunged at dylan. He brought his sword up to block it's attack, but it didn't cut off the arm. Dylan backed up hurriedly as the skeleton swiped at him with its other arm. He thought quickly, and suddenly remembered the shurikens. However, he was too close to the skeleton to hit it. An idea struck him. "Steve!" he yelled, backing up to the cave wall. "Throw a shuriken at the skeleton!" "What? I'm busy!" Steve shouted, and then dylan threw a shuriken at the bats, cutting the one steve had wounded in half. "Ohhh." Steve said, getting the idea, and picked up a shuriken and threw it at the skeleton. Unfortunately, not only did he miss it but he threw too late, and the skeleton aimed a vicious swipe at dylan's face. "Aagh!" Dylan cried in pain. Steve saw what happened, and pulled his sword and charged at the skeleton. He collided with it as it pulled back to swipe again, toppling it over away from dylan.

The other bat flew at dylan, and he ducked it and swung his sword at it as it boomeranged around him, slicing it in two. He turned back to the skeleton. It was viciously swiping at steve, aggravated by his assault. Steve tried to hit it with his sword, but unfortunately didn't do much damage. Dylan reached down and grabbed the skeleton's right arm, preventing it from slashing steve again. Steve grabbed the other arm and swung at it with his sword, cutting it off. It twitched for a moment, then laid still. Dylan did the same thing, but he didn't manage to cut off the arm, though he did weaken it. The skeleton, realizing it had lost a limb, bit steve's fingers. Steve cried out in pain and hacked at it's skull with his sword. Dylan stretched the arm out, and swung at it with all his might, cutting it off. The skeleton began to kick at them, still biting down hard onto steve's fingers.

Dylan pulled his sword back and stabbed it into the skeleton's right eye socket. It hissed at them, but didn't let go. Steve's eyes were watering in pain, and he dropped his sword. Dylan stood up and held his sword above his head with both hands, then plunged it down into the skeleton's eye socket, cutting all the way through it's skull. It opened it's mouth and hissed at them, and steve pulled his fingers out, tears running down his cheeks. The skeleton tried to head butt dylan, hitting him with the hilt of the sword. He pulled the sword out and swung it down, this time cleaving the skeleton's head in two. Then, to be safe, he cut the spine, too.

Steve was bleeding. He cradled his hand in his lap, looking at it with a pained expression on his face. Dylan put his sword away in his backpack and bent down to look at steve. "You're lucky you had those climbing claws on." He said. "If you didn't, it might have bitten off your entire fingers." "You're not helping." Steve said. Dylan looked through his backpack for something that might help. "Dang, i forgot i had a bow and a magic boomerang, those could have come in handy during the fight." "I'm guessing you didn't find anything that could help heal me?" Steve asked. "Nope, sorry." Dylan said. "I guess we've just got to wait for the bleeding to stop, and then we can head back to the surface and ask luke." While they waited, dylan drew his sword and looked around, making sure there wasn't anything that could attack them.

After a few minutes, steve said "Dylan?" his voice was noticeably calmer. "Yeah?" Dylan asked, turning towards steve. "Woah." Steve's hand was almost completely healed, and the most noticeable sign he had nearly lost it was the dried blood. Dylan's eyes fell on the bracelet around steve's hand. "Wait a minute, i remember now!" He said, slapping his forehead. "That wristband you found in the chest, luke said it was a band of regeneration! It must be healing you!" Steve looked at it. "Wow, i feel a lot better. My hand's still a little sore, but it feels way better, and i've stopped bleeding. I think we can continue on." "Great!" Dylan said. "But this time i'll remember my boomerang." Steve got up, and they walked towards the opening the monsters had come out of.

This time, they were more careful, understandably. Steve placed a torch on the right side while dylan kept a lookout with his sword in his left hand and his boomerang in his right. Steve walked carefully forward, watching for monsters in the darkness. Then he stepped on something that went down and clicked. He froze. Dylan looked up at a loud scraping sound, and saw a boulder fall down from the cave ceiling. "RUN!!" he shouted. Steve almost turned around, but when he felt something prod him in the back and heard a loud BOOM he started running.

Dylan ran after steve and the boulder, which was mercifully slow when it first landed, due to the gentle incline of the cave floor. Steve ran, losing his balance as the cave floor got steeper. He stumbled, and the torch flew out of his hand and sputtered out as the boulder rolled over it. Fortunately, he managed to keep running, but without a light to guide him. Dylan followed, but didn't know what he could do to help. Steve ran in the darkness, as the boulder got closer to him. Then he hit a wall. Desperately, he moved to the side just as the boulder slammed into the wall. Then he fell into a pit.

Things were not going well for steve. First he nearly got his hand bitten off by a skeleton, then he nearly got killed by a boulder, then he fell into a pit. He looked around. he was lying on some sort of glowing blue grass. There were giant glowing blue mushrooms growing out of the ground. There was also a golden chest. Dylan appeared at the hole steve had fallen down. "Hey!" He called. "You alright?"
"Yeah, i'm fine. I think i sprained my ankle though." Steve called back. "See if you have anything in your bag that might help me down." Dylan said. Steve looked in his backpack. He pulled out a coil of rope. "If i throw it, do you think you can catch it and tie it to something?" He asked. "I'll try." Dylan said. Steve got up carefully, avoiding putting weight on his right foot, and threw the rope up. It missed Dylan, but stuck to the rock where it hit. They looked at it in surprise. "Hey, it's got a little grappling hook on the end!" Dylan said, examining the rope closer. "Guess that's why it was so easy to throw," Steve muttered. Dylan carefully climbed down.

"There!" he said, as he landed next to steve. "Might be hard to get back up, but i'm sure we'll think of something." "Let's open the chest." Steve crouched down and opened the chest. He pulled out a few empty bottles, and some oddly-shaped bottles with red liquid in them. "Woah. Cool. I wonder what that is." Steve said. "Woah! Yuck!" He jerked his hand away from the chest. "What?" Dylan asked, worried. "There's an eye in there!" Steve said. "What?" Dylan said, leaning in to look. A small red eyeball was indeed lying on the bottom of the chest. Steve picked it up gingerly and held it up. "Careful!" Dylan said. "What?" Steve asked. "It's just an eyeball."
"It looks suspicious."
"It's just an eyeball." Steve said. "One eyeball, very clean, with no trace of any other body parts or blood? What's that doing there?" Dylan replied. "Just put it in your bag and we can keep going." Steve dropped the eye into his bag and looked back into the chest. Just then, Dylan heard a quiet skittering sound. He looked up and saw a giant red bug crawling on a short ledge at them. "Steve, look out!" He said, drawing his boomerang. Steve stood up and pulled his sword out as the bug jumped at him. He hit it, cutting a groove in it's shell and knocking it back. "Get out of the way!" Dylan warned, and threw his boomerang when steve retreated. The boomerang hit the bug, sending it flying backwards, and Dylan caught it as it returned to him. Steve pulled out his bow. Dylan prepared to throw again. Steve shot the bug, hitting it just above it's head. It chittered angrily at him and jumped.

Dylan hit it with his boomerang. It flew back and hit the ledge, but then jumped off at them. Dylan backed up, and steve shot it with another arrow, knocking it to the ground with a loud chittering noise. It stopped moving. They looked carefully at it, making sure it was dead. Dylan crouched down and pulled it's outer shell off, as it looked loose. The husk was fairly large, about three feet wide and four long, and not very sturdy. "Well, we might as well take it with us." He put it into his backpack. Steve was about to close his backpack when he looked at the chest. "I wish we could take it with us." He said. "Luke said gold was useful, and even without that it's valuable."

Dylan thought. He seemed to remember something about Luke telling them their backpacks were magic. "Maybe you could fit it in your backpack." He said. "Luke said something about them being magic." Steve took his backpack off and picked up the chest. Then he tried to fit it in his backpack. After a bit of pushing, it slid in and the backpack returned to normal shape. "Woah, i can see it in there." Steve said, looking in the bag. He closed the backpack and put it back on. Dylan bent down and looked at the mushrooms. "These things are glowing." He said. "Yeah, i got that." Steve Replied. "Let's pick them up. They may be useful."

They picked up the mushrooms and put them in their backpacks. "Hey, let's cut down those giant ones, too. They look like trees, maybe an axe will work." Dylan said. They walked over to the giant mushrooms and chopped at them with their axes. They fell down and splintered, but each piece turned into a normal sized mushroom. "Woah!" they both said at the same time. "Cool!" They put those mushrooms into their backpacks, and continued on. At the edge of the mushroom cavern, there was a cliff. They carefully looked out over it, and couldn't see the bottom. They then stopped and thought about how to get down. "Maybe if we throw a torch down, it'll show us the bottom." Steve pulled out a torch and threw it off the cliff. It fell down for a few seconds, then landed on a rock.

"Ok, how are we going to get down there?" Dylan said. "It's way too far to jump, and we're out of rope." They stopped and thought about it for a short while. "Well, i guess we're going to have to go home. We've got a bunch of stuff already and we can ask Luke to help us with some stuff." They left, but not before Dylan spotted something shiny and mined it. He guessed it was silver based on the color. They walked over to the rope. "Hey, we can use this!" Steve said. "Wait, what?" Dylan said. "We need that to get up." Steve replied, "We can use stone or something to build a stairway back up when we're done." Steve climbed up the rope and then pulled it off the wall. Dylan stepped out of the way as steve jumped down. "Ow!" Steve said. They waited a minute for steve to heal before continuing on. While they were waiting, Dylan saw a bat and killed it with his boomerang.

When Steve had healed up sufficiently, he got up. "Ok," he said. "So i go to the edge of the cliff and anchor the rope there. Then i climb down the rope and drop down into the cave. Easy." He walked over to the cliff and bent down, and carefully anchored the rope to the side. "Hmm, it's a little shorter than we need, but i'm sure it'll do." He got down and started climbing down. After climbing to the bottom of the rope, he let go and dropped down onto the stone the torch landed on with a grunt. Then he got up and placed the torch so it wouldn't roll off. "Hey, i see some wood here!" He said. "What? In a cave?" Dylan asked. "Yeah, it's all flat. Wonder what it is." He started digging around the wood.

"Wait for me!" Dylan said, attempting to get onto the rope. Steve dug down with his pickaxe and found a door. "Hey, i found a door!" He said. He then opened it and went in. "Wait!" Dylan yelled. "Wait for me!" Dylan tried to climb down the rope, but it was slow as he wasn't much of a climber. He made it down to the bottom of the rope and looked down to see how far he had to fall. When he did that, he saw a bright flash of blue light coming out the door. Then it faded. "Steve!" He yelled. He dropped down and went through the door. Inside he found a small wooden room with another golden chest, but no sign of steve. There was no other door. He looked in the chest. There were some glowsticks, more ropes, red-filled bottles, and coins. He took them out of the chest, closed it, and then put it in his backpack. On the wall there was a painting of a girl with orange-red hair standing next to a short blue creature with a pointed nose and no hair wearing goggles. He left the small room and went over to the rope.

He figured that if something had happened to Steve, he should ask Luke, as he might know what had happened and what to do about it. He placed some stone to make a small stairway from which he could reach the rope. He climbed up the rope(slowly), and used his pickaxe to pull himself up onto the ledge. He then pulled the rope out of the stone and walked over to the place he had entered. Before he could throw the rope however, a skeleton dropped out of the hole and swung at him. He backed away and pulled out his boomerang. He threw it at the skeleton, and it chipped out a piece of it's skull and returned to him. He threw it again, this time aiming lower, and hit the skeleton's neck. It's head jerked back, but it kept coming at him. He put his boomerang away and pulled out his sword. The skeleton swiped at him again with it's right arm, but Dylan slashed it with his sword and cut it off at the elbow. The skeleton tried to swipe at him with it's other arm, but he blocked it.

The skeleton noticed that Dylan kept hurting it with his sword, so it grabbed the sword and tried to yank it away from him. Dylan managed to hold on, but then the skeleton yanked sideways and he dropped it. The skeleton then swiped at him with it's left arm. He ducked, but when he stood up straight again the skeleton swiped at him and cut three gouges in his neck. He yelled in pain and fell backwards onto the grass. The skeleton walked forwards and swiped at him again. He tried to block it with his hand, but his hand got cut. He yelped and pulled his hand away. The skeleton tried to swipe again. This time he managed to grab its wrist with his left hand, though he hurt his hand too. He jerked the skeleton's arm sideways, and then tried to roll left. The skeleton swiped at him again, cutting his backpack. He ran away and tried to pull his shurikens out of his backpack, but they weren't there. He ran to the edge of the cave and looked at the floor where the skeleton swiped at him. The shurikens were there, and the skeleton was in between him and them.

Dylan pulled his backpack off his shoulders with his (relatively)uninjured left hand. He held the strap, and when the skeleton walked up to him, he swung his backpack as hard as he could at it. It fell over. He ran across the cavern towards his shurikens. He picked them up, but was forced to throw with his left hand because his right one was too injured. He waited for the skeleton to push his backpack off of it,(after which several coins fell out, but Dylan was too busy to notice.) And threw the shurikens at the skeleton underhanded. The first one hit it's right shoulder, the second one hit it's ribs, and the third one flew over it's left shoulder. It swiped at him again, and he ducked it and ran around it back to the other side of the cave. He threw his three remaining shurikens at it's head, and they cut a gash in it. Then, seeing nothing else he could do, he charged straight at the skeleton. It fell down with a clatter,(even though it landed on the glowing grass) and swiped at him again. It hit his face. Blood dripped from the wound onto the skeleton's ribs. Dylan rolled off it and tried to get up.

The skeleton was having some trouble getting up due to the loss of it's right arm, so Dylan managed to get up first. He looked around desperately, his adrenalin fading. He walked over to the cliff and waited for the skeleton to attack him again. It did. It walked over to him and swiped, but he grabbed it's hand with his left one, and swung it around so he was on the other side. Then he ran into it and pushed it off the ledge.
It fell down and clattered to pieces on the rocks below. He went back over to his backpack and put the spilled coins into it. The coins were slippery with his blood. He saw the neck of a bottle with red liquid poking out. He pulled it out. Well, he thought, i'll die anyway, so i might at least try this. He pulled the stopper out of the bottle and drank it. It tasted sweet, and it was somewhat thick. When he finished it, he lay back and waited. Then he felt strength flowing back into his limbs. He looked at his hands. The cuts had stopped bleeding, and were much smaller. He got up and pulled his backpack on.
Dylan then used his stone to build a stairway up to the hole he had come from. He climbed up it and walked through the rest of the caverns(stopping occasionally to pick up things that had fallen out of his backpack), heading towards the surface. After walking for a few minutes, he made it to the top cave, with vines growing down from the ceiling. It was sunset. He walked towards the house and opened the door. Inside were his bunny, Luke, and Steve.

He looked at Steve, silently, trying to absorb this information into his brain. His bunny hopped happily over to him and started rubbing against his legs. "So when i opened the chest," Steve began, telling Dylan what happened, as Dylan was not in a state to ask, "I found this cool mirror." He showed Dylan a round mirror with a silver edge. "When i looked into it, i teleported back to the surface. Luke says it's a magic mirror, it teleports you either to the first place you appeared here in this world, or the last place you slept in a bed. What happened to you?" He said, looking at Dylan's wounds. "Skeleton," Dylan mumbled, and then he sat down with his back against the wall and fell asleep. His bunny curled up on his lap and purred.

When he woke up, steve was asleep and it was dark. Luke was awake, sitting in a chair next to the table. "Hey, you're awake." He said, looking at Dylan. "So what exactly happened to you?" "I'll wait until Steve wakes up." Dylan answered. "I don't want to have to tell it twice." Luke nodded and leaned back. Then his eyes fell on the cloud in a bottle on Dylan's belt. "Oh no!" He said. "I totally forgot about that!" "Forgot about what?" Dylan asked. "The cloud in a bottle! It could have helped prevent all this!" He exclaimed. "I should have told you how to use it, i just didn't think i needed to, and then when you guys left for the cave i forgot all about it!" The noise woke steve up. "Hey, what's the racket? Some of us are trying to sleep." Steve said. "I forgot to tell you how to use the cloud in a bottle. You wouldn't have even needed the rope!" Luke said.

"Oh, hey, you're awake." Steve said, looking at Dylan. "so what exactly happened?" "Well, when you disappeared, i looked for you, but i couldn't find you. Then i decided to go back and ask Luke about it. But when i got to the hole we dropped into the mushroom cave in, a skeleton dropped out of it. I won't give you the details, but we got into a fight and i got beat up. He also cut a gash in my backpack. Do we have anything to fix it?" "Well," Luke said, "We can make silk out of cobwebs, but you guys didn't get any. We can make beds out of those too. But i should probably tell you how to use the cloud in a bottle now." "What you do is you jump, and then, while still in the air, you push off with your foot as if you're still on the ground. When you do that, a cloud will appear under your feet and you'll push off of it and jump. But the cloud only appears for a second, so you have to jump to make use of it, you can't just stand on it. We can try it out when morning comes." "Cool." Dylan said. "Can you pass me one of those red bottles?" He asked.

"those are called healing potions." Luke said. "Yeah, i figured that out. Can i have one?" Dylan replied. "Wait, you figured it out?" Luke said. "Did you drink one?" "Yeah, after the fight." Dylan said. "Whoah," Steve said, "If this is what you look like after drinking one of those healing potions, you must have been really beat up by that skeleton." Dylan drank the potion, and the gash marks faded away a bit. "So what do we do now?" He asked. "Get cobwebs?"
"Actually," luke said, "we need to build more onto our house. Right now it's just a wood box we hide from zombies in. We need a proper floor, some windows, and maybe a second floor. If we build a little, we might get a few more people living here."

"What do you mean?" Dylan asked. "What kind of people?" Luke answered. "Well, i'm your guide, and if we build more, we can get useful people like maybe a nurse, an arms dealer, a dryad, people like that. Each one can help you like i do." "You mean they'll forget stuff?" Steve asked. Luke had been forgetting to tell them a lot. His expression changed to a partly irritated, partly embarrassed one. "Look, i didn't tell you because i was busy with other stuff, ok? Like trying to get you guys some ore so you can make things to help you survive." "Speaking of forgetting things," Dylan said, "I dropped my sword in the cave. We don't have enough to make another one, do we?" "No, and even if we did we should save it for armor. You'll need that." Luke told him. "And by the way, i haven't told you about the eye you found yet." Dylan sat up, causing his bunny to shift to become comfortable again.

"It's a magical summoning item, that, when held up to the rays of the moon, will summon a giant demonic eyeball." Luke explained. "I thought we already had those." Dylan said. "That's what i said." steve told him. "No," said Luke, "This summons the Eye of Cthulhu. The Eye of Cthulhu is way bigger, and way more powerful. You can create the "Suspicious looking" eye at a demon altar in the corruption, but they can also be found in chests. It's the first challenge you will face."
"Sounds nasty." Dylan said. "So right now we need to build our house up a bit?" "Yep." Luke said. "I'll help Steve build, while you practice with your cloud in a bottle. It could save your life someday."

Day had come. Birds were flying out of the way of the demon eyes as they retreated into the skies. A squirrel climbed a tree as a zombie walked into the cave by it. Steve went out and started cutting down trees while Luke temporarily hung back with Dylan. "Remember what i told you?" He asked. "Yep." Dylan replied. "And i feel a lot better after that potion." "Good." Luke said. "I'll go instruct steve while you try that out."
Dylan prepared himself. Then, he took a running jump and kicked off, and he went upwards several feet before falling back down to the ground. He bent his knees upon landing.
After a while, a sizable addition had been built onto the house, with a second floor. They had to take everything out of the chest before moving it to put the floor in, as it was too heavy to lift. Luke even showed Steve how to collect some sand and make it into glass. By that time Dylan was pretty confident he could use the cloud in a bottle properly. "Phew!" Steve said. "We done yet?" He asked Luke.

"Well, yes, but if we want a comfortable place to sleep tonight, we're going to need some cobwebs. You can find them in shallow caves, on the ceilings." Dylan and Steve looked at the cave they had been in. "I'll take care of lint, or whatever he's called, while you're gone."

"Int," Dylan said.

Dylan and Steve walked into the cave(Dylan had to go back to say goodbye to Int, who was squirming in Luke's arms trying to get to him), and headed off towards the mushroom cave. "Oh," Steve said as they walked, "Luke told me those mushrooms we found can be used to make better potions. You didn't heal fully after drinking that first one." They walked into the large water-filled cavern where they had fought the bats and the skeleton. Steve said, "You must have gotten hurt way more than i did if you needed two healing potions to heal fully." "Yeah, you'll probably see when we get back there." Dylan replied. Just thinking about the fight made him ache in pain.

They got to the mushroom cavern. "Woah," Steve said. "What the heck happened?" "I got beat up. Let's get my sword and collect some cobwebs." Dylan did not want to talk about what happened more than was strictly necessary. "Can you build a stairway to get up here so i don't have to- oh wait, i lost the rope in the fight." It was indeed laying on the floor, with part of it frayed because a mouse was chewing on it. When he saw it, Dylan exclaimed "Eeuch!" And took a few steps back. "What?" Steve asked. "It's just a mouse." "Let's just get down there. Now." Dylan walked quickly over to the edge of the cliff. He had forgotten about the rope, and because it was no longer hanging there, he could not get down. "Oh no, we can't get down! the rope's gone!"

"Well," Steve said, "You can use your cloud thingy to jump down. I saw you while i was building, and you looked pretty good at it." "But this is dangerous, i don't want to risk my life unnecessarily!" Dylan told him. "Come on," Steve said, "You're going to need to learn to use that thing in dire circumstances anyway, and this doesn't look like it'll kill you if you fall all the way down. You got to try it."
Dylan looked down. He swallowed. "Ok." He said. "Get out of the way."
Steve moved out of the way, and Dylan backed up, then ran off the cliff. When he got down a little more than three-fifths of the way down, he pushed off with his foot. He felt the cloud under him, and it pushed him upwards. It absorbed the impact and vanished, and Dylan fell six feet to the stone floor.

Steve rushed over. "Hey Dylan, you ok?" He asked. Dylan looked up at him. "Yep. Now what?" He asked Steve. "Use your stone to build a stairway up." Steve told him. "Ok," Said Dylan sarcastically, "I guess i'll just pull out my-oh wait i don't have any because my backpack ripped. Oops." This surprised Steve. "Hmm. I forgot about that. I guess you'll have to mine it yourself and build it one piece at a time." Dylan sighed deeply and got up. He walked over to one side and then called up, "Hey, can you throw down a few torches? I need to light this place up." Steve threw a few torches down. Dylan picked them up and started placing them. When he went one way, he found a stream coming out of a hole in the rocks and flowing down the tunnel as it curved down. "Cool." He said. He then placed the torch on the right side of the wall. Then he placed a few of them on the other walls to light them up.

Steve sat back and looked around. So far, no monsters had attacked them, and they hadn't seen anything other than a couple piranhas in the lake and the mouse.
Dylan was digging the stone piece by piece, and he started a stairway going through the wall. After making about 10(fairly big) steps, he broke through the side of the cave and started to build out into the open cave. It was slow, as he had to go back and collect each piece and bring it up the stairs, and by the time he was almost finished, he was sweaty. A few minutes later, they had a twisting(and rather ugly) staircase built that went from the mushroom ledge to the cavern floor. Steve went down it while Dylan rested and wiped his forehead. "Hey," He said. "There's a skull here. Is this where you put the skeleton?"

Dylan looked at him. "I fought him in the mushroom cave, but i threw him off the cliff to kill him. The rest of him must have rolled away." Steve said, "Well, let's get some cobwebs. We need to make some beds." Dylan got up and followed him. They placed torches on the walls of the cave opposite the stream. "Hey," Dylan said, looking up. "There's some! Let's go get them." He built a stairway out of stone and cut the cobwebs down with his sword. Then he gave them to steve to store.

They walked down the sloping tunnel, cutting down cobwebs as they found them and placing torches. Then they came to a place where the tunnel branched off into several directions and leveled out. "Well, where do we want to go?" Dylan asked. Steve stopped and thought about it. "Lets try going left." He said. "Then, when we're done exploring that, we can go to the middle, and then right."
"Ok," Dylan said, slashing down some cobwebs with his sword.

They went to the left. as they walked, they found some more cobwebs, and Dylan mined some silver. Then steve stepped onto a pressure plate with a click sound. Immediately, a dart shot out of the darkness ahead of them and hit steve in the leg. He screamed and fell down. Dylan went over to him. "You ok?" He asked.
Steve groaned. "Owww" He said. "I don't feel so good..." "Well duh, you've just been shot." Dylan said. "It must have been another trap, i remember Luke mentioning them. At least it wasn't another boulder this time." "No," Steve responded, "I mean i feel sick." His face was actually turning green. Dylan opened Steve's backpack and pulled out a healing potion. He then gave it to steve. "Here, drink this." Steve took it and drank it. His face still looked green, but he felt better.

"I'm gonna pull the dart out of your leg," Dylan said. "Just do it quick" Steve groaned. Dylan looked at Steve's ankle. It was slightly swollen. Steve lay back and groaned. About one inch of the dart was sticking out. Dylan carefully grabbed it. Steve shut his eyes tight. Dylan yanked. Steve grunted loudly in pain. It was still in his leg, but it was sticking out a bit more. Dylan grabbed it and quickly tried to yank it out again. Steve yelled, but the dart was almost completely out. "Stop!" He cried. "I can't," Dylan answered, "I think the dart's been poisoned! If we get it out, you might feel better."

Steve lay his head back and moaned. "Can we at least wait a little?" He said. Then he turned his head over and threw up. "Uuugghh," He said. While he was distracted, Dylan yanked the dart out. There was blood and a green tint on it, confirming it had been poisoned. He got up and (carefully) went over to the dart trap. It was shaped roughly like a square stone head with a hole in the mouth, where he assumed the dart had come out. He hit it a few times with his pickaxe to loosen it from the surrounding rock, and picked it up and brought it over to steve.

"I got the culprit," Dylan said. "You ok?" He asked. Steve groaned. "I feel a little better after throwing up, but i still don't feel exactly peachy." Dylan sat down and looked at the dart trap. "Maybe you should just use the magic mirror to get home and i can meet you back up there." Steve laughed. "Yeah, because that worked wonderfully last time." He sat up. "Listen," Dylan said. "You're hurt. If you try and climb back up to the surface yourself, you likely won't make it before the poison kills you. I feel fine, i can handle myself. You can lend me your backpack, i can grab a few cobwebs, you go home, get healed, and i'll meet you back home when i'm done looting the place. I'll be careful. Besides, you don't look like you can really walk right now. It'll take forever for me to help you up to the surface, and if i do that it'll be more likely both of us will die trying to get out, but if i don't have to worry about you, i'll be free to defend myself from monsters and stuff. C'mon, we don't really have much of a choice."

Steve sighed. Then he took his backpack off and handed it to Dylan. "Fine. But you're not looting the place, you're to go straight back to the surface. Alright?" He looked sternly at Dylan. "Alright." Dylan replied. "But you should drink another healing potion before you go." He handed a healing potion and the magic mirror to steve. Steve drank the potion, and then held up the mirror. "Remember," he said, "Straight back home."

"Got it." Dylan said, and steve looked in the mirror and vanished in a flash of light. Dylan got up and put the backpack on. "Sorry steve, but while i'm here, i'm going to at least make sure this trip didn't go to waste." He pulled out a torch and his sword, and headed off into the dark cave.

Dylan placed torches on the right of the cave as he walked. He felt guilty, lying to steve, but he felt like he needed to collect resources to help them. He stepped over a small stream. A mouse ran across the cave. He was careful to avoid it. He saw some silver on the side of the cave and mined it. It was a sizable amount, hopefully enough to make something decent. Then he saw a small plant with glowing yellow berries. It lit up the cave. He picked it up and put it in Steve's backpack.
He walked through the cave, lighting it up and occasionally mining ore he found. He figured anything would help them, so he mined copper as well as iron and silver. The tunnel dipped down. He sighed, and then carefully made his way down it. It was steeper than he expected, so he slid down it swiftly instead of carefully climbing down. He landed with a jolt at the bottom, forgetting to use his cloud in a bottle due to shock.

He looked around. He was in a medium sized cavern, with dirt patches in it. He saw some silver sparkle. Then, he looked to his left, and he saw a lava flow coming out of a hole at the top of the cavern wall and disappearing through another hole below it on the floor. "Wow," he said. After staring at the lava for a few seconds, he walked into the cavern. He placed a torch on the floor in the center, and noticed something glinting on the ceiling. He looked up and saw a shiny metal in the stone. Gold. He immediately built a stepstool out of stone to reach it, then he mined it and put it in the backpack. The backpack was starting to get heavy. That confused him. He thought it was enchanted to not get heavy.

After mining the gold, he mined the silver he had seen. Then he looked through a small hole next to the silver. It led into a cave, where he heard growling sounds. He put a torch through the hole on the other side and saw skeletons. Not wanting a repeat of his previous solo skeleton battle, he reached for his boomerang, then remembered he had Steve's backpack. He looked in it and saw a bow with several arrows. He pulled it out and started shooting through the hole.

The skeletons growled and hissed as he hit them with arrows. After he ran out of arrows, he started slashing at them through the hole, as they had climbed up to it. He hit them several times, then one grabbed his sword. He grabbed onto the handle with his left hand, not wanting it to deprive him of his only weapon. He then started pushing the sword forward at the skeleton and then back, hoping to break it's grip.
After doing this a few times, he succeeded in breaking it's grip. Literally. The skeleton, having no sense of pain, had held onto the sword blade as tightly as it could, and when he pulled the sword, he effectively sawed off its fingers, leaving it with a bony stump instead of a hand.

The skeleton hissed at him and flailed its damaged arm through the hole at him, hoping to hit him. He stepped back and cut part of it's arm off, leaving it with little more than it's elbow. It hissed again and stuck its other arm through. He cut it off, marveling at the durability of his sword.
The skeleton had apparently decided it had had enough and stalked off into the cave, visibly irritated. Dylan then started throwing shurikens and throwing knives through the hole, injuring the other two skeletons. One collapsed with a sputter. The other was weakened.

Dylan stabbed the remaining skeleton several times, breaking off some of it's ribs. Then, he used his pickaxe to mine around the hole and enlarge it. The skeleton could almost fit through it. He mined a bit more, and then he quickly mined the last bit jutting out and preventing the skeleton from getting through, then he retreated into the cave. The skeleton came after him. He slashed off it's right arm after it swung at him, then he blocked its other arm and slashed it off. Then he brought the sword down onto it's skull, cutting it in half. Finally, he slashed its head off completely where it fell to the floor and broke completely in two. Then he kicked it over and went through the hole.

In the excitement of the moment, he had forgotten about steve. He remembered him as he was climbing through the hole. He hoped he was alright. Luke was probably taking care of him. He was probably waiting anxiously for Dylan to return. Dylan felt guilty, and almost turned back, but he changed his mind when he saw a light in the cavern. He walked over to it, and found wood. He had found another wooden room. He walked down into it and found a chest. There was a hole in the floor that he saw lava through. He opened the chest, but quickly closed it and spun around when he heard a growl behind him. The armless skeleton had followed him into the room, and it didn't look happy.

He held his sword up. The skeleton hissed and charged at him, swinging what remained of its arms. Dylan charged forward and slashed with all his might. He cut into its spine, damaging it and making the skeleton crooked but not cutting through it. The skeleton whacked him with it's arms. Fortunately, not much was left so it barely bruised him. He pulled his sword back and swiped at it again. It was now even more crooked. It tried to charge at him, but it lost its balance due to being crooked and ran into the chest, tripping over it and falling into the lava pit.

With a sizzle, the skeleton was gone. Dylan looked in the chest and found dynamite, gold bars, health potions in bigger bottles, and two more bottles of liquid. one was green, and the other was orange.
Dylan picked up the chest and put it in the backpack. Then he climbed out and continued down into the cave. He found several large ore deposits, and mined these. Then he slashed down a few cobwebs, which seemed to be getting sparser the lower he went.
By that time, he figured he should head back to the surface and make sure steve was ok. He took one look at the cave and saw another red beetle running at him. He quickly walked back to the way he'd come.


The walk back to the surface was fairly uneventful until he got to the mushroom cave. There were two slimes on the cliff, a blue one and a red one. When he got to the bottom of the stone staircase, they jumped off at him. He quickly jumped back. He pulled out his sword and Steve's sword and slashed the slimes when they jumped at him. They were knocked back about a foot. They jumped again. He backed up.

They jumped at him again before he was ready, and the blue one hit his left foot, partially enveloping it. He screamed in pain. It felt like acid. He yanked his foot out and stabbed the slime. It flew back several feet. He stabbed the other slime too, but it didn't go back as far. Dylan stabbed it with both swords, trying to keep his balance while putting his weight on his right foot. The slime bubbled, and flew back a foot. Then the blue slime jumped high in the air, and hit Dylan.

He yelled and fell over backwards, dropping his sword. The slime flattened itself, preparing to jump again. Dylan rolled, and it missed him. The red slime jumped at him. He put Steve's sword back in the backpack, got on all fours, and ran to the staircase, which he climbed with his hands and feet. Then he ran up the staircase to where the boulder had stopped and sat down, breathing hard. He pulled a health potion out of the backpack and drank it.

Immediately he felt better. He got up and looked down at the mushroom cave. He didn't see the slimes. He then walked back up, through the cave, and to the surface. When he got there, it was getting dark. He could see shadows coming from the second floor. He went in.
His first view was steve sitting at the table with his arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face. Dylan could hear talking coming from the second floor, which seemed odd to him because steve was sitting at the table. His bunny, Int, got extremely excited when Dylan went in, and was running around him in circles making whining sounds. Dylan was confused. He knew why steve was glaring at him, but he didn't know what was going on in the second floor.

The talking ceased when he shut the door. He heard footsteps, and Luke came down the staircase with a bearded man wearing a brown cap and brown robes. Steve started to say something, but was interrupted by Luke.
"Dylan," Luke said, gesturing to the man, "Meet Isaac, the merchant."

I'm too lazy to edit and post a chapter today, so instead, have this special version of the first few chapters translated many times with google translate!

PART 1 Chapter


Man lying on the floor. his head was against the rocks. You can hear the sound of the birds spent. Not hands and knees, looked around. Here in the forest. He saw the look of a squirrel in the tree. He got up and brushed himself. I heard some kkeochil kkeochilreul It's not far. He saw a man who approached. ... Stand "Hello Hello?" Someone else looked at him and said orangeish - red hair was a "Hi, how are you?" People with brown hair, lying on the rock, he said: "The Messenger Dillon convinced my name." "Okay, Steve Messenger." "Where do you think that? "Ask Dillon.
"Ugh !!!!" Dylan and Steve cried. I did not expect.

"My name is Luke's gospel. I guide." The young man said. He was of medium light blond hair, and seemed more comfortable. "What you did to us?" "Your Guide," Luke said. "You mean as a guide?" Dillon asked.
"No, the other for the rest of your life, but can be longer."

They do not like the sound.

"If you're so guide us, then where the hell are we?" Steve asked. "You have to accept is known as a terrarium," he said. Luke replied. "To begin with, you can build a shelter for the night before. Monsters come out at night." "Building shelter? What do you think we should build a house here now before this night? How can we have?" Dillon asked. First, cut some of the trees, "Here, here." That is a part of every small shovel, an ax and a knife. They gave the appearance is made of copper. Options Tool "and a knife to kill the kitty. "" You have a slag? "Ask Steve." You mean how sensitive the ball dive into the distance around a sticky? "

"That's right!" Luke said, smiling to find so quickly.

If there really is a monster coming out at night and said, "We went to cut wood with an ax and then ..." Dillon said, should defend Okay, well, we can do better. After a few hits, the trees creaking sounds and colors and beyond crushing ground into pieces, leaving a small acorns scattered around when hit. everyone. "acorn choose, you can plant more trees to grow." said Luke. after Dylan had acorns, trees planted in the place.


Tiny Acorn shoot straight, shoot Dylan surprise. "Hey, wait a minute," he said. "I have to bring together all the work?" "Here, take it." That has provided me with a backpack. "It's magic, not heavy so you can get a lot of people." "Cool!" He said Dylan went to cut more trees.

On the other hand, Steve has been a problem. He was reduced to mud knife, it just bounced off. Mucus can be sworn laugh. "Do not return to it, die!" He retreated. "It shortsword" said Luke. "It is necessary to poke. Only a strong nose." Steve mucus exploded in the distance near a small pile, jam, and a knife. "When you hit something on a stick of wood to gel turns into a flashlight." Lukas said. "I am forever burn, but not too hot. Perfect Light." But Steve was trying to shake off the jelly in part to a tree (It's kind of stickiness) are found in the cave Dylan. "Score!" He was charged, saying, "box!" She tried to lift up to the window. "It's the heart. If you do too, but you are doing, you can get it back." Sort content by Dylan, "coins" and continue looking. "Hey, is it?" What was that little yellow, "Oh, this metal cap.", Luke said, "If you put the shoe laces, which run faster on it." "Cool!" Dillon said. He drew asteroid object. "Who?" "This is the shurikens, you do not think," Dylan considering mwongaeul, like, that looked over the Gospel, "it may throw your opponent" it said.

Meanwhile, the sun is setting. Luke, Dylan and Steve got the upper chest clear, and set it down. They go back and put their loot bags. Then they began to use wood to build shelters. "Hey, Bunny!" Dylan said. He ran down the tree. "Hey, build a shelter for yourself!" Lukas said. "Stop chasing rabbits around! Do not worry!" Dillon took the rabbit home. Steve is almost over. Dylan has a rabbit on top of his chest. This flashlight has blocked the door and started to sound like some form of dark grounded. "What is this?" Steve asked. "Evil eye" He said. "The night is, the zombies are coming from, plus gross hostile. They mainly include one step closer to the digestive juices, it really hurts."
"How can you know everything?" Yeah, Steve. "" Ok, im guide, it's my job. "The question, but you can not remember to learn all this?" Dillon asked. "Well, the first thing I could walk through the woods to find you. I know."

"Okay," said Dylan, rabbits bite his head. "What do I do now?" "Okay," Who now we are waiting for the night to come the next day, "he said. Monster hates the light, and will flee when this day came." But I hear from housekeeping strong outside, and there was a good hit. "That's called a zombie?" Dillon asked. "This Yes". "It's dangerous, do not leave."
"I do not plan on it." Dylan said. "If you have a guide so," Steve, "We just do here?" They asked, "Now, wait just evening. Later, we can go mine. I'm down to my eyes." We have our energy for tomorrow, that they slept, who presented the Gospel completely. Dylan and Steve seemed to each other, but the rabbit went around the circle and settled in Dylan's lap.

"Well, that's fun.» Steve Dillon nodded. Said, and growl and closed his eyes in the wings flapping sound faded.

"Isaac is an NPC. He moved in when we got 50 silver." Luke said.
"Huh?" Dylan asked again.
"Look," Luke said, "Isaac is an NPC, like me. He moved in when we got 50 silver and made a house for him." "Well how did he know we had 50 silver?" Dylan asked. "Magicians don't reveal their secrets." Isaac said. "Wanna buy some stuff?" Dylan stared at him with a weird look on his face. Then he turned away from him and turned to steve. "Ok, i almost forgot, but yes, i did hang out in the caves for a while and get some loot, but i didn't want to waste a trip and we might be able to make a bed now, so don't complain." Steve looked at him. "Ah, you collected a bunch of cobwebs?" Luke said. "Great. i'll show you how to make a bed. It's complicated, but so's everything." Dylan followed Luke over to the table. "So you don't want to buy anything first?" Isaac said. "No." Dylan said. "I'm busy." "Isaac, why don't you go upstairs and take inventory or something, we have a lot of work to do." Luke said.

"Alright," Isaac said, "But if any of you are in need of an insurance policy, i have very reasonable rates-" "Yes, thank you, Isaac, that will be all." Steve said peevishly. Luke turned to Dylan. "So," he asked, "What did you get?" Dylan pulled Steve's backpack off his back and looked in it. "A bunch of cobwebs," he said, putting the contents on the table, "Iron, silver, a weird glowy plant thing, gold, a couple potions, dynamite, copper, a dart trap, and attacked by monsters." Luke looked at the items. "Excellent!" He exclaimed happily. "This should be enough to make some good stuff." Steve looked at the stuff on the table appreciatively. "Nice haul." He said.

They smelted all the ore in the furnace, and while they waited for it, Luke showed them how to craft chains out of iron, use them to make a sawmill, and use that to make a loom. Then he showed them how to make the cobwebs into silk with it. "Awesome." Dylan said. "Can we repair my backpack with it?" "No," Luke said. "We need thread, too." "How do you get thread?" Steve asked. "It sounds weird," Luke said, "But seeds." Dylan looked up. "What kind of seeds?" He asked. "Jungle grass seeds," Luke answered. Dylan groaned. "Dang, i have mushroom seeds, but no jungle ones. Great. Man, i want to fix my backpack." He sighed, slumping in his chair. "Don't get discouraged," Luke said. "We can venture into the jungle fairly soon to get some seeds, then you can repair your backpack."
"In the meantime," he continued, "Let's make a bed. It'll be nice to sleep on something other than ground for a change." He then showed them how to use the sawmill to make a bed out of the silk and wood. They just had enough for one bed.

"Excellent!" Luke said, as steve pulled the remainder of the ore out of the furnace. "We now have a bed. It's just one, so we'll have to take turns on it, but it'll do until we can get more." Steve put the metal bars on the table. "So what do we do with these now?" He asked. Luke examined them. "Well," he said, we have enough gold here for a sword or bow, enough silver for a sword or bow, and enough iron here for a helmet, pickaxe, or sword. He looked up at them. "What shall we make?" Dylan and steve sat and thought. Then they both started talking at the same time, then stopped. "You first, or me?" Dylan asked. "You." Steve replied. "Well, i lost my sword again, so i think we should make a gold sword. That's the strongest, right?" "Yep." Luke said. "We should make iron armor," Steve said. "A helmet will help, right?" "Yep." Luke said. "Only thing is, who will wear it? we only have enough for one."

Dylan and steve looked at each other. "Rock paper scissors?" Steve asked. "Ok." Dylan said. They counted to three and held their hands out. Dylan had scissors, steve had paper. "I guess that settles it," Dylan said. They made an iron helmet, a gold sword, both of which Dylan took, and a silver bow, which steve took. By now it was dark, and they could hear zombies growling outside. "Ok," Luke said, "I think you guys are strong enough to stay outside at night now." Dylan laughed. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha- no." Luke looked at him. "Why not?" He asked. "You've been spelunking, you've fought monsters, and now you even have some armor."

"Yeah, well, we keep getting greviously injured and almost die, so i don't think i want to risk that again. I just want to try the bed." Steve said. "Alright." Luke said. "How should we figure out who gets it?" They stood in silence for a moment. "Rock paper scissors." Dylan said. They counted to three and held out their hands. Dylan had rock, steve had paper. "Yes!" Steve said. He walked over to the bed(which they had placed in the corner of the room) and lay down. "Comfy." He said. The others started getting settled on the floor. Dylan's bunny curled up in his lap and made purring sounds. After a few minutes, they fell asleep.
The next morning, they got up and, when everyone was awake enough, they sat around the table and talked about what they should do. "Ok," Luke said, as Dylan's bunny sat on the table and scratched it's ears, "First, we need to decide what our goal is. Anyone?" Dylan and steve looked at him. "Alright," he continued, "Our current goal is to kill the Eye of Cthulhu. And to do that, we're going to need a bunch of gear. We already have pretty good weapons, but we're going to need armor. To get that, we need to go spelunking. I'm thinking a couple hours down in the caves mining everything you see should do it." I'll hold down the fort. "Ok." Dylan and steve said. Dylan picked his bunny off the table and set it on the floor, where it tried to climb into his backpack.

They left the house and headed to the cave, after Dylan had said goodbye to his bunny(which took a while, it had separation anxiety). They headed down through the tunnels and through the mushroom cave, where Dylan picked up his sword. There was no sign of the slimes. They went down to the crossroads they had found before. "Middle?" Dylan asked. "Yep." Steve said, lighting it up with a torch. They walked through, mining ores. They encountered a few skeletons and bats, but they dealt with them pretty easily by cautiously attacking from a distance. After about 20 minutes of this, during which time they found a few more glowy plant things(which Luke had identified as blinkroots the previous night), some silver, a bunch of iron, and some gold(not much), they heard a weird sound.

"What was that?" Steve asked, looking around. It sounded like a mix between the wind blowing and something falling on a padded surface. It was very unsettling. They looked around nervously. Then, a ball of purple light flew through the wall at them. They both dodged out of the way. Then they heard the sound again. In a flash of purple light, a skeleton was standing behind them. It was wearing a brown wizard hat and dark blue robes with a ruby fastener. It had glowing red eyes. They backed away slowly, and it raised it's hands and another ball of light flew from it at them. They dodged, and Dylan ran at it. He slashed it with his sword, cutting it's robes.

Steve threw shurikens and throwing knives at it. It seemed to be stunned by the attacks. Then it vanished in a flash of purple light. They heard a sound behind them, and steve jumped out of the way. "Dylan!" He yelled. Dylan was looking the other way. He swung around, and reflexively slashed the ball of light right before it hit him, dissipating it with a "thud" sound. Steve threw more throwing knives, and Dylan drew both his swords and charged at the skeleton, which had teleported behind them. It shot another ball of light, but he blocked it with his swords and slashed the skeleton with both his swords at the same time. With a haunting shriek, it vanished into thin air, leaving it's hat behind. Steve walked up to it and picked it up.

"Hey, you think this would fit me?" He asked, and put the hat on his head. "Careful!" Dylan said. "It came from some kind of skeleton wizard. It might be cursed or something." "Well, i feel all right." Steve said. "Little thirsty." The hat fit steve perfectly. After the shock of having a magical skeleton attack them, they stopped to rest for a few minutes before continuing on. At that point it occurred to Dylan that they needed more cobwebs, so he pointed that out to steve.

"It's ok," Steve said. "We can get more on the way back." They got up and continued on. At that point, they noticed a small red stone in the cave wall. "Hey, that's odd." Steve said. It was shiny. "Maybe it's a ruby." Dylan said. "We're about to find out." Steve said, and hit it with his pickaxe. The stone around it crumbled away, and lying on the ground was a small, perfectly round ruby. "Cool!" Steve said, picking it up. As his backpack was the only one they had, it was getting kinda heavy. He put the ruby in it and they continued on, mining silver, iron, and blinkroots.

About a minute later, they encountered a large black slime. It was twice as big as they were. Dylan pulled out his boomerang.(he could only hold three items, his two swords in his hands, and his boomerang in his belt.) He threw it, knocking the slime back. Steve drew his sword. Dylan caught his boomerang, and pulled both his swords out, the gold one in his right hand and the iron one in his left. He and steve both charged at the slime. It jumped at them, and they stuck all three of their swords up. The slime bubbled and was pushed back. It leaped at them again, and they backed up. Then they slashed downwards all at the same time. Then, Dylan backed up and threw his boomerang at it. It went right through the slime and hit it again on the way back, and the slime was flung in several directions at once, and split into three smaller slimes.

"Uh oh." Steve said, echoing Dylan's thoughts. two slimes went for Steve while the other attacked Dylan. They backed away and, when the slimes had landed, Dylan rushed forward and stabbed downwards into the one that had jumped toward him. With a strange squishy high-pitched sound, the slime bubbled and exploded. Dylan picked up the gel and put it in Steve's backpack. One slime then jumped at steve, and he slashed it, knocking it away. But before he could react, the other one jumped at him and pushed him back. "Ow!" He yelled, falling backwards. Dylan knew how he felt. Slimes hurt. Dylan ran forward and plunged his gold sword downwards into the slime. It hissed(not vocally, it was just an effect of the goo) and was pushed back.
Then the other slime jumped at steve. It landed on his foot. Steve yelled and kicked it away. Dylan ran over to it and slashed it with both his swords at once. It flew back a couple feet. The other one jumped, and Dylan ran and put his sword under it. It exploded when it landed on the tip. Dylan turned to look at the other slime. It was coming at him now, and it jumped, but he slashed it with both swords in two different directions at once, and it exploded. He turned and looked at steve. Steve had reached his arm back and was trying to pull a health potion out of his backpack. Dylan went over to him and helped him.

After drinking the potion, Steve felt much better. He got up and pulled his pickaxe out. "Hey, what's that? gold?" He asked. "Yeah." Dylan said. They mined it and continued on. About a minute of mining later, they came across a large cavern made of dirt and full of cobwebs. "Awesome!" Steve cheered. "Jackpot!" They rushed in and started mining cobwebs. There were a lot of them, and they began to get worried. "Uh, Dylan..." Steve said nervously, "You don't suppose we're in some-"
at that moment, a giant spider the size of a horse creeped out of the darkness.
He was going to say "some kind of giant spider nest", but now it wasn't really necessary.
They jumped back with surprise and started retreating. The spider was about as fast as they were at jogging speed, and was gaining quickly. Dylan pulled out his boomerang and threw it at the spider. It was knocked backward a few feet. Steve threw some knives at it, then stopped. "Uh-oh," he said, "I'm out of knives!" Dylan was continuously retreating, throwing his boomerang at the spider. "Well pull out your sword and hit it!" He shouted from down the tunnel. The spider was focusing on dylan. He kept retreating, knocking the spider back with his boomerang and keeping it at bay. Then another one crawled out from the nest. Steve was following cautiously behind the first spider, hitting it with his sword when it got knocked back. He didn't see the other spider coming out of the tunnel.

Dylan shouted "Behind you!" as the first spider collapsed on the ground. Steve turned around, backing up. The spider jumped at him, and knocked him over. Dylan ran forward as yet another spider emerged from the hole. Steve screamed and slashed at the spider with his sword, slightly wounding it. Dylan charged at it holding both his swords, and swung downwards with all his might, cutting off one of the spider's legs. Unfortunately, he was caught off balance, and used his swords to help himself get back to his feet.

The third spider was getting closer to them(they had retreated a fair distance down the tunnel fighting the first one), and would be upon them in a matter of seconds. Dylan backed up as steve stabbed at the second spider's head. The spider made a sound somewhat like a mix between a shriek and a hiss, and grabbed his sword with it's pincers. It wasn't very agile though, so it just dropped it on steve's nose, bloodying it. Dylan stabbed the spider that was holding steve with his right hand(iron sword) and blocked the other spider with his left hand(gold sword). The spider holding steve hissed, and bit steve's neck.

The other spider was giving dylan problems. It backed up, and rushed at him at high speed, bowling him over. Then it started spinning webs around him. He tried to slash them, panicking. It kept spinning the webs around him, impeding his arms and making it difficult for him to move them. He dropped his gold sword. The spider then bit him through the webs, causing him to bleed. He yelled. steve's vision was becoming blurry, and he was starting to pass out. He grabbed at his sword, but instead his hand found the gold sword dylan had dropped. He grabbed at it, and plunged it into the eyes of the spider pinning him to the ground, partially blinding it. It screeched again, and bit steve's face. He yelled in pain, and passed out.

Dylan had been almost entirely wrapped up in webs, and only his weight prevented the spider from hauling him up and completely binding him. His sword was still in his hand, but his arm was wrapped up in webs, preventing him from drawing it. He moved his wrist up and down, causing the blade of the sword to rub up against the webs, slowly cutting through them. The spider was now attempting to drag him back into the tunnel, and he sawed at the webs quicker, panicking. The spider shook him, jarring him but helping the sword to slice through several strands. The spider had shook him because it didn't like his movement, but it didn't understand he was cutting the webs.

He started sawing at the webs on his right leg now, and by the time the spider had gotten to the edge of the nest he had cut through it completely. He dropped out of the webs and pulled the remaining ones over his head. Then he stabbed upward at the spiders' belly, causing it to screech in pain. It turned around, and Dylan yanked the sword out and stabbed it just behind the head. It froze, shrieking and shaking, and then it collapsed on him, twitching. He had severed the connection from it's brain to the rest of its body, killing it.
With difficulty, he heaved it off of him(which caused it to roll onto its back with it's legs curled up in the air) and got up, shaking. The other spider was carrying steve towards the nest. He charged at it, holding his sword with both hands. It dropped steve and reared up at dylan, when he rammed into it, driving his sword deep into it's thorax.

The spider hissed and screeched with pain and rage. It charged at dylan and knocked him over. It tried to bite him, but the sword impeded it(although it did give dylan a nasty bruise on the neck). He braced his right hand on the spider's body and pulled the sword with his left, releasing spider goo onto him and making the spider screech even louder. The spider gave a cry of pain and despair, and slumped over. He shoved it off of him and plunged his sword into it, finishing it off.

He limped wobbily over to steve. He wasn't breathing. Dylan quickly pulled one of the larger health potions out of the bag and poured it into steve's mouth. He stayed still for a moment, which made dylan's heart stop temporarily, fearing steve was dead. But then he coughed and spluttered. Dylan helped him sit up and gave him another health potion. He gulped it down, and lay back, groaning.
"Uuugghhhh..." He said. Dylan sat back, waiting. After a few moments, steve's eyes opened and he felt better. He said, "That was horrible. Lets get out of here." Dylan nodded, and started to stand up. "Agh!" Steve cried, staring at the tunnel.

Dylan turned to look. Another spider had come out, and was advancing on them. He quickly pulled the magic mirror out of steve's pack and yelled at him to look at it. Then he pulled out his boomerang and started retreating. Seeing the spider advancing on him, steve looked at the magic mirror in his hand and teleported away immediately.
Dylan was backing up, hitting the spider with his boomerang. The spider kept getting knocked back, and eventually collapsed. Dylan ran and quickly grabbed the swords, then ran for the exit of the tunnel.

Dylan climbed back up the sloping tunnel(with difficulty, as he was carrying three swords and a boomerang) and stopped at the mushroom cavern, gasping for breath. The encounter with the spider had injured him badly, and he lay back down on the stone, checking to make sure nothing was approaching him. The way seemed to be clear. "Well," he thought, "At least we got the cobwebs." he closed his eyes and passed out.

When he awoke, he felt better. His wounds had healed somewhat. He got up and grabbed the swords and boomerang. Then he climbed back up the staircase and up past the mushroom cave. Then he heard a strange sound coming from a direction he could not quite discern. He dropped one sword and the boomerang, and looked around nervously.

pht pht pht

The sound seemed to be moving, but he couldn't determine where it was. he turned around again, his heart pounding.

pht pht pht

Suddenly, a giant worm with two sharp pincers burst out of the ground in front of Dylan, startling him. He stepped backwards as the worm leapt forward at him, and disappeared into the ground again. His heart was pounding, and he walked around carefully. There were no holes he could see that the worm could have come through. He heard the sound again, and he could just make out that it seemed to be coming from just below him. He moved, and the worm burst out of the ground again, and Dylan slashed it with his gold sword. It made a squishy splat sound when he sliced it. It disappeared into the ground again, and he moved around, trying to avoid it.

It leaped out of the ground again, and he slashed it with both of his swords at once, cutting it in two. It made a hissing sort of screech when it died, and lay on the ground. He looked at it. There were coins on the ground. He picked them up, and put them in his pockets. Then he gathered the weapons and went up back to the surface.
It was dark when he got back up, and he could see zombies and demon eyes wandering around. At the sight of him, the zombies stopped banging on the door and walked over to him, groaning and moaning.

He dodged around them and got to the door, which he banged on with the hilt of the sword he was carrying under his armpit, as he could not open it with his arms full. Luke opened it, and Dylan ducked in just before a demon eye flew at him, ramming into the hastily shut door and bouncing off. He dropped the weapons on the table and looked around. His bunny was hopping around him excitedly in circles, and it jumped so high it's paws landed on his shoulder. The furnace was smelting, and steve was wearing a shiny iron chestplate.

Dylan sat down at the table and picked up his bunny, which was super excited and started licking his face. Luke started to explain.
"When steve got here, he showed all the ores you guys had gotten, and we smelted it up and made some stuff. We figured if we tried to go and rescue you, we wouldn't make it in time. We really need to get you a magic mirror." Dylan looked at the pile of smelted ore. "What else can we make?" He asked. "Well," Steve said, "We made a silver chestplate, a golden helmet, and a gold bow with a few hundred more arrows." Steve held up the newly created bow.

"Cool." Dylan said. "Can i have the bed now?"
"Sure." Luke replied. Dylan did look extremely tired. Dylan climbed in, and his bunny crawled under the blanket with him. He lay his head back and closed his eyes, and as he drifted off to sleep, he heard steve ask Luke, "do you wanna tell him or me when he wakes up?" Luke replied, "I think i should. I know more about it." This had just enough time to disturb Dylan as he fell asleep.


When Dylan woke up, he noticed there were two more beds in the room. They really had gotten a lot of cobwebs from that spider nest. He sat up, prompting his bunny to jump up and try to push him back down again. He yawned. "What's up?" He asked.

"You, for a start." Luke said. "We've got a big day ahead of us." "Why?" Dylan asked. "That sounds foreboding."
"Well, we need to kill the Eye of Cthulhu." "Wait, what?" Dylan said. "I thought that thing was supposed to be super powerful!" "Well," Luke said, "Yes, but i think you can handle it. You've done some incredible things the past few days."
"So what are we going to do?" Dylan asked. "I thought you said something about the eye only working at night or something." "Well, we're going to need to do some preparations. You need some things to prevent zombies and demon eyes from mobbing you while you fight." Dylan looked uneasily at steve. Steve shrugged.

"So, the first thing we need to do is to get some wood to build with." Dylan and steve went out and started chopping down trees. Dylan's bunny dogged his footsteps to make sure he wasn't leaving again. They cut down trees, every now and then replanting, and since Steve's backpack was the only one that wasn't ripped, he had to carry all the wood.

"OOF," he complained. "I thought-" he fell over, "i thought these things were supposed to be magic!" He said, getting back up. "They are." Luke said. "But they still have a limit. If they weren't magic, you'd be carrying a pack the size of a baby hippopotamus and weighing roughly as much. You can put some of the stuff in the chest, but not all of it, we need the wood."

"OOF," steve said, lugging his backpack to the house.

"RIGHT, now we need to make some platforms." Luke said as steve came back out. "We need to cut wood down to make it smaller." He then showed them how to cut the wood in two(lengthwise, so there were two pieces of wood stacked on top of each other) and place it. "Right, so now we need to place them so we have a good elevated area to run in." Under Luke's guidance, they built a ramp up onto the top of the house, then placed the platforms extending off the side of the house. It looked phenomenally ugly, a giant wooden mass on the ground. When they were finished, they stepped back and looked at it. "It looks like a decapitated turtle after being dropped into a trash compactor."

Dylan thought Steve's description was fairly valid, but kept quiet as Luke was looking annoyed. "I know it doesn't look perfect, but it'll help a lot in the fight. Dylan, your cloud in a bottle should help you get onto and off the platform, which will help with dodging." The sun was starting to go down. "Alright," Luke said, "You need a campfire. Just pile some torches on a few pieces of wood and that should work."

"Why doesn't the fire burn down the house?" Dylan asked.
"Slime gel is highly flammable, but it burns at a low temperature. That's why it lasts so long. However, when you put flaming gel on an arrow, it doesn't burn at first, but when it flies through the air, it ignites. The faster the gel is moving, the hotter it burns." "Cool!" Dylan and steve said in unison.
"Alright, we should get inside, you guys can rest while i give you advice on how to fight this thing."

They went back inside and lay down on the beds while Luke gave them advice. At just about the beginning of night, Isaac came down and said, "Look at that shoddy armor you're wearing. Better buy some more healing potions."
"That's actually a good idea." Luke said. They bought a bunch more health potions while Luke kept giving them strategy ideas. "So Dylan should probably try to attract the attention of the eye, as he's got better armor, and steve, you should try to stay a fair distance away shooting arrows at it. If you put a torch on an arrow, it'll turn it into a flaming arrow, which is more powerful. Have you made the campfire yet?" "It's nighttime." Dylan said. "And no, we haven't made a campfire yet, but we can do that when we go outside. are we ready?"

Luke sighed. It was hard, knowing what they were about to do but not being able to help them. "Yeah, i think you're ready. Just be careful, and good luck." He handed the eye to Dylan. "Thanks." Dylan and Luke said, and opened the door and walked out. Steve climbed the ramp onto the roof and tested his bow. Dylan used his cloud in a bottle to get up to the platforms. "You want to do it, or me?" Dylan asked. Steve regarded the eye with a lot more apprehension than he had when he first saw it. "You can do it." He said. Then he built a campfire on the roof and readied his bow.

"Alright," Dylan said, and held the eye up to the moonlight.

The eye shook, and then vanished. they heard a loud roaring noise, and then, lit up by the moonlight, they saw a gigantic flying eye bigger than the house. "Oh boy" Steve said in a small voice. Dylan got his boomerang out. "Steve!" he yelled over the sound of the eye, which was flying towards them at high speed, "Put a bunch of potions on the platform so i can grab them when i need them! Plus, shoot it!" It took Steve a second to comprehend what Dylan had said, but then he quickly set several potions down and pulled out his bow. Dylan gripped his boomerang tighter. Then, as the eye flew into the illumination of the campfire, he threw his boomerang at it. It didn't seem to do much, but he didn't worry about it. Steve shot an arrow at it. Dylan started backing up, and the Eye of Cthulhu stopped moving. Then, it charged forward at him at high speed, knocking him off the platform.

Steve kept shooting at it, and Dylan got to his feet. The eye charged at him again, flinging him into the air. He got up(with difficulty) and started running around the eye towards the house. The eye followed him slowly from above, and then smaller eyes, about the size of boulders, started flying out of it's pupil. He threw the boomerang at it over his shoulder and ran up the ramp. The boomerang hit just under the pupil, which had ceased summoning smaller eyes.

"Help!" Steve called. He was backing up while shooting at the smaller eyes, but they threatened to overwhelm him. Dylan looked and saw what was happening. He pulled his sword out and slashed one of the eyes in two, grabbed a potion and jumped off the edge. His boomerang curved around the house and he caught it. The eye had flown to hover above Dylan, and was not moving. He 'eyed' it nervously, backing up. It was on fire from Steve's arrows.

Suddenly, it charged downwards, smashing into Dylan and knocking him to the ground. Then it flew up and started shooting smaller eyes again. Dylan sat up with difficulty, then drank what remained of the potion and threw away the remains of the bottle. When the bottle smashed, pieces of glass had cut Dylan's hand, however this was balanced out by the fact that potion from the damaged bottle had immediately leaked onto his hand. As his strength returned, he got up and was promptly knocked over again by a smaller eye. He rolled over and slashed it in two with his sword.

Meanwhile, Steve had been backing up as the smaller eyes converged on him. Each shot killed one, but there were too many of them to keep them at bay. One knocked him off the edge, and he let out a cry of pain as he hit the ground. Dylan ran around the side of the house, following the eye. Steve pulled his sword out as the smaller eyes flew down at him and slashed, cutting two of them in half. Then the Eye of Cthulhu rammed into him.

Dylan ran at it and stuck his sword into it with all his might. Then he pulled his other sword out and stabbed the eye with it. The eye floated up and started spawning more smaller eyes. Dylan ran to Steve and asked "Are you ok?"
"Yeah" Steve said, "Just broke a few bones. Nothing to worry about." Dylan looked at him with alarm. "It's ok, i'm just kidd-"

At that moment, a mob of smaller eyes rammed into Dylan, sending him sprawling. Steve pulled out his bow and started shooting them. The monstrous eye charged again. Steve yelled in pain as it slammed into him. Now some of his bones really were broken.

Meanwhile, Dylan was retreating, throwing his boomerang at each eye in turn to destroy them. Just as he killed the last one, he saw the Eye of Cthulhu turn to look at him. He immediately took off for the house, giving the eye a wide berth. With a demonic roar, it charged at him, but missed. Dylan used his cloud in a bottle to leap up onto the roof. The eye charged again and hit the side of the house, shaking it. Dylan grabbed a potion and leapt off the roof again.

Dylan ran to Steve as the eye ascended into the air above the house. He gave Steve the potion and took off again, this time in front of the house. He threw his boomerang at the eye again and when it hit, it broke through the pupil and returned to him. The eye stopped in midair. It started to shake, and with a roar it spun around, bits of it flying everywhere. When it stopped, it's pupil was gone, and in its place was a monstrous mouth lined with sharp teeth the size of knives.

Dylan and Steve looked up at it with horror, Dylan slowly backing away(Steve was still too hurt to move). It roared again and charged at Dylan. He backed up and ran away again. It charged, barely missing him.

Without looking back or slowing down, Dylan threw the boomerang over his shoulder, and(though he couldn't see it) it flew over the eye as it charged again. Then, the eye rose up into the air and stopped to hover over Dylan. Dylan ran back the way he'd came and grabbed the boomerang as he went past it. Then the eye charged downwards with a roar and made a small crater in the ground.

Meanwhile, Steve had pulled out his bow and was shakily pulling the string back to fire an arrow. Right after the eye slammed into the ground, he let go of the string and the arrow flew through the air and hit the Eye of Cthulhu, setting it on fire. It was then that Dylan wondered if they had made a mistake in using flaming arrows, as he was now fleeing a gigantic flaming eye bent on his destruction. He leapt over steve and landed on the roof.

The eye roared and charged again, stopping just over Steve. Steve pulled his sword out and stabbed the eye. It turned to look at him and was promptly hit by Dylan's boomerang. It turned back to Dylan and floated up over the house. Dylan grabbed his boomerang and leapt off the roof again, heading for the cave. The eye roared and charged again. He turned and threw the boomerang at it. Steve pulled out one more arrow and took aim. The eye charged. Dylan caught his boomerang and steve let his arrow fly. The arrow hit the eye(which was starting to look like a pincushion, especially because Dylan's sword was still stuck in it) again, and the eye roared, but didn't charge.

Dylan hit it again with his boomerang, and after a moment, the eye moved towards him again slowly, as if it was tiring. Dylan ran around it and stood in front of the house, his boomerang raised. the eye turned and flew into the air, and with a roar, charged at Dylan with all it's remaining might. He threw the boomerang at it a final time, and it went into the creature's mouth and tore through it. The Eye of Cthulhu roared again and exploded, showering Dylan with goo and, oddly enough, some small stones. The arrows and sword stuck in it were flung down to the ground. Dylan lay on the ground, breathing heavily. After a few moments, he got up and looked around.

"Hey!" Steve called out to him. "Little help here?"

After Dylan helped Steve into the house and onto his bed, he went back outside and gathered up all the arrows, as well as his sword, the remaining health potions, and the stones the eye had left behind. He brought them into the house and laid them on the table. "So." He said. "What do we do with these?" Luke picked some of them up. "This is demonite," He told them. "It's created when a corrupt entity digests normal ores. It's more powerful than gold, and can be made into weapons and armor." "Wait," Steve said. "Are you telling me that not only did we kill a giant eyeball the size of an elephant, but it also eats rocks?"
"Well, powerful demonic entities like the Eye of Cthulhu can phase through solid terrain, but sometimes they phase out a little, which causes both the creature and the environment to affect each other. Occasionally the ores get left behind, which is why demonite can be found underground as well as in powerful creatures."

"Huh." Steve and Dylan said at the same time. "So what do we do with it?" Steve asked. "You can make tools, weapons, and armor with demonite. However, some of those require shadow scales, which the eye doesn't have." Luke said. "Right now you can make a sword, and axe, and a bow." They smelted the demonite in their furnace, which didn't ever seem to run out of heat. Then, they pulled the ore out of the furnace and made it into a sword, bow, and axe, using the anvil.

"Why are we shaping the sword differently from the other ones?" Dylan asked Luke. "It's a different material." Luke said. "Different materials need to be shaped differently than others to work best. I'm basing this design off of the legendary light's bane, which is a powerful dark weapon i read about. You may eventually be able to create an even more powerful weapon with it. Oh yes, and the arrows you shot at it? You'll notice they're a different color now."

Dylan and steve looked at the arrows. They were indeed a dark purple now. They also had much sharper edges. In the darkness, they hadn't noticed it. "What's up with that?" Steve asked.

"The Eye of Cthulhu is a powerful corrupt demon. Everything it touches gets corrupted. In some cases, this makes it stronger. That's what happened to your arrows. They should be more effective now. They're sharper and lighter, so they should be able to pierce through enemies now and do more damage."
"So, what do we do now?" Steve asked. Luke was about to say something when Dylan interrupted him. "I know what i want to do next. I want to repair my backpack. I'm sick of having to only carry one or two things at once, and steve can't just carry everything we find." "Yeah." Steve agreed. "This thing gets heavy when it's full." Luke sighed. "The only way to repair it is by either going to the dungeon, or the jungle. And neither of you are yet strong enough to do that. I understand it's annoying to you, but it isn't worth risking your life just to repair your backpack."

"So what do we do?" Dylan asked. "I mean, having no backpack is a serious problem, it's cut down on our efficiency quite a bit." "Well," Luke replied, "I suppose if it's that important, you can try going to the jungle and collecting some grass seeds from there."
"But," he continued, as Dylan's bunny started rolling around on the table, "You aren't prepared for it yet. You're going to need more potions, more armor, and another magic mirror. The jungle is just too dangerous to go in without preparing enough. So what you can do right now is to go underground again and collect as much ore as possible, as well as look for more potions and a magic mirror. After you get that you can go to the jungle. But right now, i would recommend getting some sleep. You've had a big day and you need some rest."

"Alright." they said, getting into their beds. Dylan's bunny curled up by him under the blankets. Luke and Isaac started talking as Dylan and Steve fell asleep.


Tap, tap, thunk. "Best out of three?" Luke's voice woke Dylan and Steve up. They opened their eyes. Luke and Isaac were playing rock, paper, scissors at the table. Tap, tap, thunk. Isaac had scissors, Luke had paper. "Dang." He said. "Oh hey, they're up!"

Dylan and Steve sat up. "Hello." They both said at the same time. "What's up?" Steve asked Luke. "Well," He replied, "If you're up to it, you two are going spelunking. More supplies are definitely in order." Steve got up. Dylan stayed in bed for the moment. "Do we need to prepare anything? I don't want to go down there unprepared. I've had enough nasty cave experiences to last a lifetime." "Isaac and i were just discussing that." Luke replied.

"In between rounds of what looks like a truly epic rock, paper, scissors tournament, evidently." Steve said. "So what exactly did you come up with?" Dylan asked. "Well," Luke replied, "You're going to need potions. You should probably also get some more shurikens, as those seem to come in useful. Also, ropes. Those will help you get around." "Ok," Dylan said, "And where are we going to get all this stuff?" Isaac smiled. "You can buy it from me!" He said happily. "And for a very low price, too!" Dylan and Steve looked at each other and back at Isaac. "Um." Dylan said. Steve gave Isaac a weird look. "Dude, we're letting you live here for free. Your other option would be to stay outside and get massacred by the zombies. And we have to pay you for stuff? You should be paying us, we're giving you a free room!"

"My merchandise won't pay for itself, you know. Even in a place like this we still need a proper economy." "What do you even want money for, anyway? You gonna bribe the monsters to not kill you or something?" Dylan asked. "Do you want my stuff or not?" Isaac said, losing patience. "Hey, what are you doing?" Steve was walking around Isaac, placing stone. He surrounded Isaac in a stone box just short enough for him to see out of if he stood on tiptoe. "Hey!" He called. "What are you doing?!" "Ok," Steve said. "Either you give us what we need, or you stay there until you change your mind. Decided?"
"This is an outrage!" Isaac said, angrily looking at Luke. "Let me out of here!"

Luke looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"Ok," He said, still attempting to keep a straight face. "Steve, let Isaac out of there, and Isaac, give them what they need." Steve mined the box and Isaac hurriedly backed away, glaring. "Fine. here's your things. But i'm charging interest."

"Oh, fine." Steve said, and gave Isaac a gold coin. "I don't have any other use for it, anyway." "Anything else we need to know?" Dylan asked. "Yes." Luke said. "First, be careful of traps. Most of the time they'll just be dart traps, but sometimes they can be connected to boulders, or worse, explosives." "Explosives?" Steve cried. "How?!" "I don't know the specifics, but they're connected to wires which lead to hidden explosives, all you have to do to trigger it is step on the pressure plate-"

"I think he means 'how did they get there'." Dylan said, as Steve was looking confused. "Oh, right." Luke said. "Well, people used to live in these caves, they even built small houses there. You've already seen them. They also built traps to protect their things, and also to keep monsters away. Eventually, they abandoned the houses and left, but the traps are still functional."
"So what else was it we needed to know?" Dylan asked, getting impatient. "Well, you need to collect pretty much everything you see. ores, plants, monster bits(Steve made a grossed out face), and anything you find in chests. Also, money." Luke paused to look at Isaac, who was standing in the corner with his arms folded and a grumpy expression on his face. "It would probably help relations a bit. Oh yeah, if you find any sand, collect it too, you need that to make glass."

"That all?" Dylan said, preparing to leave. His bunny whined, and he scratched it behind the ears. "Yeah, i'm pretty sure that's everything." Luke said. "Good luck!"
I've noticed that the forums tells me to capitalize everyone's name except Steve's. I wonder if that means anything. Also, i'm pretty proud of my explanation for where unholy arrows come from.

After saying goodbye to his bunny, Dylan and Steve went back to the cave. a red slime appeared, and Steve killed it with one shot from his new bow. The slime exploded when the arrow touched it, and the arrow wasn't even damaged. Steve picked it back up and put it in his backpack. They came across the cave with the lake. There were several piranhas in it.
"We should kill those," Dylan said. "Luke said we should collect as many monster drops as possible, maybe they'll drop something cool." Steve started shooting the piranhas, which was easier said than done, as they were underwater, while Dylan threw his boomerang at them.

After only hitting them twice, they paused. "Ok," Dylan said. "We're getting nowhere fast. We need a new plan."
Steve looked at him. "i'm listening."
"So the piranhas ignore us until we get in the water, right? So what we do is this: i get in the water, and when they attack, i'll kill them with my sword." Dylan said. "Projectiles don't seem to work very well."
"One problem. What if you don't kill them fast enough and they eat your face?" Steve asked him.
"It's a risk we're going to have to take." Dylan replied. "We need stuff, right? You got any better ideas?"
Steve sighed. "Well, fine. Be careful, though."

Dylan stepped into the water. He readied his light's bane. The piranhas, which had previously been swimming around lazily, charged. He brought his sword under the water and stabbed the first piranha. The blade went straight through it's open mouth and skewered it completely. He quickly backed up out of the water before the others got to him. They started swimming around lazily again.
"One," Dylan said, pulling the piranha off his sword and dropping it to the ground. "See if you can get anything good from that. Teeth, scales, anything that might be useful. I'm going back in."

Steve squeamishly started examining the piranha, looking for anything useful. Dylan stepped back into the water. The piranhas charged at him again. He stabbed the second one the same way he did the first, then pulled it off his sword. The last piranha approached.
Dylan tried to stab it, but it moved out of the way. He backed up as it tried to bite him. He blocked it with his sword. It tried to swim under the sword, and he stabbed it from the top. Then he climbed out of the water and dropped the second piranha he was holding. The one on his sword was still alive, wriggling around. He swung his sword against the ground and smashed its head against the stone. It stopped moving.

"Find anything yet?" He asked Steve. Steve was holding the first piranha at arm's length. "Eugh." He said. "No. Can you do the next ones?"
"Yeah, okay." Dylan answered. He looked at the second piranha, which was laying on the ground. He picked it up and saw something in it's mouth. "Hey, i think i found something." He said.

"Good." Steve said. "I hope we only need one of it, whatever it is, because i don't want to have to do that again." He went and washed his hands in the lake. Dylan examined the object and pulled it out. It was a hook. It looked like someone had tried to catch the piranha while fishing, but it had got away. "I found a hook," he said. "Can we put it in your backpack?" "Sure." Steve replied. "Just wash it off first, i don't want piranha slime all over my stuff."

Dylan examined the other piranha and found nothing, so he washed the hook and his hands off in the lake and put the hook in Steve's backpack. "Great." Steve said. "Let's go." They started off towards the cave they had explored before, as it was the fastest way to the lower parts of the cave network.

As they approached the opening, a bat flew out of it. Dylan slashed it in two with one hit of his sword. "This thing is awesome." He said. "I'm glad we made it." They descended into the mushroom cave. Many more mushrooms had grown during their absence, including some large ones. Dylan gathered the small ones while Steve cut down the large ones with the demonite axe. They put the mushrooms in Steve's backpack and were about to continue on, when Dylan noticed something. "Hey, wait a minute." He said. He looked up at the ceiling. There was something sparkling.

"What is it?" Steve asked. "It's on the ceiling. I can't reach it." Dylan said, pointing. Steve took a coil of rope out of his backpack and threw it at the ceiling. "You want to go get it or me?" He asked. "You go, you're better at climbing." Steve climbed up and started mining it. As it fell, Dylan picked it up. "They're gems. Looks like sapphire." Steve mined the rest of them and dropped down. Dylan put the sapphires in the backpack. "I bet those are useful for something." He said. "Oh yeah, we forgot to ask Luke what to do with that ruby we found earlier." "We got distracted." Steve said, remembering the fight with the spiders. "Oh yeah, and he told me about that wizard we fought. i completely forgot."

Dylan's mind went back to the skeletal wizard they got Steve's hat from as they descended the stone staircase. "What did he say?" "Well," Steve explained, "When i got back, he asked me where i found my hat. I told him we got it from a skeleton wizard. He told me the wizards name was Tim." "Tim?" Dylan interrupted. "Seems a bit normal for a wizard, doesn't it?" "That's what i said. He told me not all wizards have cliche names. Apparently he was a wizard when he was alive, but when he died some kind of evil spirit found his body and took it over, gaining magical powers from his hat and robes. He said the hat would help me with magic."

"You can do magic? Cool!" Dylan said as they quickly walked away from a giant black slime.
"Well, sort of. Apparently there are little stars that fall at night. They can give me magical abilities, but i have to find a way to use them first. He said things like staffs and books can cast magic if you have the ability."

"Neato. That sounds like it could come in handy. Hey, let's go to the middle this time." Dylan said. They had gotten to the part where the cave branched off into three tunnels. To the left was the place they found the dart trap in, and the other two tunnels were dark. They walked through the middle one, Steve placing torches as they went. After mining a fair amount of ores, they came to a huge cavern. They could hear water, and vaguely make out some light coming from a wooden cabin. Steve threw a torch down.

The torch flared as it fell, then stopped as it hit the top of the cabin. at the edge of the circle of light they could see a shape. "This looks pretty dangerous." Dylan said. "Let's make a stairway." They took out their pickaxes and started mining and building downwards, until they got to the bottom. Dylan jumped off as Steve placed the last few blocks. Steve placed some torches, and the figure they saw was illuminated. It was a girl, with blue eyes and hair, wearing a ragged brown dress. She looked at them.

"Hello?" Steve called. The girl didn't respond. Dylan and Steve looked at each other. "Who are you?" Dylan asked. There was something strange about her. They took a few steps toward her.

Suddenly, she emitted a growl and charged at them. Her skin and hair turned a sickly, rotted green color, and her eyes turned red. They jumped back as she approached them, crying out in surprise. She swung at them, and hit Dylan in the face with surprising force. He cried out and fell backwards. The left side of his face felt weird. Steve saw a large bruise spread over it. "Hey!" He said, readying his bow.

Dylan kicked at the girl as she prepared to hit him again, knocking her temporarily off balance. She hissed, and was about to strike him again when an arrow shot into her head. She turned to look at Steve, who was pulling another arrow out, when Dylan swung his sword at her. He cut a gash in her leg, and she screeched in pain. Another arrow hit her in the arm.

She struck Dylan again, and he let go of his sword as lights danced in his eyes. His head felt weird, and he was having trouble thinking. Then Steve barreled into her.

The force knocked her over, and she was momentarily stunned as her head slammed against the stone. Steve whacked her with his bow, as he hadn't had time to pull out his sword. Meanwhile, Dylan was still dazed. He heard Steve's voice, but his eyes were having trouble going into focus. "Dylan! Ow! Dylan, are you ok?" Steve called, as the girl hit him. Dylan's brain struggled to regain composure. He blinked. Ugh. He thought, what's going on? What's this purple thing by my hand? What's making that noise? He lifted his head up and moaned. "Uhhngh..."

Steve was having trouble. He tried to get up, but the girl struck him in the side of the head. He dropped his bow and tried again to get to his feet. The girl hit him in the arm. He got to his feet and reached into his backpack, gritting his teeth against the pain. He pulled his iron sword out. The girl got up, and Steve slashed her head with the sword.

Dylan blinked a few more times. He was starting to regain his composure. My name is Dylan. I'm in this cave. Someone's fighting over there... he looked at Steve. The girl struck Steve and he tripped backwards over a stalagmite. He thrust the sword into the girl's arm as she approached him. Dylan's mind raced.

I need to do something... i need to help. He struggled to his feet and shakily picked up his sword. The girl shrieked and hit Steve with both hands, bloodying his nose. Dylan wobbled forward, and then he fell over. Steve rolled to his left and got up. The girl followed him. Dylan got to his feet again, but fell over immediately, hitting his head against the stone and losing consciousness. Oh no, Steve thought. Then he grabbed the light's bane from Dylan's loose grip and slashed at the girl. He missed, and she hit him again, knocking him over. She prepared to strike again. Steve jabbed at her, and she hit him in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. With a final effort, he lunged forward and drove the blade into her stomach. She screeched, and fell over backwards, dead. He took a few gasps of air, and then pulled two health potions out of his backpack.

He drank the first one, and then tipped the second one into Dylan's mouth. Dylan coughed. Then he opened his eyes(his right one was black). "Hello" He said weakly. "Thanks. Dayja vu." "You okay?" Steve asked, worried. "Ya." Dylan said. "I did this with the spiders... remember?"

It took Steve a minute to remember. "Oh yeah, i blacked out. I guess we're even now." Dylan smiled weakly. "Can i have another (cough) potion?" Steve was worried it might have adverse effects, but he gave Dylan another potion. After that, Dylan felt better. "Let's get to that house. I think i can walk now." Steve helped Dylan to his feet, and they collected their swords and bow and walked into the cabin.

Dylan opened the chest. Inside were several silver bars, a gold coin, several large healing potions, a bright green bottle, and some torches. Steve took these and put them in his backpack, using the torches to light up the cabin. A silver chandelier hung from the ceiling, and there was a stone statue of a large eye behind the chest. They looked at it nervously. "You don't think it's going to shoot at us, do you?" Steve asked. His last encounter with a dart trap did not go well. "Let's put it in your bag, that way it can't hurt us." Dylan replied. They loosened it with their pickaxes and Steve put it in his backpack, which was starting to get heavy.

They climbed out of the cabin and examined the rest of the cavern. There was a waterfall that created a stream which flowed through the cavern. Steve picked up another blinkroot. A bat flew at them, and Dylan sliced it in half. Steve lit up the remaining walls, revealing a hole next to the waterfall. They went through it.

pht pht pht

"Oh, great." Dylan said. "Another one of those things." Steve looked confused. "Another what? Tim?" Dylan remembered he hadn't told Steve about the worm. "No," he said, "It's a giant worm. Brace yourself."

pht pht pht

The worm burst through the ground, and Steve flinched. "I told you to brace yourself." Dylan said, slicing the worm in half. "Let's continue." They climbed down the steeply sloping tunnel, placing torches. Suddenly, with a cry, Dylan fell through the vertical end of the tunnel. He couldn't see anything, but he instinctively used his cloud in a bottle, then dropped to the ground. "Are you ok?" Steve called at him from above, clinging on to the rock with his climbing claws. "Yeah" Dylan said, "But i think i sprained my ankle. Little help here?"

Steve let a rope down and climbed down after Dylan, lighting up the cave as he reached the floor. "Cool, you landed right next to a cabin." "You're not helping." Dylan said sarcastically. "Fine, loot the chest and what the heck is that-"

Steve whipped around and pulled out his bow. A skeleton wearing a blue shirt and a shining mining helmet was walking towards them. Steve shot it with his unholy arrow, which went right through it, ripping a hole in its shirt. He shot at it again, this time sending an arrow through its skull. He backed up and shot at it again, ripping another hole in it's shirt. He put another arrow to the string, and Dylan stuck his sword out, causing the skeleton to trip. Steve shot it one final time, and the arrow shot through it's spine, disconnecting several vertebrae. He walked over and picked up the coins it dropped.

"Just loot the chest, then you can give me a potion. If any monsters attack, i'll trip em." Steve went into the cabin and opened the chest. Inside he found a stone statue in the rough shape of an angel, some gold bars, a yellow potion in a bottle shaped so it was impossible to balance, another band of regeneration and coins. He took them and put them and the chest in his backpack, then noticed the wooden thing behind the chest. It had a part that jutted out of the top in the shape of a wheel, and some brightly colored cloth underneath that. On a whim, he put it in his backpack.

"Hey dyl, i found a band of regen. Looks like you won't be needing a potion."

Dylan slowly turned his head to look at him. "First," he said, speaking slowly, "Don't call me 'dyl'. Second, thanks. Gimme." Steve gave Dylan the band of regeneration, which he put on. Then he started mining ores and gems he saw in the rocks, climbing up with his climbing claws to reach the higher ones. "Careful." Dylan said. "There's no glowing mushroom grass to break your fall this time." "I'll be fine." Steve said. "Hey, i can see some lava from up here. Wanna check it out?"


After Steve finished mining ores, Dylan's ankle had healed, so they started mining downward in a staircase. After they mined for a while, Dylan noticed Steve was tiring. Right as Dylan was about to suggest they take a break, they broke through into a cave, which was below them. "Hey, cool." Dylan said. "Drop a torch down, let's see how deep it is." "Hang on." Steve said. He was sitting down and breathing heavily. "Yeesh, i'm tired." "This thing is getting heavy." He gestured to his backpack. "Ok," Dylan said, "Gimme the torch, i'll check it out."

Steve was too tired to protest, so he gave Dylan the torch. Dylan dropped it into the cave, and it hit the floor after dropping only five feet. He widened the hole and dropped in after it, securing the torch to the floor. A chest was only a few feet away from the hole, so he opened it. Inside was a pile of what looked like bombs, some throwing knives, glowsticks, and some silver bars. He looked up at Steve. "Hey stevey, you ready to take some more loot?" Steve looked down at him. "Very funny. I don't think this thing can hold much more."

At that moment, a giant red beetle slammed into Dylan.

Dylan quickly pulled his sword out and slashed the beetle. It was knocked backwards several feet. He got up and stabbed downwards at it as it jumped at him, killing it. He picked up the husk and put it in the chest. "You ok, dyl?" Steve called. "Yes stevie, i'm fine. Come on down here." 'Stevie' got up and jumped down the hole, landing on his hands and knees. "OOF this thing is heavy. Yeah, i don't think we can fit more loot in this thing. We really need to get you one of these." He held up the magic mirror. "Hey, maybe we'll find one down here." Dylan replied. "I'm not going anywhere with this thing, we should return." Steve said. "Look," Dylan told him, "I'm sick of having to teleport you home and go the long way back. I'm staying down here until i find a magic mirror. It's your choice to come or not." "But i can't bring the backpack with me, it's too heavy!" Steve protested. "And we can't leave it here, something might find it."

"Then we'll block it off with stone so nothing can get at it. C,mon." Steve hesitated, and then pulled his backpack off and surrounded it with stone. "Alright." Dylan said. "Let's go."

The tunnel on one side of the chest led to a lava pit, so they went the other way. Dylan held his sword in one hand and a torch in the other, and Steve held his bow with an arrow notched. After walking about 30 feet, they found another lava pit. However, the tunnel seemed to continue on just above it, so they retrieved Steve's pickaxe and mined around it, emerging on the other side after some digging. There was another chest only a few feet past the lava, so Dylan opened it. Inside, he found potions, bombs, gold bars, and an orange bracelet that resembled the band of regeneration, but thicker. He pulled it out and examined it.
"What's that?" Steve asked. "It's a transmutative thorium conductor." Dylan replied. "How the heck should i know, it's an orange bracelet, i know just as much about it as you do." He put it on his left wrist, the band of regeneration being on his right one. It felt warm. They continued on. They dug past another lava pool, and found another mushroom biome with a blue cabin in it. They walked toward it, and a bat swooped down and hit Dylan.

"Ow!" He said, slicing it in two with his sword. It hadn't hurt him much, thankfully. They walked over to the cabin, and just beyond it Steve saw a life crystal. "Life crystal, ten o' clock!" He said. "Actually," Dylan said, looking at it, "That's one o' clock. You get the crystal, i'll get the cabin." Steve walked over and mined the crystal, then held it up where it disappeared in a flash of green light. In the chest Dylan found an enchanted boomerang, some silver bars(which they regrettably had no room for), healing potions, and bombs. Then he heard a hissing noise.
He climbed up out of the cabin, and saw Steve shooting a skeleton. He seemed to have the situation under control, so Dylan looked around more. Hidden up by the top of the cavern there was a tunnel, which revealed itself when a giant black slime jumped out of it.

Dylan turned around and slashed it, then moved out of the way quickly. Steve shot it. It jumped toward Dylan, who backed up and hit it with his sword again. It made a strange burbling sound. Steve shot it and Dylan slashed it immediately after, causing it to split into three smaller slimes. They all jumped at Dylan in unison, and he slashed through all three of them with one swipe. Steve shot one, and Dylan stabbed it with his sword, causing it to explode in a shower of goo. Then one of the slimes jumped, colliding with Dylan. He yelled in pain. Then a skeleton swiped at him from behind. He fell over.

Steve shot the slime. Dylan rolled away from the mob of enemies, groaning in pain. The skeleton and the two remaining slimes approached him. Then, one of the slimes jumped and landed on his hand. He yelled and pulled it away, dropping his sword. The skeleton pushed him, and he rolled into the lava, followed quickly by the slimes and the skeleton, which sizzled and burnt up.
"Dylan!" Steve shouted. He ran to the edge of the lava pool. He couldn't see anything. Inside it, Dylan was confused. Why am i not dead? He thought. I should be dead. If i'm dead, why does it hurt so much? He heard the lava in his ears, dampening out all other sound. The lava felt warm, and it was getting warmer. He tried to drag himself out of the lava. It was slow, but he felt the ground sloping upwards as he crawled. The lava got hotter by the second, and he crawled more frantically, adrenaline fueling him. His hand broke the surface, and just as the lava started to feel painfully hot, Steve pulled him out.

A fire had started on his shoulder. Steve whacked it and put it out. Dylan's skin was red from the heat, but his hand wasn't bleeding from the slime wound. The heat of the lava had cauterized it. Dylan's breathing was heavy. Steve ran to the cabin and opened the chest, pulling out a health potion. He ran back to Dylan, and poured the potion over him instead of having him drink it.
The potion started healing him, taking away the burn of the lava. His breathing started to lighten up. After several seconds, he opened his eyes. "Uhn." He groaned. "What happened?" His head felt fuzzy. "You fell in the lava!" Steve said. "How are you alive?" Dylan's brow furrowed. He had fallen in the lava. He tried to sit up, but fell back down again.

Suddenly he remembered the orange bracelet. It must have protected him. He looked at it. "Was it your bracelet?" Steve asked. "The slimes and the skeleton died almost instantly after falling in, you were in there several seconds." Dylan sighed. "I think i'll be fine in a bit. You keep guard." Steve nodded and pulled out his bow. About ten seconds later, there was a whooshing sound, and Tim appeared at the side of the cavern. Steve nocked an arrow and shot it at him, shooting his chest. Tim shot a purple energy ball at him, which Steve dodged. He shot another arrow. Tim teleported after being hit, and rematerialized next to the lava pool. Steve sidestepped as Tim shot another ball at him, then rushed at him and shoved him into the lava.

Nothing else attacked them for a couple minutes, by which time Dylan had recovered and picked up his sword, which thankfully had not fallen into the lava. They continued on, mining a stairway up to the tunnel. They found another chest there, which contained potions, torches, a magic mirror("Jackpot!" Dylan said, taking it out), and spiked black things which resembled Steve's claw. Steve took them out and examined them. After a moment, he sat down and put them on over his shoes(spiked end down, like cleats). They fit perfectly. Steve's face split into a grin as he looked down at them. "Hey," Dylan said. "Those must be related to your claws. I bet you can climb with those." "Let's try it out." Steve said. He walked over to one side of the tunnel and attempted to climb it. He made it all the way to the top, where the tunnel sloped up before losing his grip. "Sweeet." He said. "These are going to be useful. Let's go." They went back the way they came, killing several enemies that appeared, and made their way back to the place they had put Steve's backpack.

Steve mined the stone around it, and put it on with a grunt. "Alright," He said, "Let's go home." They held their mirrors up. Dylan saw his face in the mirror, with wood in the background. He heard a loud roaring sound, like wind mixed with a drawn-out chiming sound. The world around him blurred, and he was back in the house, standing next to his bed. His bunny looked up from where it sat on his bed, surprised, and jumped happily over to him. "Hello." Luke said. "I see you found a magic mirror." "Yep." Dylan said. "And a bunch of other stuff we couldn't fit. It'll take another trip to get it all." Meanwhile, Steve had fallen over backwards immediately after teleporting, and was getting up off the floor, heaving his backpack onto the bed. "You're telling me." He said. "C'mon, lets smelt this up and make stuff."

They pulled the ore out of Steve's backpack and started smelting it while Isaac talked to them. he seemed in a much better mood than he had been in that morning. "So then he tried to dig around the rock, but it was too big, and he dug so far out to the side that he had a five-foot long trench before-"
"How much we got total?" Steve asked, cutting Isaac off as he put all the bars in a pile on the table. They counted 27 silver bars and 14 gold ones. "Looks like that's enough to make silver leggings and another gold tool. What do you want?" Given that they had seen more gold in the cave but hadn't had room to pick it up, they decided to forgo making anything with the gold until they could upgrade their armor. "Hey, what do we do with this?" Steve asked Luke, pulling out the hook.

"Excellent!" Luke exclaimed. "You can make a grappling hook with that. That's incredibly useful." Under his instruction, they made a thing called a sawmill out of wood and iron, then used more iron to make chains, which they attached the hook to. "So you can clip this onto your belt, and when you need to use it you can throw the end at a wall or something, and it'll help pull you up." He also explained that the bracelet Dylan had found was a lava charm, and gave seven seconds of immunity to lava. According to Luke, the girl they had found was a nymph, which disguised itself as a lost girl to lure people to their deaths. "And by the way, that yellow potion you found can help you see ores and gems, you just have to drink it while underground." "Cool!" Steve said(Dylan was playing with his bunny). "Oh yeah, speaking of gems, we found these." He showed Luke the ruby, sapphires, and topaz he had mined in the cave. "What do we do with them?"

"With the sapphires and some silver, you can make a magical staff. You can't currently use it, but if you collect fallen stars you can create a mana crystal, which will give you mana." Seeing as it was getting dark, they went outside to try and collect some stars. Dylan had the task of keeping monsters away from Steve as he collected stars. just as the last rays of the sun disappeared, demon eyes started closing in.

"I'm tired." Dylan said, slashing a demon eye in two. "Hey, what's this?" He bent down and examined the eye up close. There was a transparent lens over the demon eye's pupil. Somewhat squeamishly, he pulled it off. They had collected three stars so far. "We're almost done." Steve said. "We only need five." As he spoke, another one fell right in front of him. It glowed bright yellow, and had small glowing dots coming out of it and dissipating. He picked it up and put it in his backpack. Dylan killed two zombies that approached, stabbing one and cutting it's arms off, and removing the head of another. After several more minutes, they collected two more stars, so they returned to the house and told Luke. "Alright," He said. "You need to compress five of them on the workbench. Just put them on and smush them together." Steve did as directed, and with a bright flash of light, they fused together into a larger blue one, crackling with energy.

Steve picked it up and held it up. It glowed brighter, and in a flash of blue light, disappeared. "Woah." Steve said. "I feel... different." It felt like a tingling in his gut. "You just absorbed some mana." Luke told him. "Now, i presume you want some way to use this mana, correct?" Steve nodded, and Luke showed them how to smelt silver into a staff and embed the sapphires into it. "There." He said when they had finished. "You now have a working magical staff. Go ahead and try it out."

"How?" Steve asked. "Just try things. You'll figure it out." Luke said. "Hmmm." Steve held the staff up. He felt the tingling sensation again. He swung the staff, and pointed it at the wall, concentrating on the gut feeling. A bright blue projectile flew from the end of the staff, dissipating as it hit the wall. "Cool!" Dylan and Steve said in unison. Dylan's bunny hopped down off the bed and went over to the wall to examine it.

"Well, you should probably get some sleep." Luke said as Dylan yawned. "Tomorrow you're going to need to go back into the cave and retrieve some things, then we need to make final preparations for the jungle trip." Dylan and Steve laid down on their beds, Dylan with his bunny next to him. "Well, that was a fun day, wasn't it?" He said to Steve. "We went underground, got hurt, killed a few skeletons, got fried in lava, pretty normal, huh?" Steve smiled. "Yep. Pretty normal. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Dylan and Luke said.


The next morning, they got up and started off for the cave. Luke cautioned them to immediately teleport home if things got "Squirrelly", as he put it. "Remember," he said, as Dylan and Steve walked out the door, "Squirrelly." They went into the cave and walked through the places they'd been before, making their way downwards. On the way, they harvested some blinkroots which had grown since their last visit, and some ores they had missed. When they got to the chamber they had fought the nymph in, Steve used his claws and shoe spikes to climb up and harvest the ores. They had completely emptied Steve's backpack before leaving, so as to make room for all the things they had found. They went down through the shaft they had dug and collected the contents of the chest they had left, then went through the tunnel around the lava pool into the mushroom biome. They took not only the items in the chest there, but also the chest itself, as it was made of a strange glowing wood that resembled the mushrooms.

After they got to the point where they had found the shoe spikes, they started exploring more of the tunnel, mining ores and lighting up the sides. Steve was about to take a step forward when Dylan thrust his arm out to stop him. He bent down and looked at the ground. Just in front of them, where Steve was just about to step, there was a gray plate that jutted out of the floor about an inch, well camouflaged. Dylan pried it up with his pickaxe and examined it. He noticed there was a small red wire going down into the ground. "What is that?" Steve asked. He had missed the pressure plate. "Another trap." Dylan said. "It looks different than the ones we've seen before. Maybe it's an explosive trap."

They mined down along the wire and sure enough, there was a bundle of explosives at the end buried several feet down. "Yikes." Steve said. "Good thing you caught that, it looks big enough to blow us both up." Dylan nodded. They put the pressure plate and explosives in Steve's backpack and continued on. A short ways ahead, they found a large room with several life crystals on shelves of rock. They lit up the room and climbed(or in Dylan's case, jumped) up to collect and use them. "Right," Dylan said, "That's two for each of us, total." Steve nodded, and ducked as a bat flew over his head. Then he shot it with his bow. "Oh yeah," Dylan said, "You need to test out your grappling hook."

"Oh yeah, i forgot about that." Steve said. He took the end and swung it around once, then threw it at the wall. It held, and he climbed up swiftly. "Nice." He said.

"Oh rats." Dylan said. "What?" Steve asked him. "The potion." Dylan replied with a groan. "The yellow one. Steve said we could use it to look for ores." "Oh yeah." Steve said. "Oops." They had left it at the house. "Well, we both have magic mirrors now, let's go back and get it."

"Alright." Dylan said. They pulled out their mirrors and teleported home. Once there, Luke helped them create gold and silver leggings. They had decided that Dylan would be the close-quarters fighter, and Steve would be the ranger. To this end, Dylan got the gold leggings, and Steve got the silver ones. They were made of chainmail at the joints, with plates on the knees, thighs, and ankles for mobility. "Alright." Dylan said. "What now?"

"We need to expand our house." Luke told him. "There are several helpful NPCs we can get, but we need room for them to move in." They got to work cutting down and replanting trees, and used the wood and stone to build an addition onto their house, making two more rooms. By the time they had finished, nightfall had come. "Phew," Steve said, as they came back in the house. "That was exhausting." "Well, it'll all be worth it when the new people move in." Luke said. "Still not gonna tell us what they are, huh?" Dylan asked. Luke hadn't said what NPCs were likely to come. "Well," He said. "I'm not sure, but i have an idea." They sat on their beds. "So, is there anything else we need to do?" Dylan asked Luke, yawning.

"I think that's pretty much it, actually." Luke said. "Tomorrow morning you can head off. I'm not sure which direction the jungle's in, but it's usually near a desert, away from the corruption. West would probably be the best option." Dylan nodded as he pulled the blanket over himself and Int. "Alright." He said. "I hope we can get some seeds. I really need to repair my backpack." "Well, here's hoping. Goodnight." Luke said.

That night, Dylan had a strange dream. He was in a thick jungle, with colorful birds flying overhead and screeching noises coming from an unknown direction. He walked through the undergrowth, pushing aside vines and swatting bugs that landed on him. Something small darted past him, rustling in the leaves. He found a large muddy pond with a log in it. He bent down to look at it.
Suddenly, the log, a hidden crocodile, came to life and snapped at him with long, pointed jaws. He gasped and fell backwards, and woke up. It was the middle of the night. Luke had somehow dimmed the torches. He heard the wind howling outside and the demon eyes and zombies banging on the door and groaning.
He lay with his eyes open staring at the ceiling for a few minutes. his bunny stirred, and adjusted itself to be comfortable. He smiled and stroked it, causing it to make a purring sound. Reassured, he rolled over on his side and went back to sleep.

They were going through a checklist to prepare for the trip to the jungle. According to Luke, the jungle was one of the most dangerous places in the world at the time, possibly even worse than the corruption.
"Duh. Check."
"Right, i think you're good to go. remember, you shouldn't stay too long. Just go in, get the seeds, and leave. You're not completely prepared for this." "Ok." Dylan said. "Int, you can't come with me, it's too dangerous." Dylan's bunny had it's front paws on Dylan's ankle and was whining. "Why is that bunny following you in the first place?" Luke asked. "They usually leave humans alone." "Maybe you smell like carrots." Steve joked. Dylan stopped and thought for a moment. He looked down at his pocket. He felt something in it. He pulled it out and saw that it was indeed a carrot. "How did you get that?" Steve asked him. "I don't know." Dylan said. "I don't remember putting it there."

"Weird." Luke said. "Put it down and see if Int tries to eat it." Dylan put the carrot on the floor and watched. Int went over to it, sniffed it, and went back to stand by Dylan, though he kept an eye on the carrot. "Huh." Dylan said. "I guess it isn't just the carrot he's after." "I went and picked him up on our first day here, remember?"
"He must have imprinted on you." Luke said. "The carrot probably helped at first, but now he likes you." "Well," Dylan replied, "I guess i'll leave the carrot here then. Maybe it'll help him get used to me not being here." "I have another idea." Steve said. "We could plant it. Hey Luke, how exactly do we plant carrots? i don't see any seeds."

"The seeds are inside." Luke said. "You guys go, i'll plant the carrot. Also, maybe when you get back we'll have some more NPCs." "Alright, then." Dylan said. "Lets go. Bye, Int." He petted Int on the head and they walked out of the house.
"Right, which way were we supposed to go?" Dylan asked Steve. "I think Luke said west. Lets see, the sun is rising over there, so that means..." "West is over there." Dylan said. They started walking. They had gone roughly 30 feet when Luke stepped out of the house. "Hey," he called after them. "You're going the wrong way. West is that way." He pointed to the rising sun. "But the sun's rising over there." Dylan protested. "That's east, not west."

"I didn't make the directional system." Luke said. "Just go that way, you'll end up in a snow biome otherwise." Dylan and Steve looked at each other, shrugged, and went the way Luke was indicating. "Remember, if things get a little squirrely you need to teleport home. Understand?" Luke said. "Yeah, i got it." Steve said. "See ya." Luke went behind the house and started planting the carrot. Dylan and Steve looked back at the house, seeing the misshapen wooden platforms on the roof, the stone box right next to the original room, and the eaters flying around in the corruption in the distance, as well as a giant tree. Neither of them could shake the feeling that they might not see the house again. They turned and started walking.

After walking for a few hours, the sun was high in the sky. It had started to get hot, and that wasn't helped by the armor the duo was wearing. "Phew." Steve said, wiping sweat off his forehead. "Why is it so hot? It was never this hot before."
"Well, jungles are hot, right?" Dylan replied. "Maybe that means we're getting close."
They kept walking for a while, and as they climbed over a ridge, they stopped. Below them, spread out to the horizon, was miles and miles of desert. They stood there and stared for a few moments. Then Dylan said "Well, this isn't the jungle, but it isn't snow either, so i think we're going the right way. Let's go."

"Hang on!" Steve said as they descended the hill. "I'm melting, we need to take a break. Let's go find some shade." "Alright," Dylan said. They turned to the right(which was either north or south, the directional system was still confusing them) and went to the other side of the hill, which had a small pond near the entrance to a cave in the side of the hill. They splashed water on themselves from the pond and drank a bit, then headed into the cave.
There was a wooden chest just inside the entrance. They opened it and found bottles, a small vial of yellow liquid, throwing knives, another aglet(which Steve took), and some coins. They took all of it and put it in Steve's backpack, then filled the bottles up and brought them back to the cave. Then they leaned against the walls of the cave and talked.

"So what do you want to do?" Steve asked. "It's too hot to go through that desert, even with all this water." Dylan nodded. "I agree. I think we should wait until night and then cross it." Steve furrowed his brow. "If we wait until night, we'll get attacked. And i really don't want to see what lives in that desert." "We're getting pretty tough." Dylan said. "Besides, most enemies are pretty slow, we should be able to outrun them." "Well, ok." Steve responded. "But we should be careful to not get turned around. That desert looks pretty confusing." Steve nodded. "So how do you think we got here?" He asked, looking out the cave entrance. "We just sort of appeared in the middle of nowhere, with a guy that knows pretty much everything but forgets to mention it, and then random people start showing up at our house seemingly out of nowhere. What's going on?"

Dylan looked at the water bottle he was holding, thinking. "I don't know. Have you asked Isaac?" He said. "No." Steve told him. "I've been occupied with other things." They sat in silence for a minute, looking out over the desert. They saw what looked like giant bugs, some flying, some half buried in the sand, as well as what appeared to be moving pieces of sand. "Isaac and Luke seem so used to this world." Dylan said. "And we have to have everything explained to us, but we still know things, like what slimes are, we just don't remember learning about them. Who are we?" They sat in silence for a few more minutes. "Hey, let's play rock, paper, scissors." Dylan suggested.
They played several games, with Steve winning 5 and Dylan winning 4. Then they rested for a while while they waited for nighttime to come.

Several hours later, Steve was awoken by the sound of a loud growl. He pulled out his sapphire staff and got up to look out the mouth of the cave. The world outside was dark, but something was wrong. The moon was a dark, bloody red, and there were a lot more monsters than there normally were.

Feedback of any kind is much appreciated!
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So I'm not the only one writing a book solely about a Terraria playthrough! I have a prologue nearly complete, and I am soon to start the first chapter. I would be pleased to assist you in this over two-year process! Hope this gets quite far.


Ice Queen
Chapter 9 is out! This is one of my favorites.
Also, a little request: I've been struggling with the name of this story for a while. My wordpad document i keep it in is titled simply "terraria story", and i chose exigence for the thread title because it sounded cool. However, i think it's high time to choose a more permanent name, so i'm going to ask you guys for suggestions. Preferably I'd like one that somehow conveys the idea of a normal terraria adventure, with the corruption, moon lord, etc. If i choose your name suggestion, i will credit you at the top of the post. Also, if i get enough ideas, i'll make a strawpoll to help me decide which one to choose. Thanks for reading!

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Chapter 9 is out! This is one of my favorites.
Also, a little request: I've been struggling with the name of this story for a while. My wordpad document i keep it in is titled simply "terraria story", and i chose exigence for the thread title because it sounded cool. However, i think it's high time to choose a more permanent name, so i'm going to ask you guys for suggestions. Preferably I'd like one that somehow conveys the idea of a normal terraria adventure, with the corruption, moon lord, etc. If i choose your name suggestion, i will credit you at the top of the post. Also, if i get enough ideas, i'll make a strawpoll to help me decide which one to choose. Thanks for reading!
I would suggest that the name be "The Terrarian Tales of Dylan and Steve" or "Dylan, Steve and the World of Terraria". Something along those lines.


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Would you mind listing those "great stories" ?
Reading these stories are fun and a way to spend some time.
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