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tModLoader EldAccessories


Skeletron Prime
you''ll give up the mod? Please no! But if you will, donate the mod to another mod like Ersion, such keeping up the mod updated


Was coming here to say my recipes aren't showing, but I have tmodloader 0.6 so I assume that'd be why. Any word of an update?


In my opinion, this is the best accessory mod out there right now for tModLoader.

I would like to see it updated at least once so I can use it with the new tModLoader version.


Could we get a source if nothing else? I wouldn't mind trying to update it myself(not that I actually have any modding experience yet).


This mod is greatly inspired by INFINITE POWER and his Quality of Life mod. It has recipes for combining and disassembling many accessories. In fact this mod is now included in his mod.
v0.3.0 for tModLoader v0.5.0 and Terraria

Lava Boots =
Lava Waders +
Obsidian Rose.
Provides the ability to walk on water and lava, reduced damage from touching lava
Grants immunity to fire blocks and 7 seconds of immunity to lava

Hyper Boots =
HermesBoots +
FlurryBoots +
Allows hyper fast running

Ultra Boots =
Frostspark Boots +
Hyper Boots
Allows flight, ultra fast running, and extra mobility on ice
9% increased movement speed

Mega Boots =
Ultra Boots +
Lava Boots
Allows: flight, ultra fast running, extra mobility on ice,
walk on water and lava, reduced damage from lava and fire immunity

Agility Necklace =
Brain Of Confusion +
Shark Tooth Necklace +
Worm Scarf +
Cross Necklace +
Frozen Turtle Shell.
Dodge, confuse, evade, penetrate and parry skills

Kung fu Gear =
Master Ninja Gear +
Shield of Cthulhu +
Agility Necklace
Climb, dash, dodge, confuse,
evade, penetrate and parry skills

SummonerScroll =
PygmyNecklace +
SummonerEmblem +
Increases your max number of minions by 2
Increases the damage by 30% and knockback of your minions

Magic Gem = 5*
Amber + 15*
Diamond + 20*
Ruby + 25*
Emerald + 30*
Sapphire + 35*
Topaz + 40*
Amethyst + 10*
Mana Crystal + 50*
Crystal Shard
Increases maximum mana by 40, 6% reduced mana usage
and 4% increased magical critical strike chance

Mana Essence = 30*
Magic Power Potion + 30*
Mana Regeneration Potion + 5*
Super Mana Potion + 10*
Greater Mana Potion + 20*
Mana Potion + 30*
Lesser Mana Potion
Maximum mana +30, -3% mana usage, +3% magical critical strike chance,
+10% magical damage and +13% mana regeneration

Magic Gear =
Sorcerer Emblem +
Celestial Emblem +
Mana Flower +
Mana Regeneration Band +
Magic Cuffs +
Charm of Myths
Maximum mana +20, -3% mana usage, +16% magical damage, +13% mana regeneration
Auto mana potions, restore mana on damage, increase pickup range on stars

Magic Ball =
Crystal Ball +
Magic Gem +
Mana Essence +
Magic Gear
Maximum mana +100, -12% mana usage, +8% magical critical, +29% magical damage, +26% mana regeneration
Auto mana potions, restore mana on damage, increase pickup range on stars

Master Purple String = 8 colored strings.

Master Yellow String = 8 colored strings

Master Counterweight = 6 counterweights.

Master Yoyo Gear =
Yoyo Bag +
Master Purple String +
Master Yellow String +
Master Counterweight

A new feature - be able to take back the original parts from a recipe by disassembling, Use a Disassembler near a Tinkerer Workshop. Nice feature to have if you want to stop using a mod and not lose all the items you used to craft in it.

Disassembler =
Toolbelt +
Mechanical Ruler +
Ruler +
WireCutter +
Can split down accessories into their parts
There is 20% chance it breaks

Accessories to disassamble:
All EldAccessories (except the Disassembler)
All Horseshoe Balloons

v0.3.0 (2015-09-14):
* Added 4 items: Master Yoyo Gear, Master Counterweight, Master Purple String, Master Yellow String.
* Added 4 disassembling recipes: All the new items.

v0.2.1 & 0.2.2 (2015-08-31):
* Just a few name/tooltip fixes.

v0.2.0 (2015-08-30):
* Added 4 items: Magic Ball, Magic Gear, Magic Gem, Mana Essence.
* Added 4 disassembling recipes: All the new items.
* Costs: Adjusted item costs of all of this mods items.

v0.1.0 (2015-08-23):
* Added 12 items: Agility Necklace, Disassembler, Cloud of Balloons, Frogshoe, Group of Balloons, Hyper Boots, Kung fu Gear, Lava Boots, Mega Boots, Summoner Scroll, Ultra Boots.
* Added feature Disassembling: Be able to break down items into their original parts.
* Added 11 disassembling recipes: All current items except the disassembler.

* Make a Throwing/Ranged/Slime combo accessory
* Improve sprites for some items.
* Player sprites for some items.
* Disassembling of most original accessories.
* Add more accessory combos.
* Disassembling of accessories from other mods.
Where we make crafts?
(Note: I have the tmodloader 0.6, its a problem?)
(Sorry for my english, im Brazilian)


<- Maybe change the sprite for the Magic Gear. The sprite doesn't quite fit Terraria and the star is kind of boring. Perhaps change the name too? I was thinking a octagonal sphere maybe called "Enchanted Arcaneum" . This is just a suggestion ;);)
I don't think this will happen, because the mod is dead.


No update? i wish i could use yoyo accesories T_T, as i know this is the only mod tht implements something for yoyo T_T
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