tAPI Dynamic Difficulty

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  1. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    EoC spawns Wandering Eyes.
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  2. Ersatz

    Ersatz Terrarian

    That's just cruel. They have like 300 health! That's 1/10th of the EoC's health. By default, at least.
  3. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    They get like 1500 HP.
    And that's just using the Difficulty Adjuster, not the mod options.
  4. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Well, the idea here was to do it as a team - however, if they spawn too often or are too hard that can be adjusted.

    I never wanted it to be impossible: for example, if there is more than one alive per player on the server that is too many. So if you have the adjuster set (Which just simulates players being on) there should be one alive for each player there is (actually, I think it's one less than players connected)

    So, if you are doing it solo I can see how it would be very hard for you. Please give feedback though! I am always open to it and will tweak the mod to match.

    EDIT: EoW and Skeletron also have some new tricks - haven't had time to add stuff for WoF up yet, will get there.
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  5. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    Who said I'm complaining?
    I don't think it is morally justified, but I think it is :red:ing rad!

    Also, I thought Skeletron has the Mini Guardians?
  6. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Yeah - and EoW has worms spawn for every segment killed. WoF I made an NPC called a "Meyen" as in... a mine that's a floating Eyeball it spawns up ahead of the wall of flesh and floats in one spot so you have to dodge them as you fight it but I never implemented it due to time constraints. I'll see if I can get it implemented this weekend.
  7. Pacze

    Pacze Terrarian

    The bosses get those special "tricks" no matter on what difficulty I'm currently playing? I mean, the eye of cuthullu will spawn minions even if I'm playing the game on its easiest diff?
  8. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    It's based on how high the difficulty adjuster is set. Anything above 1 will give the bosses their new abilities and it "scales" with the number of people or how high the difficulty adjuster (in game item) is

    If you set it to minimum on single player it goes away
  9. Can I Get Uhhh

    Can I Get Uhhh Spazmatism

    Wow, that's :)red: you english for not having that much useful words) good!
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  10. satorin

    satorin Terrarian

    Having an issue with this mod and damage not wanting to actually scale. I've tried using this with both r14 and r13a with and without other mods on the current Terraria, and everything the mod says it does (increase spawn rate, hp, give mobs crit, gives bosses new things) seems to work but no matter what I set the difficulty to in the mod settings or with the adjuster doesn't actually seems to make mobs do more damage.

    I even went into the code a bit and tried to set the damage multiples to silly things like x10 but it didn't seem to do anything. The other things like HP did correctly change. It's a shame since the damage part IMO is the main reason I was interested in this.
  11. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Sorry it doesn't seem to be working, I will look in to this as soon as I have time.
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  12. enderboy1337

    enderboy1337 Terrarian

    i have a question.. how do i activate the difficulty setting? i cant seem to find it. is it in the actual game or do i have to go though my files and find it?
  13. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    There are two ways to access the difficulty settings. Both are described in the OP of this thread under the "How It Works" section. I am not going to get in to the details cause the information is all there.

    Overall Difficulty (tAPI Mod Options) - when a mod is enabled that has options, there will be a button to change those options in the Mods menu.

    Difficulty Adjuster - This tile is craftable with 1 dirt block

    Please read the How It Works section to understand how each of those things change the game.
  14. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    Hmmm... A mod that makes the game impossible? I'm all in!

    EDIT: It works on modded enemies too? One of the bosses in my mod has 1,400,000 HP!
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  15. TheManOfMods

    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    I'm playing on the Hellish Difficulty and I'm not disappointed. The Hellish Difficulty's AWESOME! It adds more flavor and juice to the game! With the difficulty, I'm able to make new techniques to kill bosses! New Techniques = More Things to do In Terraria!
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  16. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Yes, it works on modded enemies (If it doesn't please let me know)

    Glad you are enjoying it! Remember, there is a difficulty adjuster as well. If you aren't increasing that, the bosses don't have their new attacks. Though, on hellish, this could be devastating lol.
  17. TheManOfMods

    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    I am using the Difficulty Adjuster! Hellish + Difficulty Adjuster set to the Highest = Moar Fun!
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  18. Just beat WOF on insane, god DAMN he is hard. 1500hp hungries, 55 dmg leeches, 40k hp... so much luck was needed, but I beat him first try, so for whoever says insane difficulty is impossible... GRIND. Also, I have screenies of my inv I'll share once Ive beaten all bosses, my inv was the same for everything b4 wof as well.

    Also, IDK if this is a bug, but EoC spawned 0 wandering eyes out of ~52 minions... And skeletron/eow did nothing special...

    EDIT: Twins and Prime down, but I'm scared, the destroyer is gonna have 400k HP! Also, enemy crits dont do extra damage to me? What?

    EDIT 2: Beat all bosses except the event bosses and Fishron (Who 3 shots me in full shroomite... and I cant even hurt him with warding accessories...) Also, screenshots of my items are on my Steam profile, which is on my profile for these forums.
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  19. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Heya! Glad you enjoy it! and thanks for the feedback~ Let me answer a couple of your questions.

    1. I said it was impossible with the base game because some bosses can't be killed with the ingame items within 1 night. I only made INSANE! mode originally because mods added overpowered weapons and needed an extra challenge. So if you are using mods I can see how it's entirely do-able and exactly why I made that difficulty setting.
      • If you managed to beat them without any modded gear... holy crap - All my wow's
      • Even I was never that skilled...
    2. I never balanced the game for any of the 1.2+ content. Before I was able to accomplish this I was hired by Re-Logic, so there is a slight conflict of interest there. I loved making this mod and would have updated it if the situation were different.
      • On that note, if anyone were to ask permission to continue the progression of this mod, I would gladly help them along and provide info of what is going on where and how it all works.

    Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you took the time to enjoy it though. Really makes me feel happy I made a mod which provided you with a challenge and enjoyment!
  20. No modded gear, never overgeared, one try per boss. The bosses were beaten within the night, although destroyer started running at day when I killed it lol.
    Although Golem was a bit glitchy, and I had to cheese it because of that.

    I was a ranger character, mostly used Star Cannon on the Destroyer but also had an adamantite repeater and jester arrows. :p also had menacing everything
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