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Dynamic Main Menu Background

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Official Terrarian
Dynamic Main Menu Background

Hello, gamers! I am Halocaster, and this is my personal suggestion that I have been thinking recently.

The main menu is a little bit boring in my opinion. The options are cool though, the settings are great, the new UI is amazing in the next update (Journey's End) but the main menu still lacks something, and that is a Dynamic background.

The Forest and Corruption biomes are the only biomes that appears in the Main Menu, except when you exit a world while you are in a different biome (e.g. You're in a Crimson biome when you exit the world. After you exit the world, the crimson biome background now appears in the Main Menu).

Add more biomes into the background of the Main Menu, like the Hallow or the Ocean biome. Maybe add some moving objects too, like butterflies, bunnies, slimes or something, so that the game becomes a little bit more lively and colorful.

I might add more details for this suggestion, so watch out! Thanks for reading and sorry for the grammatical errors/mistakes.
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