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Humorous Easy Hacker Guide!

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DV Game

Welcome to Easy Hacker Guide!
Always wanted to look like a hacker, but didn't know how?
Well, in this guide I will explain how to look like a hacker really easily!

Note that guide is based on Windows, and not on Mac/Linux.
Q: What about guide for Mac OS?

A: Well, Mac's terminal is much more complicated and guide will be not easy. Simple color change requires hard commands and copy-pasting.

I can write guide, but it will be pretty complicated.
Q: Well, what about Linux?

If you use Linux you can understand how to do basic stuff like this in your command prompt...
Firstly you need to run the command prompt (cmd) on your PC.
To do this you need to right-click the Start button or press Win+X.
Then you need to click on Command Prompt button and after this, the command prompt will start.

If you can only find PowerShell, please start the command prompt via pressing Win+R and entering cmd.
After this, you will see the command prompt.
But don't worry, everything is fine! Click on the command prompt window and write color a (and press enter after it). After this, the command prompt's text color will be green!
After setting the color to green we need to change the location where commands run from, so you will look like a hacker for more time.
To do this you just need to write cd c:/ (and press enter after it). After doing this location will change and we can do the last step!
Let me explain why we changed location before.
The command I will use depends on how many files it will scan. If you will run it from an empty folder - it will return almost nothing. If you will scan the whole PC, it will look really cool (more files -> better).
Well, to start "hacking" you need to print the last command. And it is tree (and press enter after it). After doing that... ok, I won't explain, you just need to look at it :)

Useful tip: if you need to stop the "hacking session" you just need to press CTRL+C.
Well, after doing any of these ways you will literally look like a hacker, and you probably will feel like a hacker from the film.
I hope you liked my guide and understood how to do stuff like this. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
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Duke Fishron
I've always used Hacker Typer to do my faux hacking. I was totally able to SSL into my SSD and SMTP my Firewall to my USB SATA i5 SSD with 16 Teraflops of Gigahertz in my left sock.

A+ for the screenshots though! 👍
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