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PC Echo Walls and Echo Platforms


Echo Blocks are one of the best additions in 1.4
but why stop there? Why not add Echo Walls and Echo Platforms?

Think of the possibilities!
-Platforms could be used for suspending objects in mid air without creating collision
-Walls could be used to create ambient light to underwater builds (Khaios did that with actuated Echo Blocks and it looked amazing but it took a lot of effort to do which would be easier with walls instead)
-Use all of these to make valid invisible houses for NPCs just because lol


You kinda already can put things on echo block, then actuate them and the item doesn't pop off. On the other hand when you hang something off of echo blocks, said thing falls off once you actuate the echo blocks.

It seems like Re-Logic has tried to give echo blocks part of functionality of echo platforms. Or maybe it's just a bug (IN WHICH CASE PLS DO NOT FIX IT)

And yeah I fully support the walls and platforms idea. That would be the neatest thing!


Official Terrarian
The need to have Echo walls came to me just when I started working with these blocks to decorate inside my houses...


In the screenshot you can see those big edges of the gray brick walls, they caused me a lot of disgust and I chose to put glass, which also has edges...
If a vote is made to implement this in the game, you have my sure vote :dryadhappy: .
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