PS4 Easy way to kill wyverns (Or any worm enemy or worm boss at that.)

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  1. Snail mcslug

    Snail mcslug Terrarian

    Are you having trouble killing wyverns, the destroyer, or dune splicers? Well, I have something to help. You will need: Daedalus stormbow or fast firing weapon (Like the gatligator, Crystal storm) mythril or orichalcum armor. You probably will also need a minion, and some health increasing equipables. Next, create a giant, flat platform in space. Next, wait for some wyverns. To actually fight the wyverns, fly above them, firing onto as many segments as possible. Dodge a lot too, as the wyverns can do a lot of damadge to you. Repeat, and kill as many harpies as possible to try to get a giant harpy feather.