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tModLoader Edge Of Fate • Modded Server • Community Focused

The Villager

Edge of Fate
Here Be Monsters, Loot And Adventure

Hello friends! I am here to introduce my dedicated server, starting out fresh and looking for friendly faces to chill, explore, and fight thousands of monsters with.
This is a tModLoader server, and want to make this feel as community driven as possible. All are welcome!

Server IP: eof.hopto.org
Port: 7777

Required Mods:
Terraria Overhaul, The Antiaris v0.1.0.11, Thorium Mod v1.6.0.4,
Spirit Mod v1.3.4.1, Boss Checklist v0.2.1, Recipe Browser v0.7.3.1

In order to play, you will need to firstly install tModLoader, along with the required mods, instructions for all of which can be found on the Edge of Fate Discord Server!
Join the Terraria: Edge of Fate Discord Server!

The server is 24/7 - currently only running on normal mode, but if enough interest is gathered, I will also run an expert server alongside this one. Thanks for reading! Make sure to stop by the discord server and say hi!
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